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PLOUFFE, Penelope Lynn "Penny" (CARDINAL); 45; Burlington VT>Lakewood OH; Burlington F P (VT); 2013-4-30; chicodo
POLLOCK, Penelope "Penny"; 58; Pembroke ON; Northern Life; 2006-1-5; nutters
POLLOCK, Penelope "Penny"; 58; Pembroke ON; Northern Life; 2006-1-6; nutters
POLLOCK, Penelope "Penny"; 58; Pembroke ON; Sudbury Star; 2005-12-27; nutters
POOR, Isabel Penelope M (GOODSPEED)[MARSHALL]; 82; Corvallis OR>Seattle WA; Seattle P-I; 1999-12-29; gmt
POOR, Penelope "Penny"; 56; ME; The Citizen (NH); 2004-5-7; hlpar
POPE, Penelope "Penny" (MONCUS); 68; Houston TX>AZ; AZ Republic; 2010-4-18; dback
POPP, Penelope Jean; 56; Buffalo NY>Mountaintop PA; Hazleton S-S; 1995-10-3; dfadden
POPP, Penelope Jean; 56; Wilkes-Barre PA; Times Leader; 3-10-1995; emg
POTOS, Penelope "Penny"; 86; WI; Milwaukee J-S; 2016-6-22; rjm
POULOS, Penelope ( ); 98; ; SF Chronicle (CA); 1999-6-2; bjw
POULOS, Penelope ( ); 98; CA; Oakland Tribune; 1999-6-1; latvija
POUNDS, Elizabeth Penelope; 84; Reno NV; Reno G-J; 2007-6-12; wjk
PRETZER, Penelope N "Penny" ( ); 80; TX; AZ Republic (AZ); 2013-2-13; dback
PREVATT, Agnes Penelope (WIGGINS); 94; St Petersburg FL; Tampa Trib; 2011-8-26; evallie
PRICE, Penelope G "Penny"; 62; Boynton Beach FL; Sun-Sent; 2005-3-25; billspa
PRICE, Penelope G "Penny" (CREBER); 62; Toronto ON>Boynton Beach FL; PBP; 2005-3-25; billspa
PRIES, Penelope ( ); 82; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2010-10-6; bjw
PRIES, Penelope ( ); 82; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2010-10-7; bjw
PRIES, Penelope ( ); 82; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2010-10-8; bjw
PRINCE, Penelope (POOLE); 59; Long Branch NJ>Hermitage MO; HermitageIndex; 2004-9-22; vls
PRITCHARD, Penelope Atwood (ATKINS); ; Cullowhee NC; Ottawa Citizen (ON); 2007-8-15; mdos
PROVOST, Penelope June; 83; Wichita KS; Wichita Eagle; 2003-7-8; dlcict
PROVOST, Penelope June (MANNEY); 83; Portland OR; Oregonian; 2003-7-4; jirt
PRUTSALIS, Penelope; ; Milton MA; Boston Globe; 1999-10-31; cgdbout
PRUTSALIS, Penelope; 68; Nashua NH>Milton MA; Nashua T (NH); 1999-10-30; cgdbout
PSIMOULIS, Penelope ( ); 89; Vancouver BC; Vanc Sun; 1999-7-19; mumtaz
PSORAS, Penelope (PAXENOS); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2007-3-7; siwel
PSORAS, Penelope (PAXENOS); 107; Ithaca GRC>Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2007-3-9; siwel
PYLE, Penelope ( ); 79; Urbana IL; News-Gazette; 2010-4-2; tennieil
PYLE, Penelope "Penny" (PALESTIS); 79; Jersey City NJ>Urbana IL; News-Gazette; 2010-4-3; tennieil
PYLE, Penelope "Penny" (PELASTIS); 80; Jersey City NJ>IL; Salem E-N (MA); 2010-4-7; matms
QUETANAREZ, Penelope Rosina (HEYN); 59; Worcester MA; Worcester T-G; 2012-7-20; chicodo
QUIRAM, Wilton David; 82; Penelope TX>Whittier CA; Los Angeles T; 2001-9-13; janmrw
RADIC, Penelope "Penny" (PAUL); 58; East Franklin PA; Valley N D; 2003-3-29; tasson
RAINES, Penelope "Penny"; 60; Denison TX; ShermanHD; 2008-4-8; delpat
RAINES, Penelope "Penny" (KETCHAM); 61; Las Vegas NV>Sherman TX; ShermanHD; 2008-4-11; delpat
RAINES, Penelope "Penny" (KETCHAM); 61; Las Vegas NV>Sherman TX; ShermanHD; 2008-4-9; delpat
RALLES, Penelope "Penny"; 69; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2014-1-9; lfkes
RAMMELL, Mary Penelope "Penny" (); 92; Maidstone ENG; Daily Telegraph;1996-2-3; sinker
RAPPAS, Penelope M (MORRIS); 89; Sparta GRC>Parsons KS; CoffeyvilleJournal; 1988-5-15; kscoflib
RAY, Penelope G ( ); 52; Howell MI; Heritage Media; 2007-12-19; windy
RAYMOND, Penelope L "Penny" (LONGLEY); 76; Hull ENG>Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 2010-3-11; bearcat
RAYMOND, Penelope "Penny" ( ); ; Augusta GA; Augusta CH; 2010-3-9; bearcat
READ, Penelope (DUGUID); 92; Ottawa ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2014-1-18; mdos
REARDON, Penelope "Penny" (GRIFFISS); 75; Tallahassee FL; Tallahassee D; 1997-9-13; cburnsed
REESE, Penelope C (CRAIG); 95; Atlanta GA; Augusta Ch; 2010-8-7; bearcat
REICHARDT, Penelope Jane "Penny" (HYLER)[LUBECK]; 64; Elk Grove Village IL; Des Plaines DH; 2005-4-17; jmoo
REINDERS, Penelope "Penny" ( ); 76; ; Ridgefield P (CT); 1999-3-11; bjw
RHETT, Penelope Nobel; 92; Coeur d'Alene ID; Spokesman-Review (WA); 2006-11-10; cahal
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