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McMILLAN, Muriel "Marvelous Muriel" ( ); 81; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 1999-8-22; gjm
McMILLAN, Muriel "Marvelous Muriel" ( ); 81; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 1999-8-23; gjm
McMILLAN, Muriel (MATTICE); 88; Finch ON; Cornwall S-F; 1998-3-3; jworrall
McMILLAN, Muriel (MATTICE); 88; Winchester ON; Ottawa Citizen; 1998-3-1; aashfield
McMULLAN, Muriel Alice (SHELVEY); 80; Calgary AB; Calgary Herald; 2004-8-17; troll
McMULLEN, Muriel Ruth; 71; White Bluff TN; Nashville Tenn; 2001-8-17; marvin
McMURACHY, Muriel Edna ( ); 84; ; Edmonton J (AB); 2011-6-12; laurajt
McMURACHY, Muriel Edna ( ); 84; ; Edmonton J (AB); 2011-6-13; laurajt
McMURRAY, Muriel ( ); 88; Toronto ON; Toronto Star; 1998-1-30; aashfield
McNABNEY, Greta Muriel (KING); ; Burlington ON; Toronto Star; 2003-12-31; cfoisy
McNAIR-BROTHERS, Muriel Catherine (MARTIN); ; Kingston ON; Victoria T-C (BC); 2004-5-14; zac
McNAIRN, Madeline Muriel (CLATTENBURG); 88; Dartmouth NS; Chron-Herald; 2009-12-26; kbutler
McNALLY, Muriel; 85; Bridgeville PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2006-2-9; cotan
McNALLY, Muriel A (MACOOL); 81; ; Courier Post (NJ); 2009-11-5; onerip
McNALLY, Muriel E; ; Chipman NB>Saint John NB; Saint John E-T-G; 1996-11-19; dfraser
McNALLY, Muriel (GROSVENOR); 93; Malden MA>Dayville CT; Norwich Bulletin; 2014-3-11; chicodo
McNALLY, Muriel (MASTERTON); 90; Cornwall ON; Cornwall S-F; 2002-7-29; jworrall
McNALLY, Muriel (SHOULDICE); 81; QC; Ottawa Citizen (ON); 2002-12-2; mdos
McNAMAR, Muriel Lorance; 84; Medicine Lodge KS; Wichita Eagle; 1996-1-24; pep
McNAMARA, Muriel Eva (WHITE); 79; Peterborough ON; Peterborough E; 2004-12-4; avw
McNAMARA, Muriel Eva (WHITE); 79; Peterborough ON; Peterborough E; 2004-12-6; avw
McNAMARA, Muriel Eva (WHITE); 79; Peterborough ON; Toronto Star; 2004-12-4; cfoisy
McNEIL, Florence Muriel ( ); 82; ON; Barrie Examiner; 2004-9-21; nutters
McNEIL, Muriel (BOILY); 80; Quebec QC; Soleil; 2016-7-28; danpre
McNEIL, Muriel C (MORAN); 83; Peekskill NY>York PA; Harrisburg P-N; 2002-12-21; mam
McNEIL, Muriel Jean Elizabeth (POOLE); 84; Victoria BC>Medford OR; Mail Tribune; 2002-11-12; billeter
McNEIL, Muriel Jean (SMITH); 73; Brantford ON; Brantford Expo; 2007-2-10; nutters
McNEIL, Muriel Jean (SMITH); 73; Brantford ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2007-2-10; nutters
McNELIS, Muriel (BRUBAKER); 85; Baltimore MD>Lancaster Co PA; Lancaster I-J; 2005-3-23; reichard
McNELIS, Muriel (MARVEL)[BRUBAKER]; 85; Baltimore MD>Lancaster PA; Lancaster N-E; 2005-3-23; egoodman
McNELIS, Muriel (MARVEL)[BRUBAKER]; 85; Baltimore MD>Lancaster PA; Star Dem (MD); 2005-3-24; kat
McNETT, Muriel Genevieve (NORTON); 84; Beloit WI>Springfield OR; Register-Guard; 2014-1-13; carle
McNICOL, Muriel P (KIDD); 81; Davison MI; Flint Journal; 2004-2-10; navalex
McNISH, Muriel (DEVLIN); 82; Eastons Corners ON; Ottawa Citizen; 1999-11-3; aashfield
McNUTT, Muriel J (RUSHTON); 63; Truro NS; Chron-Herald; 2003-2-18; kbutler
McPARTLAND, Muriel P ( ); 74; Phoenix AZ; AZ Republic; 2001-3-30; pboro
McPEAK, Muriel J; 64; Weatherly PA; Hazleton S-S; 2007-6-18; tlc
McPEAKE, Muriel L (HUNGATE); 86; Greene Co TN>Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 2002-12-23; bearcat
McPHAIL, Margaret Muriel "Peggy" (REID); 72; London ON; London F-P; 2007-6-14; nutters
McPHAIL, Muriel G ( ); 93; Winnipeg MB; Winnipeg F-P; 2000-6-10; smb
McPHAIL, Muriel Jane (PARSON); 83; Carleton Place ON CAN; Almonte G (ON); 1998-8-19; gjbyron
McPHAIL, Muriel Jane (PARSONS); 82; Carleton Place ON; Ottawa Citizen; 1998-8-11; aashfield
McPHEE, Muriel Amanda (McARTHUR); 80; New Westminster BC; Vanc Sun; 2008-1-15; mumtaz
McPHERSON, Muriel A ( ); 91; Independence MO; Independence E; 1999-3-8; fdsmith
McPHERSON, Muriel A; 91; Independence MO; K C Star; 1999-3-8; dlcict
McQUARRIE, Muriel Mae (STEEVES); 78; Moncton NB; Times Transcript; 1997-11-27; gpinet
McQUARRIE, Muriel Mae (STEEVES); 78; Moncton NB; Times Transcript; 1997-11-28; gpinet
McQUIGGE, Muriel Jean (TALMAN); 78; Peterborough ON; Peterborough E; 2011-4-4; avw
McQUIGGIN, Muriel ( ); 91; Port Colborne ON; The Tribune; 1999-6-23; soneill
McQUILKIN, Muriel (WEBENDORFER); 81; BOL>Columbia SC; The State; 2003-9-23; betsten
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