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Entries matching "+rhodes"

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BISEL, Carolyn Jeanne Rhodes; 66; Battle Creek MI; Napa R (CA); 2005-2-27; eudora
BISHOP, Betty May (RHODES); 83; Muscatine IA>Burbank CA; Muscatine Journal (IA); 2006-4-29; iapat
BISHOP, Kenneth Rhodes; 69; Saskatoon SK>Mississauga ON; Toronto G&M; 2000-8-14; sw
BISHOP, Kenneth Rhodes "Ken"; 69; Mississauga ON; Toronto Star; 2000-8-14; klf
BITTICK, Mary E (RHODES); 90; ; Wash Miss (MO); 2000-6-21; lizvc
BITTICK, Mary E (RHODES); 90; Chesterfield MO; Wash Miss; 2000-6-28; lizvc
BIVIN, Ola Mae (RHODES); 84; Winkleman AZ>San Marcos CA; NC Times; 2011-10-2; mcwlr
BLACK, Edith Ellen (RHODES); 73; Dallas TX; Texarkana G; 2000-4-26; dorisl
BLACK, Edith Ellen (RHODES); 74; Dallas TX>Hope AR; Shreveport Times (LA); 2000-4-25; pepper
BLACK, Evelyn (RHODES); ; Yukon OK; Country C; 2004-6-15; jtneed
BLACK, Pauline A (RHODES); 91; Saxton PA>Carmichael CA; Sacramento Bee; 2004-11-27; cachona
BLACKARD, Esther (RHODES); 87; Sullivan's Island SC; P&C; 1999-9-21; dobrien
BLACKMON, Della (RHODES); 87; Ft Pierce FL; Press Journal; 2012-9-14; gnut
BLACKWELL, Henry Rhodes Sr; 92; Columbia SC; The State; 1998-4-18; llblades
BLAIR, Rhodes F; 61; Anthem AZ; AZ Republic; 2005-4-9; dback
BLAKE, Esther Marie (RHODES); 85; TX; Houston Chronicle; 1999-1-20; jhodgin
BLINK, Jackie (KILKER)[CROSS]; 48; Rhodes IA; Rhodes Tribune; 1996-11-8; glhia
BLINK, William; 85; Marshalltown IA; Rhodes Tribune; 1999-1-8; glhia
BLISS, Wilberta M (RHODES); 87; Saybrook Twp OH; Star Beacon; 2010-5-4; cutsh
BLISS, Wilberta M (RHODES); 87; Saybrook Twp OH; Star Beacon; 2010-5-5; cutsh
BLOCKER, Nancy R (RHODES); 52; Oberlin OH>Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 1998-6-1; bearcat
BLOCKER, Nancy (RHODES); 52; Oberlin OH>Saluda SC; The State; 1998-6-1; llblades
BOATWRIGHT, Alta (RHODES); 91; Corner AL; DME; 2001-1-25; mwtfpc
BOATWRIGHT, Alta (RHODES); 91; Corner AL; DME; 2001-1-26; mwtfpc
BOATWRIGHT, Warren Rhodes; 75; Lumberton MS>Oceanside CA; Californian; 2008-2-10; mts
BOBBITT, Elizabeth (RHODES); 96; Dallas TX; Tyler M-T; 2006-1-5; pfu
BOGER, Doris (RHODES); ; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2003-10-13; msty
BOGER, Doris (RHODES); ; Winston-Salem NC>Columbia SC; The State; 2003-10-12; betsten
BOHLER, Betty R (RHODES); ; Lithonia GA; Augusta Ch; 2001-10-13; bearcat
BOHLER, Betty R (RHODES); 68; Lithonia GA; Augusta Ch; 2001-10-14; bearcat
BOHN, Vera G (SHUTTS)[RHODES]; 97; Center CO>Boise ID; Idaho S; 1999-7-8; lndill
BOHON, Violet M (RHODES); 58; Elkins WV>Canal Fulton OH; Massillon I; 2003-10-25; pjm
BOISJOLIE, Dorothy (RHODES)[NELSON]; 85; Madera CA>North Bend OR; Reedley Ex (CA); 2004-12-9; elml
BOLEN, Doris (RHODES); 75; Westlake OH; CTele; 2005-2-27; ohrm
BOLEN, Mary L (WOLF)[RHODES]; 67; York PA; Sentinel; 2003-8-2; wwwalton
BOLIVAR, Osborne Harris; 87; Rhodes Corner NS>Moncton NB; Chron-Herald (NS); 2009-6-30; kbutler
BOND, Mardean (RHODES); 78; Hope AK>Peoria Heights IL; Journal Star; 2002-6-1; evallie
BONHAM, Richard Rhodes; 40; San Antonio TX; San Antonio E-N; 2001-1-14; larryad
BONNEY, Janice L (CLARK)[RHODES]; 52; Fairfield CA>Williams OR; GrantsPassDC; 2007-3-20; sillyhp
BORGSTROM, Donna M (ROTH)[RHODES]; 68; Missoula MT>Spanaway WA; EnumclawC-H; 2005-4-20; jfco
BORTON, Florence (KROENER); 96; State Center IA; Rhodes Tribune; 1999-1-8; glhia
BOSEMAN, Bryant Rhodes "Dusty"; 49; Bonneau SC; The State; 1997-2-28; llblades
BOSLEY, Murial A (RHODES); 79; Chicago IL>Waterloo IA; Waterloo CFC; 2004-1-19; rutucker
BOSTIC, Norma Jean (RHODES); 52; Alexandria LA>Norfolk VA; Norfolk V-P; 2004-1-18; jsne
BOSTIC, Norma Jean (RHODES); 52; Alexandria LA>Norfolk VA; Norfolk V-P; 2004-1-19; jsne
BOTTOMS, Janet (RHODES); 79; KY; Lexington H-L; 2000-9-2; psf
BOUCH, Jean (RHODES); 79; South Fork PA; Johnstown T-D; 2001-8-21; grw
BOUCH, Jean (RHODES); 79; South Fork PA; Nanty Glo-J; 2001-8-29; grw
BOUDREAU, Reid Denton; 71; Rhodes Corner NS; Chron-Herald; 2009-9-15; kbutler
BOWEN, Marlee (RHODES); 96; Lostant IL>Rome NY; Rome Sentinel; 2005-6-2; rjw
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