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CARR, Jacqueline M "Jackie" (FARLEY); 82; Stinnett TX>Omaha NE; Grand Island D-I; 2011-1-7; jboi
CARR, Jacqueline May; 60; Kingston JAM; JamaicaGleaner; 2002-4-21; clh
CARR, Jacqueline (OWENS); 65; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2015-4-29; ckalota
CARRANZA, Jacqueline R (HOUT); 80; Boston MA; Agawam A-N; 2010-11-11; pml
CARRAO, Jacqueline Monica "Jaci" ( ) [WATSON]; 65; AZ; AZ Republic; 2011-8-19; dback
CARRAU, Jacqueline (BRADFORD); 85; Ashland OR; Mail Tribune; 2010-3-5; lfkes
CARRELL, Jacqueline L (IRWIN); 91; Fort Collins CO; Star-Herald (NE); 2009-6-23; jrp
CARRELL, Jacqueline L (IRWIN); 91; Fort Collins CO; Star-Herald (NE); 2009-6-24; jrp
CARRELL, Jacqueline L (IRWIN); 91; Fort Collins CO; Star-Herald (NE); 2009-6-25; jrp
CARRELL, Jacqueline L (IRWIN); 91; Fort Collins CO; Star-Herald (NE); 2009-6-26; jrp
CARRIER, Jacqueline; 66; Charlesbourg QC; Soleil; 2003-10-18; lbus
CARRIER, Jacqueline; 80; Granby QC; La Voix de l'Est; 2008-3-17; pauger
CARRIER, Jacqueline (LORION); 76; Verdun QC; La Presse; 2005-4-9; lsd
CARRIERE, Jacqueline; 70; Pointe-Calumet QC; Eveil; 2002-2-2; jlauz
CARRIERE, Jacqueline (BINETTE); 77; ; La Presse (QC); 2011-7-23; lsd
CARRIERE, Jacqueline [CAMPION]; 73; St-Eustache QC; Eveil; 2000-11-11; jlauz
CARRIERE, Jacqueline (DANSEREAU); 72; St-Jerome QC; J de Montreal; 2006-5-25; jppel
CARRIERE, Jacqueline (DANSEREAU); 72; St-Jerome QC; La Presse; 2006-5-25; jppel
CARRIERE, Jacqueline (LACOMBE); 63; Ottawa ON; Cornwall S-F; 2004-9-18; jworrall
CARRIERE, Jacqueline (LACOURSE); 49; Ste Agathe des Monts QC; J de Montreal; 2000-2-3; lnt
CARRIERE, Sabrina Jacqueline; ; Kitchener ON; K-W Record; 1998-9-9; jpcoursey
CARRIGAN, Marie Jacqueline "Jackie" (TRAHAN); 76; Burlington ON; Chron-Herald (NS); 2001-4-18; kbutler
CARRINGTON, Hazel Anne "Jacqueline Singh" ( ); ; Mississauga ON; Toronto G&M; 2004-3-24; troll
CARRINGTON, Jacqueline A ( ); 77; Springfield MO; Springfield N-L; 1997-6-22; hkohut
CARROLL, Jacqueline; 31; MI; Detroit News; 2000-2-16; mmtm
CARROLL, Jacqueline Lee ( ); 77; AZ; AZ Republic; 2015-11-11; dback
CARROLL, Sondra Jacqueline (SPAFFORD); ; ; Toronto Star (ON); 2004-5-5; cfoisy
CARROLL, Sondra Jacqueline (SPAFFORD); ; ; Toronto Star (ON); 2004-5-6; cfoisy
CARROLL, Sondra Jacqueline (SPAFFORD); ; ; Toronto Star (ON); 2004-5-7; cfoisy
CARR-OLSON, Jacqueline Lea "Jackie"; 49; Genoa IL>Hakalau HI; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2010-2-7; jblind
CARROWAY, Jacqueline Michelle (CAPERS); 36; Sumter Co SC>New York NY; The State (SC); 2002-2-15; betsten
CARRUTH, Jacqueline S "Jackie" (LOCKE); 77; Vincennes IN>Columbus OH; Lancaster E-G; 2005-9-4; jillrj
CARSON, Frances Jacqueline ( ); 82; NJ>Phoenix AZ; AZ Republic; 1996-3-23; karinrg
CARSON, Jacqueline E ( ); ; Passaic NJ>DeLand FL; DB N-J; 2002-4-17; rstarce
CARSON, Jacqueline E; 71; Janesville WI; Janesville G; 1998-8-25; lakegeneva
CARSON, Jacqueline E (FUGATE)[SIMONDS]; 71; Janesville WI; Janesville G; 1998-8-26; lakegeneva
CARSON, Jacqueline (GARDNER); 88; South Bend IN>AZ; AZ Republic; 2009-10-11; dback
CARSON, Jacqueline "Jacqi" (ALSPAUGH); 75; Twin Lakes NC; Winston-Salem J; 2011-2-6; msty
CARSTON, Jacqueline Mary (McKENTY); 85; Mill Bay BC; Victoria T-C; 2010-11-11; zac
CARTER, Jacqueline A; 44; Elberfeld IN; Evansville Courier; 2000-8-1; jjj
CARTER, Jacqueline Ann ( ); 53; CA; Clear Lake Ob; 2003-8-9; eml
CARTER, Jacqueline Anne "Jackie" (MISS); 75; Carlisle PA; Sentinel; 2011-4-3; wwwalton
CARTER, Jacqueline Cooper; ; Baltimore MD; Wash DC Post (DC); 2001-9-26; artchimes
CARTER, Jacqueline E; 74; Ottawa KS; Wichita Eagle; 2004-8-26; dlcict
CARTER, Jacqueline Elizabeth (GALIPEAU); 79; Ottawa ON; Ottawa Citizen; 1997-8-23; gmillar
CARTER, Jacqueline Golden; ; Musella GA; Macon T; 2007-6-18; hzfc
CARTER, Jacqueline (HOLLAND); 70; Chapel Hill NC; Fayetteville O-T; 1998-8-15; senc
CARTER, Jacqueline J (FINDLAY); 77; Lubec ME; Bangor D-N; 2002-5-20; troll
CARTER, Jacqueline J (FINDLAY); 77; Lubec ME; Machias VNO; 2002-5-22; cawatson
CARTER, Jacqueline "Jackie4" (McGEE); 43; Pontiac MI>Yazoo City MS; Yazoo H; 2009-5-20; bettyschn
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