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LASTER, Phyllis Jean miss; 61; Gary IN>OH; Columbus D; 2011-11-1; doday
LASURE, Phyllis Marie (CARTER); 57; Washington DC; LP Enterprise (MD); 2003-11-12; dmf
LATHAM, Phyllis Jean (WHEATLEY); 83; Superior NE>Overland Park KS; Superior Express (NE); 2016-3-24; jrp
LATHROP, Phyllis J ( ); 76; Brownsburg IN; Indianapolis S-N; 2008-6-23; etob
LATHROP, Phyllis Marie (Van deSTREEK); 88; St Clound MN>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2010-8-10; huemetc
LATIBEAUDIERE, Phyllis (D'AGUILAR); 81; FL; Toronto Star (ON); 1999-2-10; ghall
LATIBEAUDIERE, Phyllis (D'AGUILAR); 81; FL; Toronto Star (ON); 1999-2-11; ghall
LATINO, Phyllis G (JOHNSON); 67; Worcester MA; Worcester T-G; 1999-8-2; cgdbout
LATONA, Phyllis ( ); 97; Villa Park IL; LombardSpectator; 2013-9-20; ajway
LATSHAW, Phyllis E (MASE); 63; Roslyn PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2004-10-18; cotan
LATSHAW, Phyllis E (MASE); 63; Terrytown NY>Roslyn PA; Augusta Ch (GA); 2004-10-19; bearcat
LATSOS, Phyllis (MARGEOLAS); 73; ; Chicago T (IL); 2008-1-6; scrttt
LATTARULO, Phyllis ( ); ; ; CBI Tidings (CA); 2000-10-1; laz
LATTARULO, Phyllis (CASSANO); ; Bristol CT>San Diego CA; Hartford Courant (CT); 2000-10-1; townsend
LATTERNER, Phyllis J; 80; Whitehall PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2005-7-27; cotan
LATTERNER, Phyllis J; 80; Whitehall PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2005-7-28; cotan
LATTIG, Phyllis D ( ); 80; San Diego CA; Los Angeles T (CA); 2003-2-6; dkrb
LATUGA, Phyllis L (ROSE); 89; Worcester MA; Worcester T-G; 2011-4-6; chicodo
LATZ, Phyllis Goldie; 90; Minneapolis MN>Maplewood NJ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2008-10-29; jblind
LAU, Phyllis L ( ); 76; Manley NE; Omaha W-H; 2001-3-23; capk
LAUBMEISTER, Phyllis E; 85; Arroyo Grande CA; Santa Maria Times; 2002-3-6; tdf
LAUBMEISTER, Phyllis E (CLABAUGH)[GARNER]; 85; Arroyo Grande CA; San Luis Obispo T; 2002-3-6; dmstr
LAUCHNER, Phyllis Marie (DAVIDSON); 90; Springfield IL; State J-R; 2002-10-10; blj
LAUCKNER, Phyllis J (ALWIN); 69; Grand Forks ND; Grand Forks H; 2015-6-22; ndvivi
LAUER, Miriam Phyllis (WALTH); 83; Aberdeen SD; Aberdeen American News; 2008-1-6; ndvivi
LAUER, Phyllis Ann (ALLENDER); 89; Farmington Hills MI; Oakland Press; 2010-11-2; smk
LAUFER, Phyllis (FEELEY); 81; St Paul MN>Orange County NC; Raleigh N & O; 1997-7-29; proudft
LAUFER, Phyllis (JANKOWSKI); 82; Waukegan IL; Des Plaines DH; 2004-4-2; jmoo
LAUFER, Phyllis (JANKOWSKI); 82; Waukegan IL; News Sun; 2004-4-2; jmoo
LAUGHLIN, Phyllis C ( ); 84; Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 2005-1-15; rossy
LAUGHTER, Phyllis Ann (TAYLOR)[]; 78; Pleasant Corners OH>Sequim WA; Peninsula D-N; 2008-3-9; ljm
LAUGHTON, Phyllis Claudine "Phyl" (NASH); ; Shattuck OK>AZ; AZ Republic; 2007-4-25; dback
LAUGHTON, Phyllis L (ALCORN); 65; Bedford NH; Manchester U-L; 2005-6-20; kzav
LAUKAITIS, Phyllis Kay (LENNING); 64; WA; Seattle Times; 2011-9-10; glpwa
LAUNCHBAUGH, Phyllis Carol; 72; Salina KS; Wichita Eagle; 2005-11-5; dlcict
LAUNDY, Phyllis B (BAUMAN); ; OH; The Plain Dealer; 1996-10-16; csopko
LAUNDY, Phyllis B (BAUMAN); ; OH; The Plain Dealer; 1996-10-17; csopko
LAUNER, Phyllis Patricia; 66; Sheboygan WI>Elko NV; Elko Daily FP; 2002-4-9; glasslass
LAUREN, Phyllis Jane ( ); 80; Ajax ON; Toronto G&M; 2007-1-27; nutters
LAUREN, Phyllis Jane ( ); 80; Ajax ON; Toronto Star; 2007-1-27; nutters
LAURENCE, Geraldine Phyllis (LUTZKY); ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 1995-11-12; andrusko
LAURENCE, Phyllis (RUGY)[ISRAEL]; 82; Indianapolis IN; PJ (FL); 2005-10-11; gnut
LAURETANO, Phyllis D (DiPERRI); ; Quincy MA; Boston Globe; 2000-8-22; troll
LAURETANO, Phyllis (DiPERRI); ; Quincy MA; Boston Globe; 2000-8-21; troll
LAURILA, Phyllis G ( ); 97; OH>Katy TX; Star Beacon (OH); 2014-8-13; cutsh
LAURITZEN, Phyllis L ( ); 72; Hazel Crest IL; Park Forest Star; 1999-3-21; ijr
LAUTERBACH, Phyllis L; 67; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2007-7-6; kap
LAUX, Phyllis B (WILLIAMSON); 72; OH; Dayton D-N; 2006-4-13; jdtjoan
LAUX, Phyllis Delores (THOMPSON)[SHERFEY]; 82; Bridgeport NE; Star-Herald; 2000-10-27; rjb
LAVALLEE, Phyllis (LEBLANC)[KIMBALL]; 74; Allenstown NH>Tarpon Springs FL; Manchester U-L (NH); 2004-7-10; kzav
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