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BUTLER, Genevieve Patricia (WALKER); 72; Brunswick GA>Rock Hill SC; Rock Hill H; 2005-6-9; wrabb
BUTLER, Lois Patricia (HOGAN); 72; Teaneck NJ>Texas City TX; Galveston Daily; 2006-4-1; dling
BUTLER, Margaret Patricia "Trish"; ; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2003-12-5; mdos
BUTLER, Margaret Patricia "Trish"; ; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2003-12-6; mdos
BUTLER, Marlene Patricia; 67; Newport Beach CA; Los Angeles T; 1998-6-27; janmrw
BUTLER, Patricia ( ); 61; Nacogdoches TX; Tyler M-T; 2002-7-6; pfu
BUTLER, Patricia ( ); 68; Portland ME>Milton FL; J Tribune (ME); 2002-9-14; troll
BUTLER, Patricia; 48; Salem OR>Los Alamos NM; Los Alamos M; 1998-2-26; annap
BUTLER, Patricia; 52; Denver CO; Lawrence T (MA); 1996-4-2; cgodbout
BUTLER, Patricia A; ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 1999-8-1; latz
BUTLER, Patricia A; 52; Lawrence MA>Aurora CO; Lawrence T (MA); 1996-2-3; cgodbout
BUTLER, Patricia A; 71; AZ; AZ Republic; 2004-8-6; dback
BUTLER, Patricia A; 78; Aurora CO; Denver P; 2001-1-22; krns
BUTLER, Patricia A (BOLZ); 67; Collbran CO; Daily Sentinel; 1999-10-7; wynona
BUTLER, Patricia A (HAYLER); 78; Aurora CO; RMN; 2001-1-23; mak
BUTLER, Patricia a (KOPLOS); Dormont PA;Pittsburgh P-G; 1996-2-24; cschartnr
BUTLER, Patricia A miss; 66; Indianapolis IN; Indianapolis S-N; 2007-6-27; etob
BUTLER, Patricia A [RICHARDS]; 58; Gouverneur NY; GouverneurTP; 2010-4-9; rws
BUTLER, Patricia Ann ( ); ; Longwood NC; BrunswickBeacon; 2010-8-4; tlsc
BUTLER, Patricia Ann ( ); 48; Dayton OH; Dayton D-N; 1997-8-11; maghearing
BUTLER, Patricia Ann ( ); 76; OH>AZ; AZ Republic; 2013-8-18; dback
BUTLER, Patricia Ann; 59; New Orleans LA; Knoxville N-S (TN); 1998-7-20; dmbischoff
BUTLER, Patricia Ann (BUCHANAN); 74; Oklahoma City OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2007-10-24; ccc
BUTLER, Patricia Ann (COLEMAN); 56; Cumberland MD>Falls Church VA; Loudoun T-M; 1999-8-4; yipeia
BUTLER, Patricia Ann (FARKAS); 60; Hillman MI; Flint Journal; 2011-12-5; navalex
BUTLER, Patricia Ann "Pat"; 58; Bainbridge GA; Tallahassee D (FL); 2000-11-28; whamo
BUTLER, Patricia Ann "Pat"; 58; San Bernardino CA; Napa R; 2000-7-31; eudora
BUTLER, Patricia Ann "Pat" (St CHARLES); 66; Salem MA; Salem E-N; 2005-4-20; matms
BUTLER, Patricia Ann (SCHMIDT); 57; Detroit MI>Cromwell CT; Hartford Courant; 1999-11-4; townsend
BUTLER, Patricia Ann (SCHMIDT); 57; MI; Detroit News; 1999-11-6; mmtm
BUTLER, Patricia Ann (SWARTZ); 56; Sweetwater TX; Abilene R-N; 1998-1-16; cwkirsch
BUTLER, Patricia Ann (WALLER); ; Albany GA>Arlington VA; Newsday (NY); 2001-7-22; rpng
BUTLER, Patricia Anne ( ); 87; Columbus OH>Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2010-11-19; pfu
BUTLER, Patricia Anne; 62; Fife WA; Tacoma N-T; 2014-8-6; jfco
BUTLER, Patricia Anne (LINDBLOM); 91; Fargo ND; Fargo Forum; 2015-3-29; ndvivi
BUTLER, Patricia (COFFMAN); 66; Oakdale TN; Knoxville N-S; 2008-9-20; ndvivi
BUTLER, Patricia (COFFMAN); 66; Oakdale TN; Knoxville N-S; 2008-9-21; ndvivi
BUTLER, Patricia E (BURKHARDT); 64; Union Lake MI; Oakland Press; 2008-4-1; smk
BUTLER, Patricia Frances; 69; Prince Frederick MD; Calvert Recorder; 2011-7-15; dmf
BUTLER, Patricia Frances; 69; Prince Frederick MD; Md Indep; 2011-7-8; dmf
BUTLER, Patricia Gail "Pat"; 47; ; Morganton H (NC); 2008-9-8; wrabb
BUTLER, Patricia Gene (STAMPS); 87; Santa Monica CA>Cottage Grove OR; Corvallis G-T; 2010-12-18; aweber
BUTLER, Patricia Hairston ( ); ; Seat Pleasant MD; Wash DC Post; 1996-10-11; row
BUTLER, Patricia I (GREEN); 84; Bloomingrose WV>New Ellenton SC; Augusta Ch (GA); 2003-12-22; bearcat
BUTLER, Patricia Irene (GILES); 81; Fort Erie ON; Brantford Expo; 2007-3-23; nutters
BUTLER, Patricia Irene (GILES); 81; Fort Erie ON; London F-P; 2007-3-23; nutters
BUTLER, Patricia Irene (GILES); 81; Fort Erie ON; Niagara Falls Rev; 2007-3-23; nutters
BUTLER, Patricia Irene (GILES); 81; Fort Erie ON; St Catharines Standard; 2007-3-23; nutters
BUTLER, Patricia Irene (GREEN); 84; Bloomingrose WV>New Ellenton SC; The State; 2003-12-22; betsten
BUTLER, Patricia J (BERGAM); 85; Fallon NV; Reno G-J; 2012-5-20; cwkirsch
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