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BAILEY, Amelia (MARTIN); 85; Montgomery AL>Danville VA; Winston-Salem J (NC); 2000-3-17; glhia
BAILEY, Amelia (VILHAUER); 82; Tucson AZ; AZStar; 1996-3-24; wstyles
BAILEY, Gertrude Amelia ();82;Antelope CA;Newark S-L;1996-1-7;dpicciro
BAILEY, Helen Amelia (PFEIFFER); 88; Jersey City NJ>Colchester CT; Hartford Courant; 1999-8-16; townsend
BAILEY, Jerry Lee; 60; Amelia OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2013-1-20; ckalota
BAIN, Sylvia Diann; 66; Amelia VA; Norfolk V-P; 2007-1-25; jsne
BAINUM, Dorothy Mae; 88; Amelia OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2015-5-27; ckalota
BAIOCCHETTI, Amelia "Molly" (ACQUAFONDATA); 89; San Pietro ITA>Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 2001-2-9; townsend
BAIR, Clare Amelia; 93; Rogue River OR; GrantsPassDC; 2010-6-8; sillyhp
BAIRD, Dorothy Amelia; 85; St Catharines ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2000-11-17; priceace
BAIRD, Gerald Reed; 74; Amelia OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2012-10-29; ckalota
BAIRD, Sharon; 55; Amelia OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2008-6-5; ckalota
BAIRD, Sharon (HAMPTON); 55; Amelia OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2008-6-6; ckalota
BAIRD, W S; 80; Amelia OH; Peoplesdefender; 1914-1-8; ckalota
BAJA, Amelia Chanco (MADERAL); 77; PHL>Pittsburg CA; Contra Costa; 2007-12-25; gbuteau
BAKER, Amelia (); 95; ; Victoria T-C; 1996-3-10; ercross
BAKER, Amelia; 95; ; Victoria T-C; 1996-3-9; ercross
BAKER, Amelia A ( ); ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 2001-1-31; artchimes
BAKER, Amelia A (McGOWAN);; South Boston, MA; Boston G; 1996-3-12; dlitalien
BAKER, Amelia Florence; 89; Lowell MA>Rochester NH; Manchester U-L; 1996-6-10; cgodbout
BAKER, Amelia Joyce (BASSELLI); 87; Visalia CA; VTD; 2012-11-20; msty
BAKER, Amelia L (MONTANO); 57; Halstead KS; Hutchinson News; 2009-1-24; retftrdoc
BAKER, Amelia M ( ); 85; NE>Phoenix AZ; AZ Republic; 1996-4-21; karinrg
BAKER, Amelia "Millie" (CARTER); 75; St John's NF; St John's Telegram; 2001-8-23; obytes
BAKER, Amelia "Millie" (CARTER); 75; St John's NF; St John's Telegram; 2001-8-24; obytes
BAKER, Amelia (WILKAS); 93; Geneva IL; KCChronicle; 2007-7-6; kingster
BAKER, Edna Amelia (ADAMSON)[THOMAS]; 92; Gaithersburg MD; Annap MD Capital; 2001-9-19; gilligaloo
BAKER, Evelyn Amelia; 85; Sioux City IA; Sioux City Journal; 2005-5-21; nennikers
BAKER, Evelyn Amelia (PIERCE)[MAHON]; 85; Sioux City IA; Sioux City Journal; 2005-5-22; nennikers
BAKER, James E; 64; Pineville KY>Amelia OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2016-6-21; ckalota
BAKER, Janice Amelia (MOORE); 89; ; Faribault Co R (MN); 1999-1-11; njwfcr
BAKER, Judith Amelia; 93; NY>Bend OR; San Mateo T (CA); 2006-2-2; jch
BAKER, Lawrence Ross; 76; Rural Hall NC>Amelia Island FL; Florida T-U; 2006-4-2; billspa
BAKER, Lawrence Ross; 76; Rural Hall NC>Amelia Island FL; Winston-Salem J (NC); 2006-4-1; msty
BAKER, Mary C; 76; Amelia OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2009-6-21; ckalota
BAKER, Susan (GUSTIN); 75; Amelia OH; Peoplesdefender; 1926-5-27; ckalota
BAKICH, Amelia R "Lena" (HORZICH); 92; Hermitage PA; Sharon H; 1997-11-11; janets
BAKKE, Evelyn Amelia (RITTER)[ANGELO]; 78; AZ; AZ Republic; 2008-5-29; dback
BALBOA, Amelia (COELHO); 68; Grand Terrace CA; PE; 2005-12-1; mts
BALCOM, Ruth Amelia (); 81; Blythe CA>LaPalma AZ; AZ Republic; 1996-2-2; karinrg
BALDA, Rosa Amelia ( ); 79; Latacunga ECU>Temecula CA; Californian; 1998-4-29; mts
BALDINI, Amelia ( ); 95; Ithaca NY>Melbourne FL; Florida Today; 1997-11-17; ylifter
BALDINI, Amelia ( ); 95; Ithaca NY>Melbourne FL; Macomb D (MI); 1997-11-20; akosmala
BALDISSERI, Amelia T (LUZZI); 78; Johnston RI; Prov Journal; 2004-5-6; wgroberge
BALDOCK, Jean Amelia ( ); 58; ON; Toronto Star; 2006-12-1; nutters
BALDWIN, Amelia ( ); ; Cork City COR IRL; Cork Examiner; 1919-8-23; dja
BALDWIN, Amelia (AUSTIN); 87; Pulaski VA; SouthwestTimes; 2005-11-8; plowgal
BALDWIN, Amelia B (WIEGARD); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2006-3-18; siwel
BALDWIN, Edith Amelia (TUGGLE); 95; Danville IL>Port Charlotte FL; MariesCoGazette (MO); 2003-9-10; schwegwl
BALDWIN, Frances (KIRKSEY); ; Amelia VA; Richmond T-D; 1998-3-27; wstyles
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