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BNELSON, Mildred F "Rosie The Riveter" (FRENCH); 87; Everett WA; The Herald; 2011-8-11; jfco
BOAK, Mildred Alene; ; San Mateo CA; San Mateo T; 2003-3-25; jch
BOAK, Mildred Alene; ; San Mateo CA; Times-Star; 2003-3-25; smv
BOAL, Mildred (GREEN); 67; Kemptville ON; Ottawa Citizen; 1997-11-28; aashfield
BOALCH, Mildred "Millie" (JOHNS); 81; St Andrews GSY CHI; Guernsey P; 2005-6-5; kbutler
BOAN, Mildred Edith (BREWER); 69; Dillon SC; The State; 1997-5-6; llblades
BOAPREY, Jean Mildred; 99; Oshawa ON; Toronto Star; 1999-3-22; ghall
BOAPREY, Jean Mildred; 99; Oshawa ON; Toronto Star; 1999-3-23; ghall
BOARDMAN, Mildred A; ; Kelseyville CA; Lake Co R-B; 2005-8-24; kayj
BOARDMAN, Mildred A "Fay" (FAY); 82; St Libory NE>Lakeport CA; Lake Co R-B; 2005-8-25; kayj
BOARDMAN, Mildred (DAVIS)[WOODSOME]; 90; Wakefield NH>Sanford ME; J Tribune; 1998-7-27; mmw
BOARDMAN, Mildred M; 87; Sheridan WY>Stanton ND; Bismarck Trib; 2015-11-12; ndvivi
BOATMAN, Mildred Joan (NICHOLS); 74; Warsaw IN>Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 2007-8-23; ndvivi
BOATRIGHT, Mildred Jones "Minner" [LASSITER]; 87; Montezuma GA; Macon T; 2008-4-15; hzfc
BOATRIGHT, Mildred Merlene; 78; Centennial CO; RMN; 2006-6-2; mak
BOATWRIGHT, Elsie Bell Mildred; 72; Grasshopper TN>Brandon FL; Tampa Trib; 1998-7-11; cpig
BOATWRIGHT, Elsie Bell Mildred; 72; Grasshopper TN>Tampa FL; Tampa Trib; 1998-7-11; cpig
BOATWRIGHT, Mildred M (TEDDER); 86; Fort Wayne IN; Indianapolis S-N; 2007-5-25; etob
BOATWRIGHT, Mildred "Millie" (HARTSFIELD); 89; Greenwood AR>Vancouver WA; Oregonian (OR); 2007-11-8; jirt
BOAZE, Mildred (UNGER); ; Datona Beach FL; Martinsburg J (WV); 2004-11-5; holdridg
BOAZE, Mildred (UNGER); 79; Frederick MD>Daytona Beach FL; Frederick P (MD); 2004-11-3; kat
BOBASH, Mildred "Millie" (PETROSKI); 94; Donora PA>Wheeling WV; Times Leader (OH); 2002-3-10; jiw
BOBASH, Mildred "Millie" (PETROSKI); 94; Donora PA>Wheeling WV; Times Leader (OH); 2002-3-11; jiw
BOBB, Frances Mildred (BROOKS); 84; Wooster OH; Wooster D-R; 1999-10-10; bostrock
BOBB, Mildred E (CARLSON); 90; Blue Island IL>Holly MI; Flint Journal; 2005-10-30; navalex
BOBB, Mildred Louise (LUDEKER); 84; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2004-2-27; ckalota
BOBBITT, Mildred L; 91; Piney View WV; Charleston DM; 2001-12-22; crsp
BOBBITT, Nell Mildred (BOLDING); 72; Guntersville AL>Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2002-12-7; sdnldsn
BOBER, Mildred; 86; LaCrosse WI; LaCrosse Tribune; 2004-7-20; jvdlask
BOBER, Mildred (THOMPSON)[SANWICK]; 86; Viroqua WI; LaCrosse Tribune; 2004-7-21; jvdlask
BOBICH, Mildred "Milka" (DOJCINOVIC); 85; Monroeville PA; Times Express; 2000-2-16; cwkirsch
BOBIN, Blanche Mildred ( ); 82; Seattle WA; Seattle P-I; 1993-1-27; jfco
BOBKA, Mildred (URYASZ); 77; Chicago IL; Edison-Norwood Times Review; 1997-4-24; trumbullc
BOBO, Mildred Inez; 83; AL; Times-Daily; 2005-3-6; dlm
BOBOWSKI, Mildred D (MARTIN); ; ; Chicago T (IL); 2007-8-19; scrttt
BOBRICK, Mildred (ROTH); ; ; NY Times; 1996-3-2; brenm
BOBROFF, Mildred (CROCKENBERG); 93; Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 2004-6-16; clh
BOCCELLA, Mildred (ROSSI); 92; ; Courier Post (NJ); 2002-11-14; onerip
BOCK, Mildred ( ); 102; ; Ann Arbor News (MI); 2007-1-17; burkhard
BOCK, Mildred; 93; Kitchener ON; K-W Record; 2002-2-16; rnutt
BOCK, Mildred; 93; Kitchener ON; K-W Record; 2002-2-18; rnutt
BOCK, Mildred (ETHRIDGE); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2003-2-11; siwel
BOCK, Mildred G (OWEN); 91; Maquoketa IA; Cedar Rapids Gazette; 2004-4-10; siouxzq
BOCK, Mildred G (OWEN); 91; Maquoketa IA; Clinton H; 2004-4-10; nmay
BOCK, Mildred L; 75; Lewiston PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2003-3-1; cotan
BOCK, Mildred (McADAMS); 78; Lafayette LA; Advertiser; 1995-11-23; lpknecht
BOCK, Mildred S (SMITH); 91; Philadelphia PA>Port St Lucie FL; Norristown TH (PA); 2003-9-13; bvonw
BOCKELMAN, Mildred; 78; Ft Worth TX; Fort Worth S-T; 1999-2-13; catalina
BOCKENHAUER, Mildred M; 93; Galesville WI; LaCrosse Tribune; 1999-9-14; jvdlask
BOCKENHAUER, Mildred M (DOPP); 93; Galesville WI; Winona DN (MN); 1999-9-14; siram
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