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Entries matching "bates"

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BATES, Danny Lamar; 54; Dumas AR; Pine Bluff Com; 2008-2-20; arshub
BATES, Darelda "Louise" [WILKERSON]; 88; Louisiana MO>Montrose IA; Hawk Eye; 1998-7-12; slw
BATES, Darius Gene; 40; Hamilton OH; Hamilton J-N; 2011-2-1; redbird
BATES, Darkie (HALL); 86; Hollybush KY>Waverly OH; Chillicothe G; 1999-9-27; wattenic
BATES, Darl Frederick; 85; Greeley CO; GreeleyTribune; 2014-2-12; gfan
BATES, Darlene (APPLEBY); 69; Coffeyville KS; CoffeyvilleJournal; 1982-7-23; kscoflib
BATES, Darrell Duane; 50; Sweet Home OR; Albany DH; 2007-1-13; cmc
BATES, Darrell Duane; 50; Sweet Home OR; Albany DH; 2007-1-9; cmc
BATES, Darrell E; 69; Taylorville IL; State J-R; 1997-1-24; rair
BATES, Darris; 63; Mena AR; ARGaz; 2008-6-20; arshub
BATES, Darwin Denton; 86; Oakland IA; Nonpareil; 1997-12-9; catdan
BATES, Daryle Gene; 63; Ozawkie KS; K C Star (MO); 1998-4-3; eileen
BATES, Daryle Gene; 63; Ozawkie KS; Topeka C-J; 1998-4-3; eileen
BATES, David; ; IL; Chicago T; 2017-3-17; kingster
BATES, David; 24; Marshalltown IA; Waterloo CFC; 1976-2-24; rutucker
BATES, David; 54; AZ; AZStar (AZ); 2005-4-10; suet
BATES, David; 54; AZ; Tucson Citizen; 2005-4-12; suet
BATES, David; 66; Stony Plain AB; Edmonton J; 1997-12-17; gjm
BATES, David; 84; WY; Casper Star T; 2012-10-11; crob
BATES, David A; 57; Weymouth MA; Boston Globe; 1997-5-13; jgraham
BATES, David Alan; ; ; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2000-3-18; geanie1
BATES, David Allen; ; SD>Grass Valley CA; Grass Valley U; 2011-5-6; dlk
BATES, David Anthony; 31; Jackson OH>Palatka FL; Palatka Daily News; 1999-11-29; scopist
BATES, David Anthony; 73; Abilene TX; Abilene R-N; 2009-3-2; hmg
BATES, David C III; 60; Worcester MA>Dover NH; FostersDD; 2001-7-22; pboro
BATES, David C III; 60; Worcester MA>Plymouth NH; Worcester T-G (MA); 2001-7-22; jmd
BATES, David C III; 60; Worester MA>Plymouth NH; The Citizen; 2001-7-22; hlpar
BATES, David C Jr; 84; Millbury MA; Worcester T-G; 2000-11-12; jmd
BATES, David E; 71; Nampa ID; Idaho S; 1997-4-18; lndill
BATES, David E; 80; Montreal QC>Lake Oswego OR; Lake Oswego Review; 2000-2-17; hbyoung
BATES, David E; 81; Fayetteville AR; Texarkana G (TX); 2017-5-10; skc
BATES, David Edward; 77; Greeley CO; Denver P; 2000-4-7; krns
BATES, David Edward Jr; 71; Petoskey MI>Eugene OR; Register-Guard; 2008-8-1; carle
BATES, David H Rev; ; Cincinnati OH; Peoplesdefender; 1973-1-11; ckalota
BATES, David L; 34; Jonestown PA; Lebanon D-N; 2000-1-29; egoodman
BATES, David L; 34; Swatara Twp PA; Harrisburg P-N; 2000-1-29; mam
BATES, David L; 50; Ft Worth TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2003-7-16; lmjg
BATES, David L; 57; Steubenville OH; Steub H-S; 2010-3-12; dlk
BATES, David L; 67; Chili NY; Tonawanda News; 2009-10-3; ckalota
BATES, David Lee; 53; College Station TX; BCS Eagle; 2007-9-22; drc
BATES, David Leo; 69; Centerville TN; Nashville Tenn; 2001-8-25; marvin
BATES, David N; ; MD; Towson Times; 1999-11-5; kat
BATES, David N; 71; Berlin MD; Baltimore Sun; 1999-10-27; siwel
BATES, David Neville; 78; Sault Ste Marie ON; Sault Star; 2008-8-16; difor
BATES, David R; 61; Exeter Twp PA; Reading Eagle; 2000-12-28; ewea
BATES, David R; 73; Williston VT>Baltimore MD; News Journal (DE); 2000-9-30; gmtopaz
BATES, David Ralph; 69; Rippey IA>Washington MO; PerryChief (IA); 1990-2-22; fwssr
BATES, David Rittenhouse; 66; Dallas TX>Oklahoma City OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2009-11-30; ccc
BATES, David Thomas; 57; Athens AL; Huntsville Times; 1999-12-19; dgrays
BATES, David Thomas; 57; Red Bay AL; Times-Daily; 1999-12-19; alangley
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