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Entries matching "allen"

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HOLEMAN, Mark Allen; 58; Wichita KS; Hutchinson News; 2016-8-15; retftrdoc
HOLEY, James Allen; 78; Paris TX; ShermanHD; 2008-6-22; delpat
HOLEY, Patrick Allen; 19; Lansing MI; Lansing S-J; 2002-4-13; trawets
HOLGATE, Allen; ; Victoria BC; Victoria T-C; 2006-7-10; zac
HOLLADAY, Allen P; 96; Magrath AB; Lethbridge H; 2004-3-11; deanl
HOLLADAY, Allen P; 96; Magrath AB; Lethbridge H; 2004-3-12; deanl
HOLLADAY, Allen Pinkney; 96; Byron WY>Magrath AB; Lethbridge H; 2004-3-13; deanl
HOLLADAY, Allen Pinkney; 96; Byron WY>Magrath AB; Lethbridge H; 2004-3-14; deanl
HOLLADAY, Jeffrey Allen; 35; Muscatine IA; Muscatine Journal; 2001-9-4; iapat
HOLLADAY, Jeffrey Allen; 35; Muscatine IA; Quad-City Times; 2001-9-4; dnb
HOLLAN, Zackary Allen; 17; Colorado City CO; Wichita Eagle (KS); 2005-6-19; dlcict
HOLLAN, Zackary Allen; 17; Wichita KS; Wichita Eagle; 2005-6-18; dlcict
HOLLAND, Allen Monroe; 67; Gulfport MS; Sun-H; 2016-3-13; aweber
HOLLAND, Brian Allen; 61; Bossier City LA; Shreveport Times; 2002-3-13; pepper
HOLLAND, Donald Allen; 74; El Reno OK>Portland OR; Oregonian; 2008-2-11; jirt
HOLLAND, Douglas Allen "Doug"; 73; Eckman WV>Martinsville VA; Martinsville B; 2011-3-16; jmcann
HOLLAND, Harold Allen; 56; Denver CO; RMN; 2001-12-7; mak
HOLLAND, Herbert Allen Sr; 58; Pine Bluff AR; Pine Bluff Com; 2005-7-15; arshub
HOLLAND, Kenneth; 80; Allen Co KY>Indianapolis IN; Indianapolis S-N; 2008-4-24; etob
HOLLAND, Lawrence Allen; 59; AZ; AZ Republic; 2002-5-20; dback
HOLLAND, Leroy Allen; 56; AL; Cullman Times; 2003-10-28; dlm
HOLLAND, Louise (ALLEN); 84; Forest City NC; Shelby Star; 2015-9-9; wrabb
HOLLAND, Mark Allen; 53; Rutherfordton NC; Shelby Star; 2011-11-23; wrabb
HOLLAND, Marvin Allen; 68; Albany GA; Tallahassee D (FL); 2004-1-18; whamo
HOLLAND, Mollie (ALLEN)[NUNN]; 76; Ann Arbor MI; Monroe E-N; 1997-2-24; lsulfaro
HOLLAND, Richard Allen III; 0; Benton AR; Pine Bluff Com; 2009-4-16; arshub
HOLLAND, Richard Allen III; 0; Carthage AR; DemGaz; 2009-4-16; arshub
HOLLAND, Ricky Allen; 43; Geneva AL; DothanEagle; 2006-2-24; steedra
HOLLAND, Robert Allen; ; Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 2002-4-2; clh
HOLLAND, Robert Allen; 45; Denison TX; ShermanHD; 2002-4-5; delpat
HOLLAND, Robert Allen; 45; Denison TX; ShermanHD; 2002-4-7; delpat
HOLLAND, Roy Allen; 62; Lebanon TN; Nashville Tenn; 2001-8-12; marvin
HOLLAND, Troy Allen; 47; DeSoto Parish LA; Shreveport Times; 2006-2-8; pepper
HOLLAND, Verna Krisher ( ); ; Glen Allen VA; Richmond T-D; 2002-11-16; wstyles
HOLLANDER, Allen; 82; South Plainfield NJ; Newark S-L; 2000-4-4; fgibeau
HOLLANDER, Brian Allen; 52; Washington DC>Exton PA; Annap MD Capital (MD); 2009-6-30; gilligaloo
HOLLANDSWORTH, Allen Wayne "Rocky"; 45; Bland MO; Belle Ban; 1996-5-15; schwegwl
HOLLAR, Boyce Allen; 71; ; Charlotte Obs (NC); 2004-7-30; wrabb
HOLLAR, Boyce Allen; 71; Conover NC>UT; Hickory R (NC); 2004-7-30; wrabb
HOLLAR, Carol Ann (ALLEN); 53; Mobile AL>Kathleen GA; Macon T; 2008-11-1; hzfc
HOLLAR, Dennis Allen; 73; ; Lincoln T-N (NC); 2005-1-12; wrabb
HOLLAR, Dennis Allen; 73; Winston-Salem NC; Gaston G; 2005-1-11; wrabb
HOLLAR, George Allen "Jack"; 56; Beach ND>Pangburn AR; Golden Valley News (ND); 2000-6-29; lkrem
HOLLAR, Wayn Allen; 73; Newton NC; Hickory R; 2004-12-7; wrabb
HOLLAR, Wayne Allen; 73; ; Charlotte Obs (NC); 2004-12-7; wrabb
HOLLAR, WIllard Allen; 77; Sstatesville NC; Statesville L; 2000-10-18; wrabb
HOLLAR, Willard Allen; 77; Statesville NC; Statesville L; 2000-10-16; wrabb
HOLLAR, Willard Allen; 77; Statesville NC; Statesville L; 2000-10-17; wrabb
HOLLAR, William Allen; 63; Columbus OH; Newark Advocate; 2006-8-4; klhnc
HOLLAWELL, Allen; 68; ENG>Youngstown OH; Cincinnati E/P; 1903-1-17; ckalota
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