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McALEAVY, Barry; 64; Mississauga ON CAN; Toronto Star; 1998-11-11; ghall
McALEAVY, Benardette (DOUGLAS); 76; IRL>North Arlington NJ; Newark S-L; 1998-3-4; fgibeau
McALEAVY, John Francis; 64; Fernandina Beach FL>Frederick MD; Frederick P; 2001-1-29; canehls
McALEAVY, John Francis; 64; Fernandino Beach FL>Frederick MD; Bangor D-N (ME); 2001-1-30; troll
McALEAVY, John Francis; 64; Frederick MD; Florida T-U (FL); 2001-1-30; retftrdoc
OLESON, Margaret (McALEAVY); 72; Boston MA; Medford Trans; 2005-7-14; skgjhmb




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