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Last Name, First Name “Nickname” (Maiden Name) [Other Last Names]; Age; Place of Birth>Place of Death; Publication Abbreviation; Publication Date; tag name

The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

The tag name is the code for the person who submitted the entry. Only submitters know the identity of the person behind the tag name.

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SIPPLE, Earl M; 88; Menomonie WI; DunnCoN; 2002-4-7; ltschw
SIPPLE, Earl M; 88; Menomonie WI; Eau Claire L-T; 2002-4-4; retftrdoc
SIRE, Earl Lee; ; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 1998-6-18; wstyles
SIRMONS, Lewis Earl; 64; Spurger TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2009-5-15; mesn
SIRRATT, Thomas Earl; 22; Houston TX; Baytown Sun; 2001-2-8; sanderson
SISCO, Joe Earl "Jack"; 55; Yuba OK>Jefferson OR; Albany DH; 2001-9-17; cmc
SISK, Bennie Earl; 92; Dalton KY; Evansville Courier (IN); 1999-3-20; jjj
SISK, Lois Imogene (EARL); 78; Geneva IL; OttawaDT; 2005-4-9; dzats
SISNEROS, Earl Lee "Joe"; 47; Odessa TX; Odessa A; 2009-7-1; cwkirsch
SISSEL, Earl; ; Cedar Rapids IA; Waterloo CFC; 1977-9-13; rutucker
SISSEL, Earl; 73; Cedar Rapids IA; Waterloo CFC; 1977-9-14; rutucker
SISSON, Earl; 92; ; Mail Tribune (OR); 2008-9-18; lfkes
SISSON, Earl B; 82; Worthington OH; Columbus D; 2007-10-13; doday
SISSON, Earl G; 24; HI; Tonawanda News (NY); 1955-3-23; ckalota
SISSON, Earl G; 90; Indian Harbour Beach FL; Wash DC Post; 1996-5-5; jwilly
SISSON, Earl L; ; Tonawanda NY; Buffalo News; 2000-12-6; opnjudy
SISSON, Earl Lester; 92; OR; Mail Tribune; 2008-9-19; lfkes
SISSON, Earl Lewis; 89; CAN>Derby CT; Conn Post; 2005-3-1; dpt
SISSON, Earl T; 55; Corvallis OR>Fargo ND; Minot Daily; 2008-3-5; ndvivi
SISSON, Earl T; 55; Fargo ND; Bismarck Trib; 2008-3-5; ndvivi
SISSON, Frederick Earl Jr; ; Topeka KS; Topeka C-J; 1999-10-17; eileen
SISSON, William Earl ""BILLY""; 66; Senecaville OH; Huntington H-D (WV); 1998-10-15; ajb
SISTRUNK, Earl; 89; Fillmore UT; The Marine Officer (DC); 2003-2-15; glhia
SISTRUNK, Earl M; 89; Monticello MS>Salt Lake City UT; Deseret News; 2002-3-17; kwday
SISTRUNK, Earl M; 89; Monticello MS>Salt Lake City UT; Salt Lake Tribune; 2002-3-17; kwday
SITERLET, Earl Anthony Jr; 79; ; Canton Observer (MI); 2012-9-9; burkhard
SITES, Earl C; 85; Lancaster PA; Lancaster I-J; 2003-8-13; reichard
SITES, Earl C; 85; Lancaster PA; Lancaster N-E; 2003-8-13; egoodman
SITES, Earl L; 94; Rolla MO; Steelville Star; 2002-6-12; jhar
SITES, R Earl; 85; Chapin SC; The State; 1998-9-28; llblades
SITLER, Leroy Earl; 63; Medford OR; Mail Tribune; 1996-2-29; beverly
SITTER, Earl F; 83; Erie PA>Louisville KY; Courier J; 2000-6-30; ggc
SITTON, John Thomas Earl; 86; Springdale AR; Mornews; 1999-11-30; pat
SITZES, Earl Jewell; 73; Grassy MO; Southeast Missourian; 2006-2-13; cannon
SIVAGE, William Earl; 80; Wichita KS; Wichita Eagle; 2001-6-23; arw
SIVESIND, Earl Maurice; 79; Decorah IA>Clay Springs AZ; WhiteMtnI; 2010-9-3; lvcran
SIVEY, William Earl; 76; KS>Boise ID; Idaho S; 1998-11-4; lndill
SIVILS, Thomas Earl; 80; Crossett AR; DemGaz; 2008-6-22; arshub
SIX, Richard Earl; ; Lees Summit MO; K C Star; 2004-6-23; clhurst
SIX, Richard Earl; 73; Bettendorf IA>Lees Summit MO; K C Star; 2004-6-24; clhurst
SIX, Richard Earl; 73; Lees Summit MO; State J-R (IL); 2004-6-27; blj
SIZELOVE, Earl Z; 66; Muncie IN>Kapolei HI; Honolulu A; 2001-12-19; seires
SIZEMORE, Albert Earl; 64; Reno NV; Reno G-J; 2008-3-5; wjk
SIZEMORE, Calvin Earl; 66; Dothan AL; DothanEagle; 2005-12-24; steedra
SIZEMORE, Calvin Earl; 66; Dothan AL; DothanEagle; 2005-12-25; steedra
SIZEMORE, Calvin Earl; 66; Dothan AL; DothanEagle; 2005-12-26; steedra
SIZEMORE, Earl; 64; Dayton OH; Pulse-Journal; 2004-6-3; ckalota
SIZEMORE, Earl; 78; Asheville NC; Asheville C-T; 2000-4-20; wrabb
SIZEMORE, Earl; 81; ; Park Forest Star (IL); 2005-6-30; ijr
SIZEMORE, Earl "Butch"; 51; Lexington KY; Huntington H-D (WV); 1999-1-10; ajb
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