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DAVIS, Constance "Connie" (RANDLES); 79; CA; Lodi S; 2006-1-14; jmbs
DAVIS, Constance "Connie" (ROSS); ; Nanaimo BC; Harbour City Star; 2002-10-19; ktomb
DAVIS, Constance E "Connie" (POULSEN); 82; Portland ME; Portland P H; 2003-1-16; blspe
DAVIS, Constance J "Connie" (DeANGELO)[JACKSON]; 92; Santa Rosa CA; Press Demo; 2007-5-18; kayj
DAVIS, Constance L "Connie"; 60; Lakemont NY; Elmira S G; 2001-1-19; ievsi
DAVIS, Constance L "Connie" (BUSH); 60; Thomasville GA; ThomasvilleTimesE; 2003-10-4; puddysmom
DAVIS, Constance L "Connie" (McMINN); 60; Jacksonville FL>Lakemont NY; Elmira S G; 2001-1-24; ievsi
DAVIS, Constance Louise "Connie" (HUSON); 75; Forest Grove OR; Hillsboro Argus; 2005-9-15; llawson
DAVIS, Constance M "Connie" (McCLURE); 89; Elyria OH; CTele; 2005-9-28; ohrm
DAVIS, Constance Mae "Connie" (VIGNOVICH) [NIFFENEGGER]; 72; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2014-11-30; lfkes
DAVIS, Constance miss "Connie"; 58; Sarasota FL; Sarasota H-T; 2012-9-20; cariboo
DAVIS, Constance miss "Connie"; 58; Sarasota FL; Sarasota H-T; 2012-9-21; cariboo
DAVIS, Cordelia Connie (COLE); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2000-4-10; siwel
DAVISON, Connie Kay (PRESTON)[MURRAY]; 63; OR; News Times; 2000-6-9; beverly
DAVISON, Connie L (ESHLEMAN); 71; Hutchinson KS; Hutchinson News; 2008-10-12; retftrdoc
D'AVOLIO, Corneille "Connie" (EDWARDS); ; Lynnfield MA; Boston Globe; 1998-5-12; bg
DAWES, Maurice R "Connie"; 76; Topeka KS; Topeka C-J; 2002-6-3; eileen
DAWKINS, Connie Jean ( ); 40; Gastonia NC; Gaston G; 2000-12-13; wrabb
DAWKINS, Connie Jean; 40; Gastonia NC; Gaston G; 2000-12-12; wrabb
DAWKINS, Connie Jean; 40; Gastonia NC; Gaston G; 2000-12-14; wrabb
DAWSON, Charles Connie Lee; 80; ; Columbus D (OH); 2007-7-17; doday
DAWSON, Connie E (GUNNERSON); 80; Salt Lake City UT>AZ; AZ Republic; 2008-9-21; dback
DAWSON, Connie Mae (GILMORE); 25; Hesperia CA; Daily Press; 1998-4-17; ckc
DAWSON, Constance "Connie"; 86; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 2009-8-6; efdee
DAY, Connie; 80; Mason City IA; Waterloo CFC; 2014-2-24; rutucker
DAY, Connie (DENNY); 54; Pryor OK>Midland TX; Midland R-T; 1998-12-23; alstacy
DAY, Connie (DENNY); 54; Pryor OK>Midland TX; Midland R-T; 1998-12-24; alstacy
DAY, Connie (DENNY); 54; Pryor OK>Midland TX; Odessa A; 1998-12-23; cwkirsch
DAY, Connie Faye (HARE)[FREIBOLT]; 86; Ashdown AR; Texarkana G (TX); 1999-12-21; dorisl
DAY, Connie Faye (HARE)[FREIBOLT]; 88; Ashdown AR; Daily Siftings H; 1999-12-21; absy
DAY, Connie Faye (HARE)[FRIEBOLT]; 86; Ashdown AR; DemGaz; 1999-12-21; dogmoms
DAY, Connie (PARKS); 56; Dublin VA; New River VC; 2004-3-22; gubr
DAY, Connie (PARKS); 56; Dublin VA; SouthwestTimes; 2004-3-22; plowgal
DAY, Connie (WALTERS); 52; Norfolk NE; Norfolk Daily News; 2001-7-24; hvac
DAY, Constance "Connie"; 64; Pelican Rapids MN; Fargo Forum (ND); 2011-5-28; ndvivi
DAY, Constance Lea "Connie" (KEIRAN); 64; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2004-3-26; jblind
DAY, Constance Louise "Connie" (JONES); 62; Damariscotta ME; Lincoln CN; 2008-1-17; nyllw
DAY, Conway O "Connie"; 80; Jamestown NY; Post-Journal; 2003-10-3; mjs
DAY, Estelle Connie ( ); 87; Abilene TX; San Angelo S-T; 1997-1-22; dhcalk
DAYTON, Connie M; 84; Keyser WV; Mineral DNT; 2001-6-5; glenn
DAYTON, Connie M (STRAUB); 83; Keyser WV; Mineral DNT; 2001-6-2; glenn
DAYTON, Connie R ( ); 78; PR>Flint MI; Flint Journal; 2000-6-2; navalex
DAYTON, Connie (STRAUB); 83; Beaver Falls PA>Keyser WV; Cumberland T-N (MD); 2001-6-2; dcohen
DDWYER, Connie (UTT); 39; Colorado Springs CO; Algona (IA); 1997-5-1; pdkasch
De HAAN, Cornelia Maria "Connie"; 70; Vancouver BC; Province; 2002-5-23; hsm
De LANO, Connie June (WALLACE); 70; Nodaway IA>Sedro Woolley WA; Skagit V-H; 2006-12-6; vony
De LAUIS, Constance "Connie"; 73; San Antonio TX; Mornews (AR); 1999-1-10; pat
DE ROSA, Constance ( ) "Connie"; 85; Riverside CA; PE; 2010-9-22; mts
DEADMON, Connie Mae ( ); ; Longview TX; Longview N-J; 2006-2-3; lgbm
DEAL, Conrad Connie; 53; Copperhill TN; Blue Ridge N-O (GA); 2004-4-2; jkg
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