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Entries matching ""neodesha derrick""

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POWELL, Opal Marie (CLARK); 89; Aroma MO>Fredonia KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2003-11-27; gpeneody
POWELL, Robert Donald "Bob"; 95; Neodesha KS>Livingston TX; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2013-5-16; gpeneody
POWERS, Floyd A; 79; Thayer KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2006-1-12; gpeneody
POWERS, Larry F; 69; Wichita KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2005-3-24; gpeneody
POWERS, Mary E; 68; Fredonia KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2002-10-24; gpeneody
POZNIK, Albert; 75; Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 1994-9-29; gpeneody
POZNIK, Bernice Irene (HARKRADER); 76; Gardner KS; Neodesha Derrick; 1998-10-8; gpeneody
POZNIKOV, Grimes "Automatic Human Jukebox"; 59; Neodesha KS>San Francisco CA; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2005-11-10; gpeneody
PRATT, Arthur Lawrence; 59; Wichita KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2003-9-25; gpeneody
PRATT, Lawrence Alfred; 79; Fredonia KS; Neodesha Derrick; 1998-12-24; gpeneody
PREBBLE, Madeline (BURGESS); 79; Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2006-8-10; gpeneody
PREBLE, Charles "Burton"; 86; OK>Fredonia KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2004-7-15; gpeneody
PRESET, William Edward; 63; Blossburg PA>Fredonia KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2004-3-4; gpeneody
PRESSLEY, James Alfred "Al"; 73; Denison TX; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2005-5-5; gpeneody
PRICE, Ann Kathern (HETZ) [KRUDWIG]; 94; Grand Rapids MI>Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2010-8-19; gpeneody
PRICE, Heidi; ; Coffeyville KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2003-6-5; gpeneody
PRICE, Shirley L (EDWARDS); 70; Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 1995-6-22; gpeneody
PRICHARD, Bernice Irene (McVEY); 93; Severance CO>Fredonia KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2004-7-29; gpeneody
PRICHARD, Violet Marie (DeCOU); 93; Yates Center KS>Chickasha OK; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2012-5-17; gpeneody
PRIESTLEY, Russell Neil; 79; Topeka KS>Athens TX; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2014-6-12; gpeneody
PRITCHARD, Betty Louise (HAY); 87; Eskridge KS>Redmond WA; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2011-5-19; gpeneody
PRITCHETT, Walterina E (MALUDA); 64; Savoy MA>Wichita KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2005-7-14; gpeneody
PROSSER, Mildred L; 75; Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 1997-2-13; gpeneody
PROSSER, Virginia May (REYNOLDS); 87; Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2012-2-23; gpeneody
PROTHERO, Rexine Lavey (ERBAR); 89; Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2005-11-3; gpeneody
PRUITT, Debbie Michele; 42; Texas City TX>Indpendence KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2014-7-24; gpeneody
PRYOR, Billy Max; 73; Wichita KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2006-10-19; gpeneody
PRYOR, Brooklyn Rose (PRYOR); 0; Wichita KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2006-8-31; gpeneody
PRYOR, Michael Lee Jr; 0; Wichita KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2004-1-15; gpeneody
PUCKETT, Dale Calvin; 80; Wichita KS; Neodesha Derrick; 1997-12-11; gpeneody
PUCKETT, Janet Kay (HENDERSON); 55; Independence MO>Dallas TX; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2010-1-21; gpeneody
PUCKETT, Margaret Ann (CHRISTY); 82; Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2003-8-21; gpeneody
PUCKETT, Stephen Carl; 63; Fredonia KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2005-1-13; gpeneody
PURDY, Barbara Telitha; 55; Fredonia KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2004-4-1; gpeneody
PURDY, Harry Lee; 84; Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2000-11-16; gpeneody
QUANSTROM, Walter Roy; 95; Crown Point IN; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2015-12-17; gpeneody
QUINN, Floyd D; 95; Emporia KS>Rockledge FL; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2010-3-11; gpeneody
QUINN, John L; 81; Burlington VT>Coffeyville KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2015-6-11; gpeneody
RACE, Dawn Jean (BARROWS); 47; New London CT>Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2006-12-7; gpeneody
RADCLIFFE, James Richard "Jim"; 84; Chicago IL>Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2006-10-12; gpeneody
RADCLIFFE, Sarah (LEE); 70; Barling AR; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2003-11-20; gpeneody
RADCLIFFE, Sarah (LEE); 70; Barling AR; Neodesha Derrick (KS); 2003-11-27; gpeneody
RAIDA, Colleen (COOK); 49; Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 1996-6-27; gpeneody
RAIDA, Martin V Jr; 65; Fredonia KS; Neodesha Derrick; 1996-5-16; gpeneody
RAILSBACK, Martha A (JORDAN); 91; Parsons KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2014-6-26; gpeneody
RAINE, Doran R "J R"; 68; Fredonia KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2006-5-18; gpeneody
RAMEY, Clyde J "June"; 69; Independence KS; Neodesha Derrick; 1997-11-13; gpeneody
RAMEY, Harvey C; 87; Alpine AR>Neodesha KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2001-3-29; gpeneody
RAMEY, Iva Dean (JOHNSON); 90; Indpendence KS; Neodesha Derrick; 2014-7-31; gpeneody
RAMEY, Orlan T; 71; Wichita KS; Neodesha Derrick; 1994-9-22; gpeneody
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