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TRAVIS, Thonda Leigh (MORROW); 35; Hazel Green AL; Giles FP (TN); 2002-1-17; bksheets
TRAVIS, Tiffany Rose; 14; Elmer NJ; Vineland TJ; 2008-11-20; shmagoo
TRAVIS, Timothy N "Tim"; 46; Wichita KS; Wichita Eagle; 2004-12-11; dlcict
TRAVIS, Tina M (SILVERIA); 28; Buffalo NY; Buffalo News; 1999-12-1; opnjudy
TRAVIS, Todd W; 36; Elmira NY>Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 1998-5-15; rossy
TRAVIS, Tom "Tucker"; 46; Cedar Rapids IA; Waterloo CFC; 2003-1-7; rutucker
TRAVIS, Tommie Joe "Jody"; 59; Panola Co TX; Shreveport Times (LA); 2006-8-11; pepper
TRAVIS, Tony Lee; 40; David KY; Huntington H-D (WV); 1998-9-25; ajb
TRAVIS, Tony Lee; 40; David KY; Paintsville H; 1998-9-30; jtneed
TRAVIS, Tracy Donald; 52; WA; The Daily News; 2014-4-23; jfco
TRAVIS, Travis M (PATTERSON); 91; Davis CA; Davis Ent; 2003-9-13; pbperazzo
TRAVIS, Trudy K (BELSHA)[BLAIN]; 66; Sedalia MO>Junction City OR; Register-Guard; 2010-8-31; carle
TRAVIS, Trudy Lynn (HOLLICK); 46; Bakersfield CA>Thornton CO; Denver P; 2000-8-12; krns
TRAVIS, Trudy Lynn (HOLLICK); 46; Bakersfield CA>Thornton CO; RMN; 2000-8-11; mak
TRAVIS, Tysha Mone't; 25; ; Columbus D (OH); 2011-5-12; doday
TRAVIS, Valerie Nichol; 13; San Antonio TX>Cleveland OH; Lake County T; 2002-9-6; tryblue
TRAVIS, Valorie Theresa; 25; Warrensburg MO; K C Star; 1998-2-18; eileen
TRAVIS, Valorie Theresa (BECKMAN); 25; St Louis MO; St Louis P-D; 1998-2-19; larae
TRAVIS, Velma (MERRITT); 90; Belding MI; Daily News; 1996-11-11; seffers
TRAVIS, Velnie C; 88; Lowell MI; Ionia Sen/Stan; 2003-11-7; lrs
TRAVIS, Vera M (JOHNSTON); 64; Harrisburg PA; DuncannonR; 2002-1-10; ilex
TRAVIS, Vera M (JOHNSTON); 64; Harrisburg PA; Harrisburg P-N; 2002-1-4; mam
TRAVIS, Vera M (JOHNSTON); 64; Harrisburg PA; Sentinel; 2002-1-4; wwwalton
TRAVIS, Vern Harold; 83; Sidney NB; Star-Herald (NE); 1999-6-6; rjb
TRAVIS, Veronica D ( ); 85; Cedar MI; Detroit FP; 2005-5-1; jjd
TRAVIS, Victor; 76; Toronto ON; Timmins Daily Press; 2002-10-12; guyl
TRAVIS, Victoria (BRADBURN); 60; Flushing MI; Flint Journal; 2013-1-6; navalex
TRAVIS, Vilis (DENNIS); 93; ; Canton Observer (MI); 2008-5-15; burkhard
TRAVIS, Vincie A (AGRUSSO); 86; Danvers MA; Salem E-N; 2010-4-23; matms
TRAVIS, Viola; 90; Woodstock VA; Des Moines Register (IA); 2007-1-6; lfkes
TRAVIS, Viola Larie; 76; TX>Lomita CA; South Bay D-B; 1996-11-12; janmrw
TRAVIS, Viola (LOVE)[WILSON]; 90; Redfield IA>Woodstock VA; N Virginia Daily; 2007-1-5; casf
TRAVIS, Virgil M; 89; Marysville CA; Merced Sun Star; 1997-8-6; fpmurphy
TRAVIS, Virginia Ann "Ginny" (BROWN); 87; Portland OR>Lake Forest IL; Des Plaines DH; 2005-12-13; jmoo
TRAVIS, Virginia Anne (BROWN); 87; Portland OR>Lake Forest IL; Vernon Hills Review; 2005-12-15; jmoo
TRAVIS, Virginia Anne (BROWN); 87; Portland OR>Lake Forest IL; Vernon Hills Review; 2005-12-22; jmoo
TRAVIS, Virginia C; 81; New York NY>Naples FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2002-10-26; hmg
TRAVIS, Virginia Fay (HUMPHREYS)[SALYER]; 72; Benton KY; Paducah S; 2001-12-8; mcc
TRAVIS, Virginia "Ginny" (BROWN); 87; Portland OR>Lake Forest IL; Des Plaines DH; 2005-12-14; jmoo
TRAVIS, Virginia "Ginny" (BROWN); 87; Portland OR>Lake Forest IL; News Sun; 2005-12-14; jmoo
TRAVIS, Virginia L (CATCHPOLE); 90; South Bethlehem PA; Derrick; 2000-6-19; twigs
TRAVIS, Virginia L (VELDING); 77; Grand Rapids MI; GR Press; 2004-8-14; krsmi
TRAVIS, Virginia (LEFLER); 87; Austin TX; Tyler M-T; 1999-5-4; baye
TRAVIS, Virginia Lucille (LIPES); 77; Paonia CO; Montrose Daily Press; 1998-2-17; wynona
TRAVIS, Virginia Mae (GRISWALD); 76; Tracy City TN>Athens AL; Chattanooga TFP (TN); 2002-12-11; juasmo
TRAVIS, Virginia (WATROUS)[PERFECT]; 88; Gahanna OH; Delaware G; 2004-6-30; fxe
TRAVIS, Virginita Desiree; 75; Yorba Linda CA; OCR; 2017-4-21; lesm
TRAVIS, Virinia Lucille ( ) (GORMAN) (BARTLING); 77; Paonia CO; Daily Sentinel; 1998-2-17; wynona
TRAVIS, W B; 84; Mayfield KY; Paducah S; 2003-12-12; mcc
TRAVIS, W Paul; 90; ; Toronto Star (ON); 2001-12-17; cfoisy
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