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PLEAS, Pauline Opal (HARMON); 80; Malvern IA; Nonpareil; 2005-9-7; catdan
PLEDGER, Opal Ray; 99; Logan Co AR>Valdese NC; Morganton H; 2011-9-30; wrabb
PLEDGER, Opal Ray; 99; Morganton AR; Santa Maria Times (CA); 2011-10-4; tdf
PLEMMONS, Opal Mae ( ); 90; CA; Contra Costa; 2007-11-29; gbuteau
PLOTNER, Opal I (RAY); 97; Philo IL>Bradenton FL; News-Gazette (IL); 2009-9-23; tennieil
PLOTT, Opal ( )[STOWERS]; 85; Charleston WV; Huntington H-D; 1998-12-7; ajb
PLUE, Opal (GANGWER); 92; Frankfort IN; JournalCourier; 2006-9-23; jmbs
PLUMB, Opal May (MARTIN); 87; WY; Casper Star T; 2007-10-12; crob
PLUMLEE, Opal ( ); 95; Fort Worth TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2000-2-28; txranger
PLUMMER, Opal; 93; Grants Pass OR; GrantsPassDC; 2008-10-27; sillyhp
PLUMMER, Opal A "96" (ALDERSON); ; Randall KS>Davenport IA; Quad-City Times; 2002-7-31; dnb
PLUMMER, Opal V (BENNETT); 90; Butterfield AR>Greenwood IN; Indianapolis S-N; 2008-3-29; etob
PLUMMER, Opal W (MANARY); 93; Marshfield MO>Grants Pass OR; GrantsPassDC; 2008-10-28; sillyhp
PODOLAK, Opal J (BROOKSHIRE); 78; Maple Rapids MI>Beulah MO; Lansing S-J (MI); 2000-2-3; baaten
POE, Opal Louise (GIBBONS) [WARNER]; 68; Hannibal MO>Rock Island IL; Quad-City Times (IA); 2003-10-22; dnb
POHL, Opal M (STEEN); 93; Lawrence KS; Topeka C-J; 1998-12-17; eileen
POHREN, Opal Loreen (ANTHONY) [FETT]; 85; Fort Madison IA; Hawk Eye; 2004-10-19; slw
POIL, Edna Opal (BLACKBURN); 89; Osceola IA; Des Moines Register; 2001-5-17; gcegeland
POINTER, Opal Lee (ANDERSON); 64; Tennessee Ridge TN; Leaf Chron; 1999-11-20; bmartz
POINTER, Opal may (LOTTMAN); 84; Jerome MO; Rolla D-N; 2004-10-22; bdoerr
POINTER, Opal May (LOTTMANN); 84; Owensville MO; Belle Ban; 2004-10-27; schwegwl
POINTER, Opal May (LOTTMANN); 84; Owensville MO; Steelville Star; 2004-10-27; jhar
POINTS, Opal ( ); 98; Stotts City MO>Modesto CA; Modesto Bee; 2000-3-7; neb
POINTS, Opal Margaret; 84; Dallas TX; ShermanHD; 2003-2-14; delpat
POINTS, Opal Margaret (SINGLETON); 84; Allen OK>Dallas TX; ShermanHD; 2003-2-16; delpat
POLAND, Opal Belle (BROOKS); 86; Beckley WV; Charleston D-M; 1997-7-31; cwkirsch
POLAND, Opal June (CURRENT); 60; Paris TX; GrahamLeader; 2003-11-19; califia
POLAND, Opal June (CURRENT); 60; Paris TX; Wichita Falls T-RN; 2003-11-16; ddblu
POLEN, Opal F (WOMACK); 76; Montezuma IA; Des Moines Register; 2000-5-25; gcegeland
POLETE, Opal Eaves ( ); 89; Desloge MO>San Antonio TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2000-1-17; txranger
POLK, Opal Christene (MARTIN); 89; Mineola TX; Tyler C-T-T; 2002-10-13; eruii
POLK, Opal Christene (MARTIN); 89; Mineola TX; WC Democrat; 2002-10-16; pfu
POLK, Opal Inez ( ); 82; Harrisburg IL>MI; Oakland Press; 2006-1-9; smk
POLK, Opal Mae; 90; Sabine Parish LA; Shreveport Times; 2001-6-27; pepper
POLK, Opal (SIMONIS); 80; North Powder OR>Vancouver WA; RecordCourier (OR); 2006-6-22; lfkes
POLLARD, Opal M (WEBB); 79; Watumka OK>Wooster OH; Wooster D-R; 2003-7-9; bostrock
POLLETT, Opal (SMITH); 65; South Coffevyille OK; CoffeyvilleJournal (KS); 1988-1-24; kscoflib
POLLEY, Mayme Opal (GRAHAM); 54; Lewis Co KY>Georgetown OH; Peoplesdefender; 1965-1-21; ckalota
POLLOCK, Opal B (JENNINGS); 75; Ness City KS>Kewanee IL; Quad-City Times (IA); 2000-4-30; dnb
POLLOCK, Opal L ( ); 87; Edwardsville KS; Shawnee D; 2004-7-21; toptom
POLLOCK, Opal L; 87; Kansas City KS; K C Star (MO); 2004-7-19; clhurst
POLLY, Opal Christine (MORROW); 80; Wayne Co KY>Seymour IN; Seymour Trib; 2007-11-15; etob
POLSGROVE, Opal Mary (WILTZ); 77; Sabetha KS>St Joseph MO; St Joseph N-P; 2008-1-31; toptom
POMEROY, Opal Christine (SMITH); 95; Price OK>Hemet CA; PE; 2010-7-14; mts
POND, Iris Opal (FITCH)[HOLVERSTOTT]; 94; Salem OR; Register-Guard; 2008-6-3; carle
PONDER, Opal M ( ); 91; Midland TX; Odessa A; 1998-4-24; cwkirsch
PONDER, Opal M (NEWNHAM); 91; Midland TX; Midland R-T; 1998-4-26; cwkirsch
PONDER, Opal Malone; 74; Webster Parish LA; Shreveport Times; 2003-11-8; pepper
PONDER, Opal (NEWNHAM); 91; Midland TX; Midland R-T; 1998-4-24; cwkirsch
PONTO, I Opal ( ); 95; Galahad AB; Edmonton J; 2009-5-7; laurajt
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