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FARRELL, Betty A; 74; ; Omaha W-H (NE); 1999-6-5; narchde
FARRELL, Betty A (BALDWIN); 81; Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2007-4-4; rtc
FARRELL, Betty Catherine [RUDD][WEHAGE]; ; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2005-11-27; ckalota
FARRELL, Betty G ( ); 79; Tampa FL; Tampa Trib; 1996-11-21; garrus
FARRELL, Betty Jane ( ); 72; Westwood KY; Huntington H-D (WV); 2002-12-6; ajb
FARRELL, Betty Jane ( ); 74; Chicago IL>AZ; AZ Republic; 2002-6-6; dback
FARRELL, Betty Jane ( ); 74; Chicago IL>AZ; AZ Republic; 2002-6-7; dback
FARRELL, Betty Jean (GRUBER); 73; East Pennsboro Twp PA; Harrisburg P-N; 2005-3-15; mam
FARRELL, Betty Jean (HUTT); 57; Winchester ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2007-4-14; mdos
FARRELL, Betty Jean (HUTT); 57; Winchester ON; R & T; 2007-4-14; nutters
FARRELL, Betty Jo (JARDON); 65; Canon City CO; CCDailyRecord; 2012-12-5; gfan
FARRELL, Betty L (KELLAR); 76; Spring Grove IL>Sun City AZ; AZ Republic; 2002-3-24; dback
FARRELL, Betty Lou (STRAHN); 74; Pine Bluff AR>Clovis NM; Clovis N-J; 2003-6-26; mamnm
FARRELL, Betty M; 48; Buffalo NY; Tonawanda News; 1969-6-23; ckalota
FARRELL, Betty M; 48; Buffalo NY; Tonawanda News; 1969-6-24; ckalota
FARRELL, Betty (SPEIR); 83; Oviedo FL; OS; 2017-4-17; star2
FARRELL, Betty Virginia ( ); ; Fort Washington MD; Wash DC Post; 1996-8-17; andrusko
FARRELL, Betty Virginia (PAPPAS); 90; Cleveland OH>TX; Dallas M-N; 2004-9-15; lmjg
FARRELL, Elizabeth A "Betty Ann" (CURLEY); ; So Boston MA; Boston Globe; 2005-8-20; deliman
FARRELL, Elizabeth A "Betty" (WAGNER); 91; Fort Atkinson WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2003-4-1; kmed
FARRELL, Elizabeth A "Betty" (WAGNER); 91; Madison WI; Capital Times; 2003-4-1; ebnflo
FARRELL, Elizabeth "Betty" (HIBBS)[CASEY]; 69; Carbonear NF; St John's Telegram; 2003-11-11; obytes
FARRELL, Elizabeth "Betty" (MARTIN); 81; Sterling Heights MI; Oakland Press; 2007-10-2; smk
FARRELL, Elizabeth "Betty" (MARTIN); 81; Sterling Heights MI; Oakland Press; 2007-10-3; smk
FARRELL, Elizabeth "Betty" (McMULLIN); ; Pasadena CA; Los Angeles T; 1998-11-10; awest
FARRELL, Elizabeth J "Betty" ( ); ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 2002-1-11; artchimes
FARRELL, Elizabeth M "Betty" (SCHUSSLER); 89; South Amboy NJ; HomeNewsTrib; 2006-1-6; mdp
FARRELL, Mary E "Betty" Miss; 81; N Providence RI; Prov Journal; 1998-11-4; wgroberge
FARRELLY, Betty J (DeMARCO); 79; Springfield IL>Chandler AZ; AZ Republic; 2006-1-4; dback
FARREN, Betty Joyce (WEIGAND); 81; Lenexa KS; K C Star (MO); 2007-9-4; clhurst
FARRENS, Betty (NELSON); 76; WY; Casper Star T; 2007-12-13; crob
FARRES, Betty J; 68; Sioux City IA; Sioux City Journal; 1998-11-29; nennikers
FARRES, Betty J (WILLIAMS)[WIDEL][WEAVER]; 68; Sioux Falls SD>Sioux City IA; Sioux City Journal; 1998-11-30; nennikers
FARRINGTON, Betty Ann ( ); 82; Superior WI>WA; Seattle Times; 2010-9-12; glpwa
FARRINGTON, Betty D; 74; York PA; York DR; 2004-10-13; glenn
FARRINGTON, Betty D (HANNA); 74; Salem NJ>York PA; Todays Sunbeam (NJ); 2004-10-13; cyrnj
FARRINGTON, Betty Jane (ROE); 81; Savoy IL; News-Gazette; 1999-1-31; mlf
FARRINGTON, Betty Lou ( ); 83; Everett WA; The Herald; 2003-7-31; jfco
FARRINGTON, Betty (OLLIS); 70; High Point NC; AJ (SMN); 2002-4-18; sdnldsn
FARRINGTON, Betty (PROSKA); 84; Springfield IL; Springfield J-R; 1998-9-27; jal
FARRINGTON, Betty W ( ); ; Sarasota FL; Sarasota H-T; 2011-5-23; cariboo
FARRINGTON, Betty W (WOOD); ; Sarasota FL; Sarasota H-T; 2011-5-24; cariboo
FARRINGTON, Betty (WOOD); ; Sarasota FL; Sarasota H-T; 2011-5-25; cariboo
FARRIOR, Betty (BODKIN); 82; Glenville WV>Tampa FL; Tampa Trib; 2010-3-28; evallie
FARRIS, Betty Alice; 72; WV; Martinsburg J; 2004-5-3; holdridg
FARRIS, Betty Alice (STOTLER); 72; Berkeley Springs WV; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 2004-5-3; gschubert
FARRIS, Betty Ann (DIXON); 72; Bridge City TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2002-2-6; mesn
FARRIS, Betty B ( ); 80; Newport MI; Heritage Media; 2011-4-20; windy
FARRIS, Betty C; 37; Hope AR; Dallas M-N; 1995-10-13; rcwhis
FARRIS, Betty (GRAHAM)[CYR]; 71; Van Buren AR; SW Times; 2002-9-19; scsps
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