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SHISLER, Connie (TAIT); ; Niagara Falls ON; Niagara Falls Rev; 2005-6-13; nutters
SHIVERS, Connie Bonnell (DANIEL); 31; Wadley AL; Anniston Star; 1997-1-2; yllls
SHOCKEY, Connie Sue; 56; Wolfe Co KY>Middletown OH; MiddletownJ; 2013-7-14; ckalota
SHOCKEY, Constance J "Connie"; 76; Quincy PA; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 2010-1-12; gschubert
SHOEMAKE, Connie (SESATE); 58; Madera CA; Fresno B; 2007-1-4; gebowca
SHOEMAKER, Mary Helen "Connie"; 96; WY; Casper Star T; 2012-10-25; crob
SHOFNER, Connie S (TAYLOR); 56; Morrow Co OH; Mt Vernon News; 2003-4-14; hair
SHOLEM, Constance "Connie" (WENDIN); 70; Detroit MI>Medford OR; Mail Tribune; 2013-6-19; lfkes
SHOPE, Constance J "Connie" (BOYD); 65; Santa Barbara CA>Mount Joy PA; Harrisburg P-N; 2009-6-19; mam
SHORE, Connie Lee; 57; Lees Summit MO; K C Star; 2005-10-13; clhurst
SHORT, Connie L (CONSTANT); 60; Independence IA; Waterloo CFC; 2010-12-26; rutucker
SHORT, Connie R ( ); 65; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2009-8-30; lfkes
SHORT, Connie R ( ); 65; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2009-8-31; lfkes
SHORT, Connie Ray; 56; Martin Co KY>Indianapolis IN; Indianapolis S-N; 2008-4-16; etob
SHORT, Connie S (CRAWFORD); 46; Nacogdoches TX; Tyler M-T; 2003-1-20; pfu
SHORT, Contance Rae "Connie" (Van NIEL); 59; Lorain OH; CTele; 2008-9-10; ohrm
SHORT, Elsie C "Connie" (DAYSH); ; Lynnfield MA; Boston Globe; 2005-1-11; deliman
SHORTER, Connie Yvonne (WAYMAN); 39; Tucson AZ; AZStar; 1998-3-11; rfrank
SHORTER, Constance Elizabeth "Connie" (MARTIN); 53; Troy MI; News-Herald; 1998-8-19; windy
SHOULTS, Connie M (DAVIS); 74; Thornville OH; Newark Advocate; 2016-2-22; kingster
SHRAKE-ANDREW, Connie L (BOWEN); 46; WI; Ozaukee Co N-G; 2000-7-31; sagg
SHRIVER, Connie R; 72; Hastings NE; Hastings Tribune; 2014-4-15; jrp
SHRIVER, Connie R; 72; Hastings NE; Hastings Tribune; 2014-4-16; jrp
SHUFORD, Cornelia "Connie" (McCOY); 95; Obion TN>Chaffee MO; Southeast Missourian; 2005-7-21; cannon
SHUGART, Connie J; 65; Burley ID>Casper WY; Casper Star T; 2004-4-22; crob
SHULISTA, Collee M "Connie" (KELLEY); 40; Alburnett IA; Cedar Rapids Gazette; 1997-11-24; gravdig
SHULISTA, Colleen M "Connie"; 40; Alburnett IA; Cedar Rapids Gazette; 1997-12-17; gravdig
SHULTZ, Connie B (MUMMA); ; White Hall MD; Baltimore Sun; 2004-4-2; siwel
SHULTZ, Connie Rae (TAYLOR); 70; Deadwood SD>Sandy OR; Oregonian; 2008-3-16; jirt
SHULTZMAN, Marjorie Constance "Connie" (MARTHEY); 89; Apple Creek OH; Wooster D-R; 2011-10-11; bostrock
SHUR, Connie Goldman; 38; ; Los Angeles T (CA); 1997-6-10; janmrw
SHURTER, Connie Ann ( ); 47; Toledo OH>Wyandotte MI; Blade (OH); 1999-7-13; carmorr
SHUSTER, Connie Lee (FREDRICKSON); 65; La Jolla CA; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2011-1-24; jblind
SHUTTY, Constance L "Connie" (WAGNER); 78; Northern Cambria PA; Johnstown T-D; 2012-11-5; grw
SHUTTY, Constance L "Connie" (WAGNER); 78; Northern Cambria PA; Nanty Glo-J; 2012-11-8; grw
SIATSIS, Constance "Connie" (SARTAUSKAS); 75; Minersville PA>Littleton CO; Denver P; 1996-6-6; bharrison
SIDA, Connie; 63; San Jose CA; San Jose M-N; 1997-7-17; aeft
SIDDONS, Constance Marie "Connie" (BRYAN); 47; Calgary AB; Winnipeg F-P (MB); 1999-9-29; nostalgic
SIDES, Connie L (THOMPSON); 81; Marysville KS; Topeka C-J; 2000-5-21; eileen
SIDES, Connie Rae; 49; Custer SD; Aberdeen American News; 2006-6-23; lucijoy
SIDES, Connie Rae (STROLE); 49; Custer SD; Aberdeen American News; 2006-8-3; lucijoy
SIDOTE, Concetta "Connie" (CICERO); 92; West Henrietta NY; Rochester D C; 2008-2-24; wpgg
SIEFER, Connie; 67; Topeka KS; Topeka C-J; 2013-6-26; eileen
SIEGEL, Constance J "Connie" (MARDEN); 75; Lancaster NH>Ft Myers FL; Charlotte S-H; 2007-5-30; hmg
SIEGEL, Constance J "Connie" (MARDEN); 75; Lancaster NH>Ft Myers FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2007-5-30; hmg
SIENIUC, Constance A "Connie" (STEPANAUSKAS); 97; Millbury MA; Worcester T-G; 2012-4-9; chicodo
SIERRA, Connie Lucille ( ); 43; Vernon TX>Modesto CA; Modesto Bee; 2000-10-26; neb
SIERRAS, Connie R ( ); 88; Miami AZ>Santa Ana CA; OCR; 2013-9-26; lesm
SIEVERS, Connie L Miss; 64; Urbandale IA; Des Moines Register; 2013-3-17; lfkes
SIEWELL, Connie; 56; Martinez CA; The World; 1997-1-4; jenohn
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