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Entries matching "banas"

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BANAS, Richard W; 78; Niagara Falls NY; Tonawanda News; 2009-6-4; ckalota
BANAS, Robert; 64; Ware MA>Punta Gorda FL; Sun News (SC); 2002-7-16; tbbrownie
BANAS, Robert J; 64; MA>Punta Gorda FL; Ware R-N (MA); 2002-8-8; fgibeau
BANAS, Ronald P; 67; Philadelphia PA>The Villages FL; DailySun; 2010-7-2; tripleo
BANAS, Rose; 74; AUT HUN>Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1939-1-21; ckalota
BANAS, Rose M; 96; Buffalo NY; Tonawanda News; 1985-1-28; ckalota
BANAS, Rose M (GONDEK); 82; Warren MA; Spfld S-R; 2001-8-5; fgibeau
BANAS, Rose M (GONDEK); 82; Warren MA; Worcester T-G; 2001-8-5; jmd
BANAS, Rosemary (HASSON); 88; East Stroudsburg PA; Norristown TH; 2011-10-6; bvonw
BANAS, Roy; 58; Buffalo NY; Tonawanda News; 1984-5-8; ckalota
BANAS, Ruth Marie (KECK); 73; Detroit MI>Spring Hill FL; Tampa Trib; 2008-10-26; evallie
BANAS, Sophie (CIESIELSKI); 80; W Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 1997-9-2; townsend
BANAS, Sophie (CLESIELSKI); 80; West Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 1997-9-4; sgowen
BANAS, Sophie (OLIWKA); 70; E Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 1996-2-15; townsend
BANAS, Sophie (OLIWKA); 70; East Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 1996-2-15; townsend
BANAS, Sophie (PROSOL); 83; Ludlow MA; Ludlow R; 2002-3-13; fgibeau
BANAS, Sophie (PROSOL); 83; Ludlow MA; Spfld U-N; 2002-3-5; fgibeau
BANAS, Stanley; 21; Alden NY; Tonawanda News; 1942-2-16; ckalota
BANAS, Stanley E; 91; Stuart FL; PJ; 2008-2-12; gnut
BANAS, Stanley J; ; CT; Norwich Bulletin; 2002-1-24; crcnor
BANAS, Stanley J; 82; Norwich CT>Warwick RI; Prov Journal; 2002-1-24; wgroberge
BANAS, Stanley J Sr; 80; Ware MA; Spfld S-R; 1998-10-4; fgibeau
BANAS, Stanley M "Ben"; 69; Easthampton MA; Spfld R; 2004-3-18; fgibeau
BANAS, Stanley R "Stan"; 81; ; Chicago T (IL); 2008-5-12; scrttt
BANAS, Stanley R "Stan"; 81; ; Chicago T (IL); 2008-5-13; scrttt
BANAS, Stanley W; 86; Whitinsvile MA; Worcester T-G; 2010-6-17; chicodo
BANAS, Stell (BALUTA); 87; IL; Chicago T; 2001-8-21; cquin
BANAS, Stella (BALUTA); 87; IL; Chicago T; 2001-8-22; cquin
BANAS, Stella J miss; ; ; Chicago T (IL); 2007-12-24; scrttt
BANAS, Stella J (MORYS); 81; North Adams MA; Berkshire Eagle; 2000-8-26; troll
BANAS, Stella M (WITOWSKI); 88; Wilbraham MA; Spfld U-N; 2002-12-5; fgibeau
BANAS, Stella (STEFANIA)[SZCYPTA]; 80; Easthampton MA; Spfld U-N; 1997-4-5; namefinder
BANAS, Steven W; 43; ; Park Forest Star (IL); 2003-7-20; ijr
BANAS, Teddy F; 90; East Hartford CT; Norwich Bulletin; 2002-9-1; crcnor
BANAS, Terrance Joseph; 57; Dixon IL; Northwest Herald; 2004-8-10; lellison
BANAS, Theodore J; 82; Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1962-8-4; ckalota
BANAS, Theodore J; 82; Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1962-8-6; ckalota
BANAS, Thomas J; 79; Phoenixville PA; Norristown TH; 2002-9-26; bvonw
BANAS, Urban; 85; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2004-11-30; jblind
BANAS, Urban; 85; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2004-12-1; jblind
BANAS, Virginia Mae ( ); 87; Chardon OH; Star Beacon; 2012-1-8; cutsh
BANAS, Vivian (KEYS)[MOIR]; 88; Cumberland MD>E Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 2001-5-7; townsend
BANAS, Walter A; ; Genoa City WI; Chicago T (IL); 2002-4-26; peanutmsn
BANAS, Walter A; 80; Burlington WI; Kenosha News; 2002-4-26; sds
BANAS, Walter A [DZIEGEL] [SIEMPLINSKI]; 80; Burlington WI; Lake Geneva R-N; 2002-5-2; lakegeneva
BANAS, Walter J Jr; 52; Hatfield MA; Spfld U-N; 1999-1-11; fgibeau
BANAS, Walter J Jr; 52; Hatfield MA; Spfld U-N; 1999-1-12; fgibeau
BANAS, William; 70; ; Chicago T (IL); 2008-4-12; scrttt
BANAS, William A; 76; Penn Hills PA; Penn Hills P; 1998-5-20; cwkirsch
BANAS, William Bronislaus; ; Niagara Falls NY; Tonawanda News; 1988-1-18; ckalota
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