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DAVILA, Kay Elizabeth; 87; Oakland CA; Times-Star; 2004-4-24; smv
DAVILLA, Mary Elizabeth ( ); 89; Fremont CA; The Daily Review; 2002-11-5; sadie
DAVILLA, Mary Elizabeth; 89; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2002-11-3; bjw
DAVILLA, Mary Elizabeth; 89; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2002-11-5; bjw
DAVILLA, Mary Elizabeth; 89; Fremont CA; Times-Star; 2002-11-5; smv
DAVINO, Dorothy Elizabeth (PHILLIPS); 87; New York NY>West Palm Beach FL; PBP; 2005-5-20; billspa
DAVIS, A Elizabeth (TODD); ; Laurens SC>Asheville NC; Asheville C-T; 2001-1-25; wrabb
DAVIS, Addie Elizabeth; 88; Low Moor VA; Virginian Review; 2005-12-5; gubr
DAVIS, Algireta Elizabeth (JOLLY); 77; Texarkana TX; Texarkana G; 1998-3-26; dorisl
DAVIS, Alice Elizabeth ( ); ; Boxford MA; Boston Globe; 2000-10-5; troll
DAVIS, Alice Elizabeth ( ); ; Boxford MA; Boston Globe; 2000-10-6; troll
DAVIS, Alice Elizabeth "Beth" (BUTLER); 87; Woolsley SK>Nanaimo BC; Victoria T-C; 2000-12-28; zac
DAVIS, Alice Elizabeth (KAMBERG); 69; Martinez CA; Contra Costa; 2000-3-31; gbuteau
DAVIS, Alice Elizabeth (LEVITT); 88; Detroit MI>Tigard OR; Oregonian; 2012-9-7; jirt
DAVIS, Alicyn Miriam "Allie" (JARDINE); 79; Cape Elizabeth ME>Boston MA; Salem E-N; 2014-1-13; matms
DAVIS, Allene Elizabeth (GORDON); 77; Siloam NC; Winston-Salem J; 2005-2-8; msty
DAVIS, Alta Elizabeth ( ); 98; Chickasha OK; Rush Springs G; 2000-5-25; wep
DAVIS, Amy Elizabeth (KELLY); 94; ; Frederick P (MD); 2010-12-7; gschubert
DAVIS, Andrienne Elizabeth (COWIE); 52; Pelican Rapids MN; Daily Journal; 2005-4-12; mnrothsay
DAVIS, Angela (MURRAY); ; Elizabeth NJ; Newark S-L; 1997-8-8; namefinder
DAVIS, Anita Elizabeth (CURETON); ; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2011-4-14; msty
DAVIS, Ann Elizabeth (JOHNSON); 87; Cambridge ON; Cambridge Recorder; 2001-2-22; nonie
DAVIS, Ann Elizabeth (POTTER); 82; Scranton PA>Hillsboro OR; Oregonian; 2012-7-22; jirt
DAVIS, Ann Elizabeth (PRIVATSKY)[GULLICKSON]; 89; ND>Junction City OR; Register-Guard; 2000-4-13; carle
DAVIS, Ann Elizabeth "Tootsie" (GIFFORE); 84; Saginaw MI>Lake Helen FL; Saginaw News (MI); 1998-1-1; nheidger
DAVIS, Ann Elizabeth "Tootsie" (GIFFORE); 84; Saginaw MI>Lake Helen FL; Saginaw News (MI); 1998-1-2; nheidger
DAVIS, Ann Elizabeth (WAGGONER); 64; Kannapolis NC; Daily Tribune; 2006-4-2; wrabb
DAVIS, Ann Elizabeth (WAGGONER); 64; Kannapolis NC; Salisbury P; 2006-4-2; wrabb
DAVIS, Anna Elizabeth; 97; Sacramento CA; Kearney Hub (NE); 2004-5-31; jrp
DAVIS, Anna Elizabeth "Anna Beth"; 0; Yazoo Co MS; Yazoo H; 2014-1-8; bettyschn
DAVIS, Anne Elizabeth; 84; Lake Helen FL; Saginaw News (MI); 1997-12-30; nheidger
DAVIS, Anne Elizabeth (HUTCHINSON); 86; Avon Park FL; Tampa Trib; 2007-3-30; evallie
DAVIS, Anne Elizabeth (SNYDER); 96; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2008-9-6; msty
DAVIS, Anne Elizabeth (WILLIS); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2006-3-5; siwel
DAVIS, Annie Elizabeth Creel; 69; Tallahassee FL; Tallahassee D; 1992-4-22; whamo
DAVIS, Annie Elizabeth Creel; 69; Tallahassee FL; Tallahassee D; 1992-4-23; whamo
DAVIS, Annie Elizabeth (WILLIAMS); 75; FL; HiSpHerald; 1998-5-7; vmars
DAVIS, Anthony Marie Elizabeth Miss; 95; Belcourt ND>Wagner SD; Daily Republic; 2011-1-22; anderj
DAVIS, Arlinda Elizabeth; 70; Pioneer CA; Amador L-D; 1999-8-18; packrat
DAVIS, Aubree Elizabeth; 0; IA; Des Moines Register; 2010-11-24; lfkes
DAVIS, Augusta Elizabeth (BARTH); 98; Roanoke VA; Roanoke Times; 2007-5-15; gubr
DAVIS, Augusta Elizabeth (BARTH); 98; Roanoke VA; Roanoke Times; 2007-5-16; gubr
DAVIS, Barbara Elizabeth "Barb" (McLEAN); 81; Bancroft ON; Bancroft T; 2013-10-17; avw
DAVIS, Beauford Elizabeth; 81; Hamden CT; Asheville C-T (NC); 2000-7-27; wrabb
DAVIS, Bernice P (ENGLEHART); 80; Elizabeth NJ>Hazleton PA; Hazleton S-S; 1995-7-10; dfadden
DAVIS, Berniece Elizabeth (REDFIELD)[PITTS]; 72; Wauneta NE>Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 1997-3-20; rossy
DAVIS, Bertha Elizabeth Marie (MILDE); 90; Mount Vernon SD>Vancouver WA; Spokesman Review; 1997-9-1; amg
DAVIS, Bertha V; 89; Elizabeth AR; DemGaz; 1999-5-6; lkb
DAVIS, Bessie Elizabeth (PARIS); 72; Melton WV>Lima OH; Lima News; 2007-4-7; lrs
DAVIS, Bessie Elizabeth (WOOLEY); 85; Memphis TN; Com-A; 2003-12-12; mjcw
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