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RICHARD, Connie E; ; WA; Seattle Times; 2009-10-18; glpwa
RICHARD, Connie J (HUMER); 64; East Pennsboro Twp PA; Harrisburg P-N; 2009-6-18; mam
RICHARD, Connie (KELLY); 59; Guthrie IN; Bedford T-M; 2004-1-3; jjdj
RICHARDS, Connie Ann ( ); 50; Mays Landing NJ; ATC Press; 2003-4-8; cbentiv
RICHARDS, Connie Ann ( ); 50; Mays Landing NJ; ATC Press; 2003-4-9; cbentiv
RICHARDS, Connie J; 80; Selma CA; Fresno B; 2006-5-21; gebowca
RICHARDS, Connie J (MORGAN); 51; Viena WV; Parkersburg NS; 2008-11-30; glenn
RICHARDS, Constance "Connie" (VOLINSKY); 61; Scranton PA; Scranton T; 2001-12-12; wwwalton
RICHARDS, Constance D "Connie" (PATTERSON); 83; Saint John NB>Bolton MA; Worcester T-G; 2009-8-12; chicodo
RICHARDSON, Connie J; 66; Vincennes IN; Evansville Courier; 2000-1-20; jjj
RICHARDSON, Connie J (FOX); 52; KansasCity MO>Aurora CO; Rocky Mtn N; 1995-11-16; kim
RICHARDSON, Connie J (FOX); 52; KansasCity MO>Denver CO; Rocky Mtn N; 1995-11-9; kim
RICHARDSON, Connie K (KRIEG); 90; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2011-4-28; jblind
RICHARDSON, Conradina "Connie" (CROMMELIN); 91; Vero Beach FL; PJ; 2010-2-26; gnut
RICHARDSON, Conradina "Connie" (CROMMELIN); 91; Vero Beach FL; PJ; 2010-3-28; gnut
RICHARDSON, Conradina "Connie" (CROMMELIN); 91; Vero Beach FL; PJ; 2010-4-3; gnut
RICHARDSON, Constance "Connie" (KENNEY); 87; Waltham MA>Grand Rapids MN; Herald R; 2002-3-20; jema
RICHARDSON, Constance K "Connie" (KRIEG); 90; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2011-4-29; jblind
RICHARDSON, Lawrence Connie; 66; Elizabethton TN>Lenoir NC; Hickory R; 2007-2-6; wrabb
RICHARDSON, Mary "Connie" (CONROY); 85; Augusta ME; Portland P H; 2003-9-20; blspe
RICHE, Connie Lea (MEEKER); 73; Siouz City IA>Seattle WA; Tacoma N-T; 2016-6-12; jfco
RICHELIEU, Constance R "Connie" (WHEATLEY); 85; Des Moines IA>Eagle ID; OCR (CA); 2017-7-11; lesm
RICHER, Constance "Connie" (MERCIER); 77; ; Le Droit (ON); 2003-8-2; marcorb
RICHER, Constance "Connie" (MERCIER); 77; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2003-8-2; mdos
RICHEY, Connie Dell (CRAIG); 63; Joplin MO; GalenaS-T (KS); 2011-6-15; toptom
RICHEY, Constance ""Connie""Oodie""; 75; Washington DC; Cumberland T-N (MD); 1998-6-20; kat
RICHMOND, Connie; 55; Harlan KY; Lexington H-L; 1997-6-23; susanglori
RICHMOND, Connie M (KEHOE); 41; Kingston ON; Ottawa Citizen; 1997-9-28; gmillar
RICHMOND, Connie Mack; 74; CA; Daily Press; 2011-3-12; lfkes
RICHMOND, Constance Mae "Connie" (BARTON)[BRANT]; 79; Pittsburgh PA>Weirton WV; Steub H-S (OH); 2009-6-21; dlk
RICHMOND-SHOALS, Connie Ramona (RICHMOND); 52; Mountain View CA; San Jose M-N; 2010-10-24; bjw
RICKERT, Connie L (BITNER); 62; Beech Creek PA; Centre DT; 2001-8-7; plowgal
RICO, Connie ( ); 76; Lynbrook NY; Newsday; 2008-9-18; rpng
RIDDLE, Connie Magene; 81; AL; Times-Daily; 2005-9-6; dlm
RIDENOUR, Constance "Connie" (RUBY); 67; Iowa City IA; Cedar Rapids Gazette; 2009-9-11; dnb
RIDER, Connie Lee (JOHNSON); 72; Walton KY; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2016-12-28; ckalota
RIDER, Connie Rae ( ); 72; Las Vegas NV>Eugene OR; Redding R-S (CA); 2002-12-12; mjedw
RIDGE, Connie; ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 2003-10-4; kimk
RIDGE, Connie (SANTORELLI); ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 2003-10-5; kimk
RIDGE, Connie (SANTORELLI); ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 2003-10-6; kimk
RIDLON, Marilyn Constance "Connie" ( ); 72; Lama KS; Topeka C-J; 2004-6-7; eileen
RIDLON, Marilyn Constance "Connie"; 72; Alma KS; Wamego T; 2004-6-10; songs
RIDOUT, Connie; 41; Newmarket ON CAN; Toronto Star; 1999-5-20; ghall
RIDOUT, Connie; 41; Newmarket ON CAN; Toronto Star; 1999-5-21; ghall
RIFFEL, Connie; 50; AZ; AZ Republic; 2001-12-15; dback
RIFFEL, Connie (MACKIE); 50; Philadelphia PA>Phoenix AZ; AZ Republic; 2001-12-18; dback
RIFFEL, Connie (MACKIE); 50; Philadelphia PA>Phoenix AZ; Quad-City Times (IA); 2001-12-14; dnb
RIFFEL, Connie (MACKIE); 51; Philadelphia PA>Phoenix AZ; Hawk Eye (IA); 2001-12-13; slw
RIGBY, Constance "Connie" (FLETCHER); 87; Tiffin OH; Roanoke Times (VA); 2001-10-1; clh
RIGBY, Constance "Connie" (WAINWRIGHT); 87; Toronto ON>Tiffin OH; Tiffin A-T; 2001-9-30; cdr
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