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COTE, Cecile L (BARRE); 59; Easthampton MA; Spfld R; 2003-6-4; fgibeau
COTE, Cecile L (DUPUIS); 92; Auburn ME; Portland P H; 2006-5-20; jhw
COTE, Cecile L (DUPUIS); 92; Auburn ME; Sun Journal; 2006-5-20; jhw
COTE, Cecile (LACHAPELLE); 80; Laurel QC; J de Montreal; 2008-2-16; jlarivie
COTE, Cecile (LAVOIE); ; La Baie QC; Progres D; 1997-11-16; jacquest
COTE, Cecile (LESSARD); 78; Charlesbourg QC; J de Quebec; 2001-11-27; jacquest
COTE, Cecile (LESSARD); 78; Charlesbourg QC; Soleil; 2001-11-27; lbus
COTE, Cecile M (JACQUES); 85; N Kingstown RI; Prov Journal; 2004-6-17; wgroberge
COTE, Cecile (MAJEAU); 88; St-Jerome QC; J de Montreal; 2007-2-14; jppel
COTE, Cecile (MARTEL); 94; Quebec QC; Soleil; 2005-5-27; lbus
COTE, Cecile "Miss"; 77; St-Hyacinthe QC; C-St-Hyacinthe; 1997-6-26; danf
COTE, Cecile (PLAMONDON); 72; Les Ecureuils QC; Nouvelliste; 2006-9-13; psim
COTE, Cecile R (StSAUVEUR); 82; Chicopee MA; Chicopee R; 2004-2-19; fgibeau
COTE, Cecile R (StSAUVEUR); 82; Chicopee MA; Spfld R; 2004-2-16; fgibeau
COTE, Cecile R (TESSIER); 87; Manchester NH; Manchester U-L; 1998-12-9; cgdbout
COTE, Cecile (RICHARD); 85; Pont-Rouge QC; J de Quebec; 1997-5-13; jacquest
COTE, Cecile Rita (BLANCHETTE); 95; Danvers MA; Salem E-N; 2012-5-17; matms
COTE, Cecile (VEILLEUX); 67; Fleurimont QC; L'Express; 2006-8-11; marti
COTE, Germaine "Sr Cecile-de-Rome DT"; 84; Quebec QC; Soleil; 1998-12-17; lbus
COTE, Kathryn Lynn Cecile (ROY); 65; Milford OH; LovelandH; 2017-2-1; ckalota
COTE ROUSSEAU, Cecile; 82; Quebec QC; Soleil; 2000-8-7; lbus
COTE, Simon; 23; Ste-Cecile-de-Milton QC; C-St-Hyacinthe; 2002-7-3; danf
COTE, Simone "Soeur Sainte-Cecile-du-Bon-Pasteur"; 88; Quebec QC; Soleil; 2014-9-24; danpre
COUCH, Cecile; 88; Hayward CA; Oakland Tribune; 2011-2-6; dlk
COUILLARD, Cecile; 83; Quebec QC; Soleil; 2006-8-1; lbus
COUILLARD, Cecile; 88; Quebec QC; Soleil; 1999-7-24; lbus
COUILLARD, Cecile A (BESSENAIRE); 59; Pawtucket RI>Killingly CT; Norwich Bulletin; 2001-8-19; crcnor
COUILLARD, Cecile (BARD); 91; La Sarre QC; Echo A; 2004-2-25; begric
COUILLARD, Cecile (CAUCHY); 84; Beauport QC; Soleil; 2007-3-1; lbus
COUILLARD, Cecile (CAUCHY); 84; Beauport QC; Soleil; 2007-3-2; lbus
COUILLARD, Soeur Cecile; 83; Outremont QC; La Presse; 1996-10-28; jacquest
COUILLARD-DESPRES, Cecile; 93; Montmagny QC; Soleil; 2002-1-3; lbus
COULOMBE, Cecile; 74; Montmagny QC; J de Quebec; 2001-3-20; jacquest
COULOMBE, Cecile (CHARETTE); 89; Fort Kent ME>Manchester CT; Journal Inquirer; 2004-7-13; ajrgii
COULOMBE, Cecile (LOYER); 88; Montreal QC; La Presse; 2007-2-17; lsd
COULOMBE, Cecile (MORIN); 81; Cowansville QC; La Voix de l'Est; 2003-2-7; pauger
COULOMBE, Cecile (OUELLET); 78; Cap-Rouge QC; J de Quebec; 1998-2-26; jacquest
COULOMBE, Cecile (OUELLET); 78; Cap-Rouge QC; J de Quebec; 1998-2-27; jacquest
COULOMBE, Cecile (SIMARD); 82; Quebec QC; Soleil; 2009-5-7; lbus
COULOMBE, Cecile "Sr Ste-Cecile-de-Rome sc"; 93; Beauport QC; Soleil; 2003-12-4; lbus
COULOMBE, Cecile (TREMBLAY); ; Quebec QC; J de Quebec; 1999-3-4; jacquest
COULOMBE, Cecile (TREMBLAY); ; Quebec QC; J de Quebec; 1999-3-5; jacquest
COULOMBE, Cecile (TREMBLAY); ; Quebec QC; Soleil; 1999-3-4; lbus
COULOMBE, Cecile (TREMBLAY); ; Quebec QC; Soleil; 1999-3-5; lbus
COULOMBE, Cecile [TURCOTTE]; 82; St-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC; La Presse; 1999-6-27; mnemo
COULTAS, Beulah Cecile (GREEN); 102; Winchester IL; State J-R; 2006-2-23; blj
COURCHESNE, Cecile (BLANCHETTE); 95; Drummondville QC; L'Express; 2009-1-9; marti
COURCHESNE, Cecile (BRUNET); 70; Drummondville QC; J de Montreal; 1995-9-25; louiseh
COURCHESNE, Cecile (LEMAIRE); 79; Drummondville QC; L'Express; 2008-1-11; marti
COURNOYER, Cecile (FARLY); ; Sorel Tracy QC; Les2Rives; 2005-1-4; lnt
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