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MATCHIE, Janet Sandra; 66; Fargo ND; Fargo Forum; 2010-8-5; ndvivi
MATELLO, Janet Lynn "Bunny" (HAYS); 52; Steubenville OH; Steub H-S; 2008-2-25; dlk
MATHENA, Kathleen Janet; 47; San Antonio TX; San Antonio E-N; 1999-7-1; retired
MATHENY, Janet Lutelle; 72; Cliffside NC>Houston TX; Shelby Star (NC); 2016-9-21; wrabb
MATHER, Janet Spence (JAMESON); 86; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 2005-11-29; gjm
MATHERS, Okera Janet (MINNEY); 76; Morgan Town WV>Stockton CA; Stockton Record; 2001-1-5; mar
MATHESON, Janet Evelyn; 83; ; Edmonton J (AB); 2014-8-2; laurajt
MATHEWS, Janet E ( ); 65; Rockwood MI; Heritage Media; 2002-2-3; windy
MATHEWS, Janet Elaine (BERRY); 65; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2012-6-7; lfkes
MATHEWS, Janet Elaine (BUSKE); 74; Rochester MN; Rochester P-B; 2007-1-10; mjsm
MATHEWS, Janet Lynn (JARVIS); 64; Peterborough ON; Peterborough E; 2010-12-4; avw
MATHEWS, Janet Reid; 74; Toronto ON; Toronto Star; 2005-11-19; nutters
MATHIAS, Janet M (HUBER); 64; Grand Junction CO; Daily Sentinel; 1999-5-19; wynona
MATHIEU, Janet Lee (GIBBENS); 41; E Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 2001-5-25; townsend
MATHIS, Janet; ; ; Charlotte Obs (NC); 2004-3-10; wrabb
MATHIS, Janet Bonell (LAFITTE); 87; Nashwauk MN>Gainesville FL; Gainesville Sun; 2004-4-25; pmc
MATHIS, Janet (WALKER); 63; Pine Bluff AR>Lansing MI; DemGaz (AR); 2014-3-5; arshub
MATIS, Janet (LAWRENCE); 95; CAN>Anaheim CA; OCR; 2013-3-1; lesm
MATIS, Janet M (HOLTZ); 67; Cedar Lake IN>Harvey IL; Park Forest Star; 1999-12-12; ijr
MATLICK, Janet M (KREIDEMACHER); 60; Independence MO>Overland Park KS; Independence E (MO); 2002-3-23; fdsmith
MATSON, Janet W (WALLACE); 84; Livermore CA; Contra Costa; 2000-5-3; gbuteau
MATSON, Janet W (WALLACE); 84; Livermore CA; Tri-Valley Herald; 2000-5-3; grammy
MATSUDA, Haruko janet; 77; Huntington Beach CA; OCR; 2001-3-7; mdn
MATSUDA, Janet Midori; 80; Honolulu HI; Honolulu A; 2002-4-8; seires
MATSUYANA, Aiko Janet; 79; Fullerton CA; Los Angeles T; 2002-9-25; janmrw
MATT, Janet M (BURTON); ; Buffalo NY>Fort Meyers FL; Buffalo News (NY); 2000-7-18; opnjudy
MATTEI, Janet E (EINUM); 77; Menomonie WI>Duluth MN; DunnCoN (WI); 2006-4-5; ltschw
MATTERN, Janet Sue; 41; Bryan OH; Defiance C-N; 2003-12-23; bpass
MATTERN, Janet Sue; 41; Bryan OH; Defiance C-N; 2003-12-24; bpass
MATTHEWS, Janet ( ); 63; ON; Toronto Star; 2001-2-21; klf
MATTHEWS, Janet ( ); 64; ON; Toronto G&M; 2001-2-21; sw
MATTHEWS, Janet ( ); 64; ON; Toronto G&M; 2001-2-22; sw
MATTHEWS, Janet ( ); 64; ON; Toronto G&M; 2001-2-23; sw
MATTHEWS, Janet A (GERHARD); ; ; Courier Post (NJ); 2001-7-27; onerip
MATTHEWS, Janet A (MOCLAIR); 81; Rye NY; Journal N; 1999-1-18; most
MATTHEWS, Janet Airdrie Jocelyn (CAMERON); 78; Winnipeg MB; Winnipeg F-P; 2008-4-3; smb
MATTHEWS, Janet B (BECKWITH); 90; Milwaukee WI; Milwaukee J-S; 1997-5-9; mschears
MATTHEWS, Janet Barbara (MacLEAN); 79; Moncton NB; Daily Gleaner; 2007-2-12; rmdi
MATTHEWS, Janet Barbara (MacLEAN); 79; Moncton NB; Telegraph Journal; 2007-2-13; jdlmwc
MATTHEWS, Janet (BAUGHN); 89; Sedalia OH>Hendersonville NC; Hendersonville T-N; 2004-11-2; wrabb
MATTHEWS, Janet Cecila "Jennie" (OSBORNE); 102; Dartmouth NS; Chron-Herald; 1999-12-27; kbutler
MATTHEWS, Janet Cecila "Jennie" (OSBORNE); 102; Dartmouth NS; Halifax D-N; 1999-12-28; kbutler
MATTHEWS, Janet Elizabeth (TRUSLER); 97; IA; Des Moines Register; 2017-1-3; lfkes
MATTHEWS, Janet K; 57; ; Decatur H&R (IL); 2000-7-2; mlouferg
MATTHEWS, Janet L (KING); 64; Framingham MA>Laconia NH; Manchester U-L; 2001-7-25; pboro
MATTHEWS, Janet Marie (EVANS); 47; Stevenson AL; Huntsville Times; 1998-12-15; dgrays
MATTHEWS, Janet (MILLER); 58; Watertown SD>Marion IL; Daily Register; 2002-9-14; cwkirsch
MATTHEWS, Janet (MILLER); 58; Watertown SD>Marion IL; Daily Register; 2002-9-16; cwkirsch
MATTHEWS, Janet P (PERRY); 73; Mattapoisett MA; Standard-Times; 1996-6-26; pdg
MATTHEWS, Janet Sue; 65; Bidwell OH; Huntington H-D (WV); 2004-3-26; yonnie
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