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COURNOYER, Michelle (PAUL); 46; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2005-7-5; lnt
COURNOYER, Mionette (MONGEAU); 84; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2005-4-12; lnt
COURNOYER, Mireille [CHOUINARD]; 76; Tracy QC; La Presse; 2000-2-22; mnemo
COURNOYER, Omer; 54; Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2000-2-15; lnt
COURNOYER, Pierrette (LAVALLEE); 70; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2002-12-24; lnt
COURNOYER, Rachel (DUFAULT); 92; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2006-2-14; lnt
COURNOYER, Real; 79; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2004-6-29; lnt
COURNOYER, Rejane (L'ECUYER); 78; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2004-3-16; lnt
COURNOYER, Rejean; 67; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2002-2-19; lnt
COURNOYER, Rejeanne (BRACONNIER); 85; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2003-3-11; lnt
COURNOYER, Rejeanne (GODIN); 74; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2003-7-15; lnt
COURNOYER, Rita (CAPLETTE); 76; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2003-6-17; lnt
COURNOYER, Rita (TREMBLAY); 76; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2004-6-15; lnt
COURNOYER, Roger; 78; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2005-11-1; lnt
COURNOYER, Rolande (ROULEAU); 68; Sorel-Tracy QC; La Presse; 2009-5-9; lsd
COURNOYER, Rollande (DESCOTEAUX); 75; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2006-1-31; lnt
COURNOYER, Rosea (THEROUX); 95; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2001-9-25; lnt
COURNOYER, Sylvette (BIBEAU); 72; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2006-1-24; lnt
COURNOYER, Vincent; 77; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2005-5-24; lnt
COURNOYER, Yves; 50; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2004-4-27; lnt
COURNOYER, Yvette; 88; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2002-8-27; lnt
COURREGE, Tracy Michael; 26; ; Richardson News (TX); 2000-3-23; goat1
COURSON, Tracy; 72; Hazlehurst GA; Savannah MN; 2000-12-30; theg
COURTEMANCHE, Achille; 75; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2003-8-12; lnt
COURTEMANCHE, Jacques; 66; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2006-2-7; lnt
COURTNEY, Agnes; 85; Tracy MN; Marshall I; 2000-11-30; dwminn
COUSINEAU, Pierre Antoine; 58; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2003-1-28; lnt
COUTTS, William; 67; Tracy CA; Stockton Record; 2002-6-19; mar
COUTU, Andre; 67; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2004-1-20; lnt
COUTU, Charles Antoine; 0; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2005-1-4; lnt
COUTU, Fleurette (PAUL-HUS); 66; Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2000-9-26; lnt
COUTU, Hercule; 89; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2002-7-2; lnt
COUTU, Yolande (GENEREUX); 68; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2002-6-25; lnt
COVE, Tracy Lynnette; 40; WA; Tacoma N-T; 2010-5-18; jfco
COVINGTON, James Jr "Dick Tracy"; ; Hartsville SC; The State; 2003-4-9; betsten
COWAN, Helen ( ); 74; Sallisaw OK>Tracy CA; Modesto Bee; 2006-2-24; msty
COWAN, Helen; 74; Sallisaw OK>Tracy CA; Tracy P; 2006-3-2; sadie
COWAN, Helen; 74; Tracy CA; Stockton Record; 2006-2-24; mar
COWAN, Tracy Allen; 32; Leighton AL; Times-Daily; 2000-2-22; alangley
COWAN, Tracy N; 15; Denver CO; Denver P; 1986-9-7; gfan
COWELL, Frank B; 81; Tracy MN>Cedar Falls IA; Waterloo CFC; 1976-7-25; rutucker
COWEN, Darrell A; 50; Tracy CA; Stockton Record; 2003-5-28; mar
COWLES, Janet M (TRACY); 83; Hudson WI>Auburn WA; KingCoJournal; 2004-4-20; eaj
COWLES, Tracy D; 53; Buddha IN; Bedford T-M; 2000-11-6; jjdj
COX, Bradley C; 11; Tracy CA; Stockton Record; 2004-5-27; mar
COX, Bradley Charles; 11; Tacoma WA>Hollister CA; Tracy P; 2004-5-26; sadie
COX, Bradley Charles; 11; Tacoma WA>Tracy CA; Modesto Bee; 2004-5-26; msty
COX, Gerald D; 72; Tracy CA; Stockton Record; 1998-2-19; mar
COX, Gladys Tracy; 73; Hartford CT>Tallahassee FL; Tallahassee D; 1973-1-25; whamo
COX, John Tracy; 40; Granite OK; ShermanHD (TX); 2004-8-5; delpat
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