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MORANS, Vera (CHAPIN); ; W Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 1997-8-12; townsend
MORANS, Vera (CHAPIN); ; W Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 1997-8-12; townsend
MORANS, Vera (CHAPIN); ; West Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 1997-8-13; sgowen
MORASH, Vera (JOHNSON); 77; Halifax NS; Chron-Herald; 2008-2-19; kbutler
MORCH, Vera; 93; Toronto ONT ; Province (BC); 1998-6-7; verbeek
MORDASINI, Vera Evaline; 87; Chama NM; RioGrandeS; 2016-11-24; grldjsmt
MORE, Vera Lydia (HOLDING); 87; Owen Sound ON; Owen Sound Sun T; 2002-6-24; nutters
MOREHOUSE, Violet Marie (VERA CRUZ); 82; OR; Mail Tribune; 2015-1-23; lfkes
MORELAND, Vera E ( ); 100; Early TX; Abilene R-N; 1998-4-23; cwkirsch
MORELAND, Vera E ( ); 100; Mazon IL>Brownwood TX; Abilene R-N; 1998-4-24; cwkirsch
MORELAND, Vera E (KESTERSON); 88; Hay Springs NE>Mulino OR; Oregonian; 2005-8-30; jirt
MORELAND, Vera L (FOULK); ; Mt Gilead OH; Mt Vernon News; 2005-1-27; hair
MORELAND, Vera (RAWLINGS); 75; Statesville NC; Charlotte Obs; 1999-1-2; cher
MORELAND, Vera (RAWLINS); 75; Boise ID>Statesville NC; Winston-Salem J; 1999-1-2; bearcat
MORENO, Anastacio R "Tano"; 77; Vera Cruz MEX>CA; Desert Sun; 2012-4-27; lfkes
MORENO, Vera Maria (ALBA); 63; Austin TX; Statesman; 2000-2-13; blmcc
MORENO, Vera Maria (ALBA); 63; Austin TX; Statesman; 2000-2-15; blmcc
MORETTI, Leontine "Vera"; 99; Colobria ITA>; Los Angeles T (CA); 1999-5-25; awest
MORETZ, Vera (CARROLL); 73; Lenoir NC; Aegis (MD); 2001-6-27; kzav
MORETZ, Vera (CARROLL); 73; Lenoir NC; Hickory R; 2001-6-26; wrabb
MOREY, Olwyn Vera (CARNALL); 95; ENG>Eugene OR; Register-Guard; 2005-7-8; carle
MOREY, Vera C (HAHN); 91; Harmony MN; Rochester P-B; 1998-1-5; eck
MORGADO, Vera P ( ); 85; Stanley OK>Atwater CA; Merced Sun Star; 2008-8-25; elml
MORGAN, Vera ( ); 59; Springfield GA; Savannah MN; 2000-6-5; theg
MORGAN, Vera; ; Macon GA; Macon T; 2012-7-13; hzfc
MORGAN, Vera; 74; WV>Flint MI; Flint Journal; 2008-5-23; navalex
MORGAN, Vera; 80; Comanche TX; Fort Worth S-T; 1996-6-13; rhstoudt
MORGAN, Vera; 84; Barnstaple DEV ENG; Crediton G; 2007-7-24; colwy
MORGAN, Vera; 88; Lithonia GA; Atlanta Journal; 1999-6-29; kat
MORGAN, Vera A (PAZ); 78; ; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2001-7-20; geanie1
MORGAN, Vera Beatrice "Gran" (BUMGARDNER)[WILSON]; 83; Lonoke AR; ARGaz; 2006-11-12; arshub
MORGAN, Vera "Big V" (FLANDERS); ; Jacksonville FL; Florida T-U; 2000-5-16; retftrdoc
MORGAN, Vera (CROSS); 88; Macon GA; Macon T; 2012-7-12; hzfc
MORGAN, Vera F "Sally"; 65; Golden MO; Wichita Eagle (KS); 2001-8-1; dlcict
MORGAN, Vera Geneva (WILLIAMS); 87; Mitchell SD; Daily Republic; 2012-1-2; anderj
MORGAN, Vera Genevieve (McKEIL); 96; Fredericton NB; Daily Gleaner; 2011-2-16; rmdi
MORGAN, Vera Izena; 88; Dowling Park FL; Tallahassee D; 1991-11-29; whamo
MORGAN, Vera Izetta ( ); 80; Independence MO; K C Star; 2004-12-18; clhurst
MORGAN, Vera Jean ( ); 87; Santa Fe TX; Galveston Daily; 2005-12-9; dling
MORGAN, Vera K; ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 1999-6-24; jwilly
MORGAN, Vera Lee (HARRIES); 98; Dallas TX; Cooper Review; 2004-4-1; txrfm
MORGAN, Vera Lee (HARRIS); 98; Cedar Hill TX; Paris News; 2004-3-20; maggietx
MORGAN, Vera Lee (HARRIS); 98; TX; Cooper Review; 2004-3-18; txrfm
MORGAN, Vera M ( ); 85; Upland CA>Neosho MO; Joplin Globe; 1997-6-11; skennedy
MORGAN, Vera M; 86; Blakesburg IA>Peoria IL; Journal Star; 2006-3-23; evallie
MORGAN, Vera M (ARRINGTON); ; Washington DC; Wash DC Post; 1997-8-22; row
MORGAN, Vera M (MILLER); 88; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2010-11-21; ckalota
MORGAN, Vera Margaruite "Blondie" (BOONE); 74; Jacksonville FL; Florida T-U; 2006-8-17; billspa
MORGAN, Vera May ( ); ; Toronto ON; Toronto Star; 2004-12-16; cfoisy
MORGAN, Vera May ( ); 90; ENG>Bound Brook NJ; The Times (NJ); 1999-5-21; caroilh
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