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DOTSON, Melvina May (CROUSE); 85; Medford OR; Mail Tribune; 1996-10-15; beverly
DOTY, Anna R (McELROY); 92; Grand Rapids MI>Beverly Hills FL; Ocala S-B; 2004-2-13; cwright
DOTY, Bessie M ( ); 83; metro Portland OR; Oregonian; 1996-2-10; beverly
DOTY, Bessie M ( ); 83; metro Portland OR; Oregonian; 1996-2-8; beverly
DOTY, Beverly Jaen (HELVIG); 82; Jewell IA>Lincoln NE; Lincoln Star; 2009-6-17; lesm
DOTY, Beverly Jaen (HELVIG); 82; Jewell IA>Lincoln NE; Lincoln Star; 2009-6-19; lesm
DOTY, Elizabeth C (CAMPBELL); 93; OR; Oregonian; 1998-6-14; beverly
DOTY, Fredene Ama (DAUGHERTY); 74; Aloha OR; Mail Tribune; 1996-8-16; beverly
DOTY, Kenneth L; 90; Sandy OR; Oregonian; 1995-11-8; beverly
DOTY, Mary I (GIESE); 90; OR; Oregonian; 1998-3-15; beverly
DOTY, Michael R; 44; Boring OR; Oregonian; 1995-11-4; beverly
DOTY-FERGUSON, Donna J (ADDINGTON); 67; OR; Oregonian; 1997-9-7; beverly
DOUBARERE, Beverly Ann (MAYS); 54; New Orleans LA; Times-Picayune; 1999-3-12; mlc
DOUCETTE, Beverly Henry "Bambi"; 76; Saint John NB; Telegraph Journal; 2008-3-4; jdlmwc
DOUCETTE, Charles W "Charlie"; 63; Beverly MA; Salem E-N; 2004-9-30; matms
DOUCETTE, Helen L; 66; Beverly MA>Bayonet Point FL; Tampa Trib; 2004-9-12; evallie
DOUCETTE, Helen Louise (DUFFY); 66; Beverly MA>Tarpon Springs FL; Salem E-N (MA); 2004-9-14; matms
DOUCETTE, John J "Jackie"; 46; Beverly MA; Salem E-N; 2003-6-18; matms
DOUCETTE, Leone M (ROY); 87; Beverly MA; Salem E-N; 2006-5-12; matms
DOUCETTE, Richard A "Dicky Doo"; 57; Portland ME>TX; Maine S-T; 1995-11-19; beverly
DOUCETTE, Richard Leo; 65; Beverly MA; Salem E-N; 2004-11-22; matms
DOUCETTE, Rosalie (FRONTIERO); ; Beverly MA; Salem E-N; 2009-7-29; matms
DOUD, Beverly V (BYRNE); ; Millbury MA; Boston Globe; 1999-5-29; cgdbout
DOUD, Beverly V (BYRNE); ; Millbury MA; Boston Globe; 1999-5-30; cgdbout
DOUD, Beverly V (BYRNE); 73; Worcester MA; Worcester T-G; 1999-5-30; cgdbout
DOUD, Robert Eric; 50; Neptune NJ>Beverly MA; Salem E-N; 2010-10-25; matms
DOUDNA, Beverly (KLINE); 83; Lees Summit MO; K C Star; 2006-1-29; clhurst
DOUGE, June Louise (GRAVES); 73; metro Portland OR; Oregonian; 1996-2-28; beverly
DOUGE June Louise (GRAVES); 73; metro Portland OR; Oregonian; 1996-3-5; beverly
DOUGHERTY, Beverly J; 57; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2006-5-7; jblind
DOUGHERTY, Beverly June; 77; ; Statesville L (NC); 2006-12-24; wrabb
DOUGHERTY, Beverly M (WELDON); 65; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2007-8-5; jblind
DOUGHERTY, Beverly Olga (SCHUBERT); 54; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 2009-5-7; ndvivi
DOUGHERTY, David Daniel; 59; Sheridan OR; Oregonian; 1995-10-24; beverly
DOUGHERTY, Joseph William; 73; Newport OR; News Times; 2001-11-30; beverly
DOUGHERTY, Rodger W; 81; Tucson AZ; Oregonian (OR); 1996-3-23; beverly
DOUGHTY, Beverly Lois (HOLLAND); 79; Upper St Clair PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2005-7-20; cotan
DOUGHTY, Emma E (LEITNER); 83; Beverly Hills MI; Heritage Media; 2010-5-5; windy
DOUGHTY, Vesta L; 82; Ashland OR; Medford OR; Mail Tribune; 1996-1-15; beverly
DOUGLAS, Beverly "Bev"; 55; Bridgeport NE; Star-Herald; 2007-9-5; jrp
DOUGLAS, Beverly (FERREN); 63; Peterborough ON; Peterborough E; 2012-6-28; avw
DOUGLAS, Beverly (WASS); 93; ; Worcester T-G (MA); 2012-2-29; chicodo
DOUGLAS, Bobby Clayton "Bob"; 74; metro Portland OR; Oregonian; 1996-4-11; beverly
DOUGLAS, David A; 69; Beverly MA; Salem E-N; 2010-8-10; matms
DOUGLAS, Donald Dean; 66; OR; Oregonian; 1998-4-5; beverly
DOUGLAS, Margaret Cora (DOUGLAS); 78; Lincoln City OR; Guard; 2000-4-19; beverly
DOUGLAS, Margaret Cora (DOUGLAS); 78; OR; News Times; 2000-4-14; beverly
DOUGLAS, Thomas "Scotty"; 85; Beverly MA; Salem E-N; 2014-8-18; matms
DOUGLAS, Wayne Lewis; 49; OR; Oregonian; 1997-12-21; beverly
DOUGLASS, Beverly; ; ; Los Angeles T (CA); 1997-11-6; janmrw
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