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CUDAHY, Violet ( ); 80; New Hope MN; St Paul P-P; 2000-4-21; siram
CUDAHY, Violet ( ); 80; New Hope MN; St Paul P-P; 2000-4-22; siram
CUDAHY, Violet ( ); 80; New Hope MN; St Paul P-P; 2000-4-23; siram
CUDDY, Violet Irene ( ); 89; ENG; Newbury W-N; 2001-12-28; argare
CUDMORE, Violet Irene; 96; Ridgetown ON; London F-P; 2006-8-8; nutters
CUHEL, Violet Lucille (YOUNG)[CONE]; 80; Burwell NE; Grand Island D-I; 2003-12-14; jboi
CUHEL, Violet Lucille (YOUNG)[CONE]; 80; Burwell NE; The Burwell T; 2003-12-17; bettyschn
CULLEN, Evelyn Violet "Vi" (JACKSON); 92; New Glasgow NS; Chron-Herald; 1999-6-7; kbutler
CULLEN, Evelyn Violet "Vi" (JACKSON); 92; New Glasgow NS; Halifax D-N; 1999-6-8; kbutler
CULLEN, Violet (DEWAR); 89; Clovis CA; Fresno B; 2006-4-28; gebowca
CULLEN, Violet R "Peggy" ( ); 80; St Paul MN; St Paul P-P; 2000-2-13; siram
CULLERS, Violet ( ); 95; Placerville CA; Sacramento Bee; 2002-4-18; ncpsac
CULP, Violet Lavena (PHILLIPS); 84; Benton KY; Paducah S; 2001-10-12; mcc
CULPEPPER, Violet Bradford; 87; Bossier Parish LA; Shreveport Times; 2002-2-1; pepper
CULPEPPER, Violet (KEEVER); 76; Lincoln Co NC>Chesapeake VA; Norfolk V-P; 2002-7-31; jsne
CUMBERS, Violet Marguerite "Vi" ( ); ; Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 1998-9-9; rita
CUMBO, Violet S; 60; SCT>Atlantic Beach FL; Florida T-U; 2005-1-26; billspa
CUMMING, Violet Rebeckah (FISHER); 81; Woodley SK>Dawson Creek BC; Peace R-B-N; 1993-10-29; neils
CUMMINGS, Lena Violet (EMMONS); 92; Napanee ON; Kingston W-S; 2002-6-18; lhmack
CUMMINGS, Violet (CARSON); 55; Waubaushene ON>Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1939-9-11; ckalota
CUMMINGS, Violet Jessie (WARREN)[BOTEL]; 83; BC; Province; 1998-7-10; verbeek
CUMMINGS, Violet Mary (GEOFFRION); 75; Springfield MA; Agawam A-N; 2009-6-25; pml
CUMMINGS, Violet (MILLER); 83; Portage PA; Nanty Glo-J; 2005-1-5; grw
CUMMINS, Joan Violet (PAULSON); 70; Nottingham WLS>Moncton NB; Times Transcript; 2005-6-29; meuncoll
CUMMINS, Joan Violet (PAULSON); 70; Nottingham WLS>Moncton NB; Times Transcript; 2005-6-30; meuncoll
CUNLIFFE, Violet May "Vi" (THOMAS); 96; Kamloops BC; Similkameen S; 2017-4-27; sandness
CUNNINGHAM, Mazie Violet (MITCHELL); 80; Saint John NB; Telegraph Journal; 2005-4-19; jdlmwc
CUNNINGHAM, Violet Constance (INGRAM); 88; Grimsby ON>Winnipeg MB; Winnipeg F-P; 2004-2-7; smb
CUP-CHOY, Violet L H (LUM_HO); 86; Kokomo Maui HI; Honolulu S-B; 1998-9-7; tine
CUPP, Alice Violet (MERZ); 93; Stuart IA; Des Moines Register; 2008-9-10; lfkes
CUPP, Violet R ( ); 94; Peioria IL>Denver CO; RMN; 2002-3-2; mak
CURCIO, Violet Alida ( ); 82; New York NY>Sarasota FL; Sarasota H-T; 2002-9-10; sarcher
CURE, Violet M ( ); 59; Broken Bow OK; Paris News (TX); 2001-7-9; cwkirsch
CURLEY, Marjorie Violet (HORN); 79; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2001-10-9; kap
CURRI, Violet M ( ); 90; JAM>Philadelphia PA; Sarasota H-T (FL); 2000-11-22; sarcher
CURRIE, Violet Ella; ; Newmarket ON ON CAN; Toronto Star; 1998-10-22; ghall
CURRIE, Violet H; 83; County Durham ENG>FL; OS; 2004-10-22; kat
CURRY, Violet ( ); 88; Hamilton MT; Ravalli; 2002-8-20; califia
CURTIS, Lavilla Violet (COX); 87; Beckley WV; Charleston DM; 2000-12-1; crsp
CURTIS, Thedith Violet (); 85; Ava>Gainesville MO; Springfield N-L; 8-12-1995; bdoerr
CURTIS, Violet; 84; Council Bluffs IA; Nonpareil; 1998-12-10; catdan
CURTIS, Violet E ( ); 94; Bangor ME; Bangor D-N; 2004-10-15; troll
CURTIS, Violet E (DIBBERT); 94; WI; Milwaukee J-S; 2014-12-14; rjm
CURTIS, Violet Elizabeth (CRAWFORD); 94; Bridgewater MA>Bangor ME; Bangor D-N; 2004-10-16; troll
CURTIS, Violet M; ; Springfield PA; Philadelphia I; 1997-1-5; jcorcora
CURTIS, Violet Martha; 83; BC; Province; 1998-12-11; verbeek
CURTIS, Violet Martin; 83; Burnaby BC; Vanc Sun; 1998-12-11; mumtaz
CURTIS, Violet Sylvia Miss; 74; ; San Diego U-T (CA); 1997-6-2; laz
CURTNER, Violet (HEBDA); 88; Leith PA>Tucson AZ; Columbus D (OH); 2011-3-26; doday
CURTNER, Violet (HEBDA); 88; Leith PA>Tucson AZ; Columbus D (OH); 2011-3-27; doday
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