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JABER, Dorothy H ( ); 86; MI; Detroit News; 2002-5-25; msb
JABER, Dorothy Helen ( ); 86; Chicago IL>Southfield MI; Livonia O-E; 2002-5-30; dcyam
JABER, Dorothy V; 70; Cape Coral FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2003-1-6; hmg
JABER, Dorothy V (CARSON)[BURGESS]; 70; Cape Coral FL; Ann Arbor News (MI); 2003-1-7; burkhard
JABER, Dorothy V "Dottie" (CARSON); 70; Cape Coral FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2003-1-7; hmg
JABLONOWSKI, Dorothy V (ORKWIS); 78; Brackenridge PA; Valley N D; 2001-10-11; tasson
JABLONSKI, Donald H Jr; 33; South Bend IN; South Bend Tribune; 1999-1-27; dorothy
JABLONSKI, Dorothy A (SNYDER); 72; Kearneysville WV; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 2000-4-5; gschubert
JABLONSKI, Dorothy A (SNYDER); 72; Martinsburg WV; Martinsburg J; 2000-4-5; holdridg
JABLONSKI, Dorothy (GRUZLEWSKI); 75; Lemont IL; Chicago T; 1999-12-13; cquin
JABLONSKI, Paul L; 83; Kokomo IN; News-Sentinel; 1999-1-27; dorothy
JABLONSKY, Dorothy M ( ); 95; Port Charlotte FL; Sarasota H-T; 2016-3-22; cariboo
JACINTO, Dorothy Ellen ( ); 64; Stockton CA; Stockton Record; 1996-12-2; mar
JACK, Dorothy A ( ); 73; Magnolia AR; DemGaz; 2009-7-5; arshub
JACK, Dorothy (BRUNER); 89; Cheswick PA>Paramus NJ; Valley N D (PA); 2003-5-29; tasson
JACK, Dorothy (BRUNER); 89; Paramus PA; Valley N D; 2003-5-29; tasson
JACK, Dorothy D (MOOBERRY); 72; Martinsburg WV; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 1997-8-15; gschubert
JACK, Dorothy D (MOOBERRY); 72; Winchester VA; Martinsburg J (WV); 1997-8-15; holdridg
JACK, Dorothy D (MOOBERRY); 72; Winchester VA; Martinsburg J (WV); 1997-8-16; holdridg
JACK, Dorothy E; 90; Marlbank ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2008-3-10; mdos
JACK, Dorothy (FINN); 75; Merlin ON; Windsor Star; 2004-5-1; troll
JACK, Dorothy Frances (WALKER); 91; Eugene OR; Register-Guard; 2009-4-17; carle
JACK, Dorothy Jane (MITCHELL); 88; Lancaster PA; Lancaster I-J; 2005-3-26; reichard
JACK, Dorothy Jane (MITCHELL); 88; Wilmington DE>Lancaster PA; Lancaster N-E; 2005-3-26; egoodman
JACK, Dorothy L; 87; Elwood IN; Indianapolis S-N; 2007-4-24; etob
JACK, Dorothy Lou (DOBBS); 89; Blanchard OK>Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 2007-4-15; clh
JACK, Dorothy Mary ( ); 73; New Orleans LA>San Francisco CA; SF Chronicle; 2006-10-1; mgrubbe
JACK, Dorothy May; 87; Sherbrooke NS; GuysboroughJournal; 2008-2-20; pttrb
JACK, Dorothy May miss; 87; Sherbrooke NS; Chron-Herald; 2008-2-18; kbutler
JACK, Dorothy Ruth; 56; Fort Worth TX; Fort Worth S-T; 1996-4-2; rhstoudt
JACK, Esther Lucille (LEONHARD); 71; Wabash IN; News J; 1997-10-15; dorothy
JACKERING, Dorothy H (WENZEL); 85; Lancaster WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2005-8-25; kmed
JACKLIN, Dorothy A; 80; Downers Grove IL; Downers Grove R; 2005-1-19; redbird
JACKLIN, Dorothy A; 80; Downers Grove IL; Downers Grove R; 2005-1-21; redbird
JACKLIN, Dorothy M; 81; Billings MT; LewistownNewsArgus; 2008-1-26; globar
JACKLIN, DOROTHY (McALLISTER); ; ; LewistownNewsArgus (MT); 2008-5-7; globar
JACKMAN, Dorothy; ; ; Los Angeles T (CA); 1997-8-10; janmrw
JACKMAN, Dorothy A (SMITH); 89; Westborough MA; Middlesex N; 1998-5-28; jgraham
JACKMAN, Dorothy B (MISER); 72; Seattle WA; Seattle Times; 1984-9-27; jfco
JACKMAN, Dorothy E ( ); 79; Lexington MO; K C Star; 2006-10-18; clhurst
JACKMAN, Dorothy M; 61; Gloucester MA; Boston Globe; 1997-9-4; jgraham
JACKMAN, Dorothy M [CHRISTENSEN]; 80; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2003-1-13; jblind
JACKMAN, Dorothy Terese (McNULTY); 89; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2002-8-15; jblind
JACKMAN, Dorothy Terese (McNULTY); 89; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2002-8-16; jblind
JACKNESS, Dorothy; 81; Pompano Beach FL; Sun-Sent; 2004-6-15; billspa
JACKOVICH, Dorothy (ROE); 93; Kirksville MO>Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2012-6-10; lfkes
JACKOWSKI, Dorothy Marie; 80; TX; Houston Chronicle; 2003-4-7; burzvana
JACKS, Dorothy Maxine; 77; Mansfield LA; Shreveport Times; 2010-8-1; pepper
JACKSON, Amos Perry; 62; Jewel Ridge VA>Wabash IN; News J; 1998-3-11; dorothy
JACKSON, Bonnie-Lynn Dorothy (CARR); 55; Staten Island NY>Gilbert SC; The State; 2004-1-25; betsten
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