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SPURLOCK, Emma Dorothy (CLAY); 78; Louisa KY; Floyd Co T; 1999-10-15; jtneed
SPURRIER, Dorothy E (WILKE); 84; Creston IA>Auburn WA; KingCoJournal; 2006-10-25; eaj
SPURRIER, June Dorothy (MECKLEY); 77; CA; Long Beach P-T; 2006-11-29; ennui
SPURRIER, June Dorothy (MECKLEY); 77; CA; Long Beach P-T; 2006-11-30; ennui
SPUSTA, Dorothy M (HERINGA); 69; ; Park Forest Star (IL); 2002-12-5; ijr
SPYCHALA, Dorothy M (EARNEST); 96; Toledo OH; Blade; 2000-6-27; toots
SPYCHALLA, Dorothy ( ); 62; St Paul MN; St Paul P-P; 1998-2-17; siram
SPYCHALLA, Dorothy M ( ); 62; St Paul MN; St Paul P-P; 1998-2-18; siram
SPYCHALSKI, Dorothy C; 76; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2009-3-11; kap
SPYKERMAN, Dorothy Martha (GSCHWEND); 83; Thabong Mission Station Mount Tabor LSO>Greeley CO; GreeleyTribune; 2015-1-16; gfan
SQARTZ, Dorothy Colleen (LYMAN); 95; American Fork UT>Little Rock AR; ARGaz; 2005-7-24; arshub
SQUADRITO, Dorothy Shirley (CALARRUDO); 74; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2000-6-22; bjw
SQUANCE, Dorothy (BENHAM); 96; Victoria BC; Victoria T-C; 2002-8-9; zac
SQUASHIC, Dorothy Marie (KILLINGER); 77; Dauphin PA; Johnstown T-D; 2014-2-8; grw
SQUIBB, William J; 67; Mishawaka IN; South Bend Tribune; 1999-1-3; dorothy
SQUICCIARINI, Dorothy ( ); ; Amityville NY; Newsday; 2002-8-13; rpng
SQUIER, Dorothy Marie (STEVENS); ; Burke VA; Wash DC Post (DC); 2000-1-11; jwilly
SQUIER, Dorothy Marie (STEVENS); ; Burke VA; Wash DC Post (DC); 2000-1-12; canehls
SQUIERS, Dorothy; 83; GBR; Politiken (DNK); 1998-4-19; pierre
SQUIRE, Charlotte Dorothy (TOGNETTI); 79; Lodi CA; Stockton Record; 2001-8-12; mar
SQUIRE, Dorothy; 91; AZ; Tucson Citizen; 2004-1-14; suet
SQUIRE, Dorothy (CATE); 82; Concord NH; Manchester U-L; 1997-8-30; cgdbout
SQUIRE, Dorothy (CATE); 82; Concord NH; NH Sunday News; 1997-8-31; cgdbout
SQUIRE, Dorothy Mae (SUMMERS); 83; Cowlington OK>Davisburg MI; Beaumont Enterprise (TX); 2009-9-24; mesn
SQUIRES, Dorothy ( ); 84; Hartford CT>Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 2006-10-1; clh
SQUIRES, Dorothy; ; CA; OCR; 2001-5-15; mdn
SQUIRES, Dorothy; 66; MD; Md Indep; 2002-5-15; dmf
SQUIRES, Dorothy A ( ); 80; Bohemia NY; Newsday; 2001-1-28; rpng
SQUIRES, Dorothy (BAILEY); 83; Berkeley CA>Twin Falls ID; Times-News; 1997-12-25; kwday
SQUIRES, Dorothy (BOWEN); 95; Bradenton FL; Elmira S G (NY); 2009-2-22; hmg
SQUIRES, Dorothy G (ODETTE); 89; St Helens MI; Oakland Press; 1999-3-9; themike
SQUIRES, Dorothy J (ANDERSON); 71; ; Park Forest Star (IL); 2005-6-19; ijr
SQUIRES, Dorothy L ( ); 83; Bryan TX; BCS Eagle; 2007-7-23; drc
SQUIRES, Dorothy Lee (AUSTIN); 66; Worland WY>Baltimore MD; Calvert Ind; 2002-5-22; dmf
SQUIRES, Dorothy Lee (AUSTIN); 66; Worland WY>Batimore MD; Calvert Recorder; 2002-5-17; dmf
SQUIRES, Dorothy M; 93; Oakmont PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2005-3-31; cotan
SQUIRES, Dorothy M; 93; Oakmont PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2005-4-1; cotan
SQUIRES, Dorothy M (PATTON); 86; Tunkhannock PA; Evening Times; 2005-2-2; jndann
SQUIRES, Dorothy [MOORE]; 83; Llwynpia WLS; Newsday (NY); 1998-4-15; rpng
SQUIRES, Dorothy "Snookie" (PLACE); 84; Benton AR; DemGaz; 2008-9-28; arshub
SRAIT, Dorothy Isabelle (LEMKE); ; Oregon WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2005-9-6; kmed
SRAJER, Vivan Dorothy (LACASSE); 68; Nashua NH>DeKalb IL; The Daily Herald; 2016-5-24; kingster
SRAJER, Vivian Dorothy (LACASSE); 68; Nashua NH>DeKalb IL; Daily Chronicle; 2016-5-24; kingster
SRAKOCIC, Dorothy L ( ); 65; Shaler PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 1996-8-27; cschartnr
SREFFENSEN, Dorothy (ONEAL); 90; Springfield MO>Idaho Falls ID; Id Falls Post-Register; 2009-6-7; lesm
SROGOFF, Dorothy ( ); ; CT>San Diego CA; Hartford Courant (CT); 2000-3-5; townsend
SROKA, Dorothy V (RYBAK); 89; ; Des Plaines DH (IL); 2003-1-21; kag
SROUFE, Charles W "Bill"; 52; Ft Wayne IN; News-Sentinel; 1999-1-13; dorothy
SROUFE, Dorothy (FRESHOUR); 96; Greenville OH; MiddletownJ; 2013-8-8; ckalota
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