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RUMPH, Mary Emma Robinson (LAWSON); 81; Fort Valley NY; Macon T (GA); 2011-3-27; hzfc
RUMPH, Mary K (COSTOS); ; Falls Church VA; Wash DC Post (DC); 1999-6-6; latz
RUMPH, Mary Lizzie ( ); ; Fort Valley GA; Macon T; 2011-11-11; hzfc
RUMPH, Mary (ODAIR)[WILLIAMS]; 86; Little Rock AR; ARGaz; 2006-12-6; arshub
RUMPH, Mary T ( ); 76; Romeo MI; Macomb D; 1999-1-6; aok
RUMPING, Mary Ellen "Jackie" (WELLS); 71; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2013-5-29; ckalota
RUMPKE, Esther E (BORROMEO)Mary Sister; 86; Park Hills KY; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 1999-7-30; geanie1
RUMPKE, Mary Jane (SCHMIDT); 86; Mason OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2013-5-7; ckalota
RUMPKE, Mary Jane (SCHMIDT); 86; Mason OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2013-5-8; ckalota
RUMPKE, Mary Joan (FREY); 83; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2015-6-18; ckalota
RUMPLE, Mary Delores (ADAMS); 89; Milford OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2009-5-27; ckalota
RUMPLE, Mary (OVERCASH); 94; Kannapolis NC; Salisbury P; 2001-5-26; wrabb
RUMREICH, Mary Virginia ( )[FARRAN]; 86; EXLINE IA>Rochester MN; Rochester P-B; 2006-10-19; mjsm
RUMRICH, Julia Mary (O'CALLAGHAN); 86; NY; Buffalo News; 2007-10-28; wehsr
RUMRICH, Julia Mary (O'CALLAGHAN); 86; NY; Buffalo News; 2007-10-29; wehsr
RUMSEY, Geraldine Mary (DeLOUCHRY); 80; Halifax NS; Chron-Herald; 2005-12-26; kbutler
RUMSEY, Geraldine Mary (DeLOUCHRY); 80; Halifax NS; Chron-Herald; 2005-12-27; kbutler
RUMSEY, Mary; ; Akron OH; Akron B-J; 1971-10-22; cmgray
RUMSEY, Mary; 85; Maysville KY>Akron OH; Akron B-J; 1971-10-21; cmgray
RUMSEY, Mary Ellen (HICKEY); ; St John's NF; St John's Telegram; 2003-5-27; obytes
RUMSEY, Mary Ellen (SCOTT); 54; Monroe NY; Times Herald Rec; 2001-11-19; wwwalton
RUMSEY, Mary (HARRIMAN); ; Washington SC; Tonawanda News (NY); 1934-12-19; ckalota
RUMSEY, Mary Jane "Jayne" (ELSTAD); 82; Oregon WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2002-10-20; kmed
RUMSEY, Mary Lee (FRANKS); 63; Topeka KS; Topeka C-J; 2017-7-2; eileen
RUMSEY, Mary Lou (THRAMS)[THOMS]; 70; Coldwater MI; SturgisJournal; 2008-3-20; lrs
RUMSEY, Mary Louise (COOK); 87; Wichita KS; Hutchinson News; 2011-1-3; retftrdoc
RUMSEY, Mary Louise (CROOKE); 91; Washington DC>Dunkirk NY; N Virginia Daily (VA); 2006-12-18; casf
RUMSKI, Mary; ; Franklin MA; Middlesex N; 1996-1-18; jpimentel
RUMUNDO, Mary Ellen (FEE); 69; Westhampton NY; Naples D-N (FL); 2008-5-16; hmg
RUNCO, Mary (MARERGAN); 92; Washington PA>Lansing OH; Times Leader; 2002-1-2; jiw
RUNCO, Mary (MAZZOCCO); 75; Morningside PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2003-7-5; cotan
RUNCO, Mary (MAZZOCCO); 75; Morningside PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2003-7-6; cotan
RUNDE, Mary; ; North Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1929-3-20; ckalota
RUNDE, Mary F; 90; Dubuque IA; Dubuque T-H; 2002-1-19; peanutmsn
RUNDE, Mary F (BERTJENS); 90; Sinsinawa WI>Dubuque IA; Dubuque T-H; 2002-1-20; peanutmsn
RUNDE, Mary (SCHULTZ); 61; DEU>North Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1929-3-16; ckalota
RUNDELL, Mary M (CLEMENTS)[McCUNE]; 74; Clearwater KS>Payette ID; Lewiston Tribune; 2002-7-17; kwday
RUNDIO, Mary Jane ( ); 80; Egg Harbor City NJ; ATC Press; 1996-5-4; cbentiv 
RUNDLE, Mary A; 85; Canandaigua NY; Canandaigua D-M; 2006-6-7; ccllari
RUNDLE, Mary Alice (FRITZ); 54; Leonardville KS; Manhattan-M; 2000-3-11; teweix
RUNDLE, Mary Alice (FRITZ); 54; Leonardville KS; Topeka C-J; 2000-3-11; eileen
RUNDLE, Mary C (REDLINE); 93; Nazareth PA; Pocono R; 1996-12-3; carolyn
RUNDLE, Mary Eleanor (CUMMINGS); 79; Pictou NS; Chron-Herald; 2010-8-6; kbutler
RUNDLES, Mary Lou ( ); 65; IA>Brentwood CA; Contra Costa; 2005-1-3; gbuteau
RUNDORFF, Mary Jane; 80; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2010-3-21; jblind
RUNDUS, Clara Mary; 81; Evansville IN; State J-R (IL); 2006-12-15; blj
RUNEVITCH, Mary Lou (CAMPBELL); 75; Bergholz OH>Troy MI; Royal Oak DT; 2005-6-15; rtc
RUNEVITCH, Mary Lou (CAMPBELL); 75; Troy MI; Oakland Press; 2005-6-15; smk
RUNFOLA, Mary Cecilia (BRENNAN); 86; Lackawanna NY>Chevy Chase MD; Wash DC Post (DC); 2008-4-29; efdee
RUNFOLA, Mary Cecilia (BRENNAN); 86; NY; Buffalo News; 2008-5-11; wehsr
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