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DIETERLE, Edna Marie ( ); 78; ; Ann Arbor News (MI); 1999-9-7; burkhard
DIETLE, Edna Wilda (RUMER); 78; Fisher WV>Cumberland MD; Cumberland T-N; 2012-12-14; gschubert
DIETRICH, Edna Clara (WALZER); 82; Pittsburgh PA>Santa Rosa CA; C-N IL (IL); 2008-3-2; ricrac
DIETRICH, Edna E (RABIDUE); ; Utica MI; Detroit News; 1996-7-24; cwkirsch
DIETRICH, Edna Eleanora (BEELER); 92; Lemasters PA>Hagerstown MD; Hagerstown M-H; 2011-7-29; gschubert
DIETRICH, Edna (OPSAL); 86; Alamo ND>Eugene OR; Register-Guard; 2014-6-18; carle
DIETRICH, Frances Edna (HOLDERER); 90; Jeffersontown KY; Louisville C-J; 2000-1-24; greasoner
DIETZ, Edna F (HALL); 90; Greens Creek NC>SedroWoolley WA; Skagit V-H; 2003-5-7; vony
DIETZ, Edna Gluck ( ); 82; Youngstown OH>AZ; AZ Republic; 2004-11-23; dback
DIETZ, Edna L; 83; San Antonio TX; Fbg Standard; 2003-9-10; qwert
DIETZ, Edna Lousie ( ); 92; Lime Ridge WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2003-1-20; kmed
DIETZ, Edna M; ; Kitchener ON; K-W Record; 2002-12-23; rnutt
DIETZ, Edna M; 95; Kitchener ON; K-W Record; 2002-12-24; rnutt
DIETZ, Edna (SHEPPERD); 90; Somerset KY; Lexington H-L; 2013-2-3; jjl
DIFENDERFER, Edna Ruth ( ); 82; ; Ann Arbor News (MI); 2004-10-15; burkhard
DIFENDERFER, Edna Ruth (TRINKLE); 82; ; Ann Arbor News (MI); 2004-10-16; burkhard
DIFFENDERFER, Edna M (RENTSCHLER); 89; Exeter Twp PA; Reading Eagle; 2002-1-22; ewea
DIFFENDERFER, Edna W; 97; Lancaster PA; Lancaster I-J; 2002-10-19; reichard
DIFFENDERFER, Edna W (BRILL); 97; Lancaster PA; Lancaster N-E; 2002-10-19; egoodman
DIFFINE, Mary Edna; 55; North Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1939-1-3; ckalota
DIFFORD, Edna M (FENTON); 55; Wayland OH; Star Beacon; 2005-3-15; cutsh
DIFIGILIA, Edna A (PERCZAK); 85; Berwick PA; Press E; 2005-8-28; tlc
DiFIORE, Edna (DeGURSKI); 82; Hingham MA; Marshfield Mariner; 2007-9-12; deliman
DiFIORE, Edna (DeGURSKI); 82; Hingham MA; Pembroke Mariner; 2007-9-12; deliman
DIGBY, Edna ( ); 80; Meade KS>Odessa TX; Odessa A; 1998-6-8; cwkirsch
DiGENNARO, Flora Edna ( ); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2008-4-20; siwel
DIGHTON, Edna M (DILLON); 70; Boothbay Harbor ME>Nashville TN; Lincoln CN (ME); 2006-8-24; nyllw
DILDINE, Edna (COLE); 97; Bloomsburg PA; MornPress; 1978-6-16; tlc
DILDINE, Edna M (MOSER); 94; Watsontown PA; Press E; 2008-7-14; tlc
DILDINE, Edna M (ROBB); 87; Muncy PA; SunGazette; 2002-12-21; blspe
DILL, Doris Edna (BOOI); 82; Amoret MO>Gilman IL; Kankakee D-J; 2000-10-11; kob
DILL, Doris Edna (BOOI); 82; Amoret MO>Gilman IL; News-Gazette; 2000-10-11; mlf
DILL, Edna; ; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 1903-1-7; ckalota
DILL, Edna B (LYNCH); 90; Johnston RI; Prov Journal; 2001-10-10; wgroberge
DILL, Edna (GREER); 87; Round Rock TX; Statesman; 2010-3-7; cwkirsch
DILL, Edna W; 84; OH; Dayton D-N; 2004-12-15; schatze
DILL, Edna (YARNELL); 86; Powell TN; Knoxville N-S; 2004-4-14; ndvivi
DILLARD, Edna; 76; Miamisburg OH; MiddletownJ; 2008-3-17; ckalota
DILLARD, Edna F (FUNG); 65; Liverpool ENG>Orlando FL; Eastside Journal (WA); 2001-8-12; eaj
DILLARD, Edna (JOHNSON); ; Greenville SC; Greenville News; 2003-11-15; wrabb
DILLARD, Edna Marie (HIGGINS); 70; North WIlkesboro NC; Winston-Salem J; 1997-4-13; wrabb
DILLARD, Edna P (PARRIS); 82; Aiken SC; Augusta Ch (GA); 2003-10-2; bearcat
DILLARD, Edna (PARRIS); 82; Addie NC>Aiken SC; The State; 2003-10-1; betsten
DILLARD, Treva Edna (DcWEESE); 81; Copper Hill VA; FloydPress; 2007-6-14; jmcann
DILLARD, Treva Edna (DeWEESE); 81; Copper Hill VA; Roanoke Times; 2007-6-13; gubr
DILLENBACK, Edna L (LARSON) [SORTORE] [ARNOLD]; 104; Turtle Creek WI>Sun City FL; Post-Journal (NY); 2010-8-19; mjs
DILLENBECK, Edna ( ); 92; Canajoharie NY; The Recorder; 1998-6-11; cwkirsch
DILLINGER, Edna; 87; Newton KS>Mount Vernon MO; CoffeyvilleJournal (KS); 1985-5-21; kscoflib
DILLINGHAM, Edna Mae (ALLEN); 78; Bayard IA; Des Moines Register; 2001-2-21; gcegeland
DILLINGHAM, Edna Mae (ALLEN); 78; Bayard IA; PerryChief; 2001-2-23; fwssr
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