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ALLEN, Dorothy Antoinette (SMITH); ; Augusta ME>Newburyport MA; Salem E-N; 2008-5-9; matms
ALLEVA, Antoinette miss; ; Quincy MA; Boston Globe; 2000-12-2; troll
ALLEVA, Antoinette miss; ; Quincy MA; Boston Globe; 2000-12-3; troll
ALLWOOD, Antoinette N (NAULT); 89; QC>Agawam MA; Spfld U-N; 2000-2-16; fgibeau
ALLWOOD, Antoinette N (NAULT); 89; Thingwick QC>Agawam MA; Agawam A-N; 2000-2-17; pml
ALMEIDA, Mary Antoinette sister; 88; ; Honolulu A (HI); 2000-3-10; tine
ALSOP, Antoinette "Toni" ( ); 73; ; Wash Miss (MO); 2002-3-13; lizvc
ALTADONNA, Antoinette (ALTADONNA); 73; Shelby Twp MI; Macomb D; 2001-6-11; mmrrtt
ALTAMIRANO, Antoinette Hait ( ); 80; ECU>Folsom CA; SF Chronicle; 2000-2-5; bjw
ALY, Antoinette J (KOORY); 79; Arnold MO; Omaha W-H (NE); 2000-1-5; narchde
ALY, Antoinette J (KOORY); 79; Arnold MO; Omaha W-H (NE); 2000-1-6; narchde
AMABILE, Antoinette B (ROSSI); 90; Freehold NJ; Asbury Park P; 2004-6-19; vggnp
AMADEO, Antoinette E; ; Taylor PA; Scranton T; 1999-7-2; wwwalton
AMATO, Antoinette (CAPPADONA); 82; Whippany NJ; Newark S-L; 1999-2-5; fgibeau
AMATO, Antoinette (GESUALDO); ; ; Philadelphia I (PA); 1997-7-13; jcorcora
AMEDIO, Antoinette R (DelRUSSO); ; ; Chicago Sun Times (IL); 2001-8-5; gracef
AMEZCUA, Antoinette ( ); 52; ; The Daily Review (CA); 2000-12-19; sadie
AMIANO, Antoinette "Toni" ( ); 81; LTU>Edison NJ; Newark S-L; 1997-10-30; fgibeau
AMIGONI, Antoinette "Toni" (KRACI); 85; Schuyler NE>Roanoke IL; Journal Star; 2014-3-30; evallie
AMIRAULT, Antoinette (COMEAU); 85; Yarmouth NS; Chron-Herald; 2007-11-9; kbutler
AMIRAULT, Antoinette (DEVEAU); 80; Yarmouth NS; Chron-Herald; 2002-1-14; kbutler
AMMERMAN, Antoinette L "Toni" (SCARPELLI); ; ; Chicago T (IL); 2007-11-16; scrttt
AMSING, Antoinette Marie "Toni" (SABOURIN); 94; Cornwall ON; Cornwall S-F; 2011-1-31; jworrall
ANCTIL, Antoinette (POULIN); ; Charlestown MA; Boston Globe; 2001-6-12; troll
ANCTIL, Antoinette (POULIN); ; Charlestown MA; Boston Globe; 2001-6-13; troll
ANDALORA, Caroline M "Sister Mary Antoinette"; 81; Buffalo NY; Post-Journal; 2004-9-1; mjs
ANDERPLOEG, Antoinette V; 78; Chicago IL>Boynton Beach FL; PBP; 2004-3-19; billspa
ANDERSEN, Marie Antoinette (VALLARIO)[DeMARTINO]; ; Hartford CT>North Port FL; Hartford Courant (CT); 2001-5-10; townsend
ANDERSON, Antoinette ( ); 89; WI>Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 1999-10-9; rossy
ANDERSON, Antoinette B "Neta" (WEISS); 88; Fergus Falls MN; Fargo Forum (ND); 1997-5-4; larae
ANDERSON, Antoinette J "Toni"; 56; North Kansas City MO; K C Star; 2000-5-21; dlcict
ANDERSON, Antoinette M (DARINSKI); 36; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2008-11-26; kap
ANDERSON, Antoinette M (PIGNANELLI); 91; Miami FL; Clarksburg ET (WV); 2007-3-29; glenn
ANDERSON, Antoinette M "Toni" (PIGNANELLI)[ANDERSON]; ; Miami FL; Clarksburg ET (WV); 2007-3-28; glenn
ANDERSON, Antoinette Marie (ALBA); 85; Iznate ESP>Missoula MT; Union Dem (CA); 2015-7-4; msty
ANDERSON, Antoinette Marie (CUNEO); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 1999-11-3; siwel
ANDERSON, Antoinette (WILLIAMS); 88; Camden SC; The State; 2001-11-12; betsten
ANDERSON, Dorothy Antoinette (SHOUSE); 95; Hastings NE; Hastings Tribune; 2004-10-4; jrp
ANDERSON, Jacqueline Antoinette "Jackie" (VALENTA); 85; Chicago IL>Bel Air MD; Aegis; 2001-8-15; kzav
ANDERSON, Marie Antoinette; 84; Ft Myers FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2004-8-4; hmg
ANDERSON, Thomasa Antoinette (PEARSON); 36; Willingboro NJ; Courier Post; 2004-9-21; onerip
ANDERSON, Thomasa Antoinette (PEARSON); 37; Willingboro NJ; Burlington Co Times; 2004-9-21; joboho
ANDINO-SANDOVAL, Milagros Antoinette; 16; ; SF Chronicle (CA); 1998-7-30; bjw
ANDINO-SANDOVAL, Milagros Antoinette; 16; HI; Honolulu A; 1998-7-28; gamorris
ANDREANO, Antoinette "Edna" ( ); 84; Rochester NY; DB N-J (FL); 1998-11-29; lorr
ANDREAS, Antoinette R (GAUDENZI); ; Springfield VA; Salem E-N (MA); 2010-6-9; matms
ANDREINE, Antoinette M "Toni" (MIGNANO); ; Corning NY; Elmira S G; 2011-3-8; hmg
ANDREWS, Antoinette G ( ); ; ; NY Times (NY); 1997-11-22; seanoc
ANDREWS, Antoinette "Toni" ( ); 78; Ossining NY>San Diego CA; San Diego U-T; 1999-4-22; laz
ANDREWS, Antoinette "Toni" ( ); 89; Birmingham AL>Ft Myers FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2009-1-3; hmg
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