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FOX, Shirley (LEGGE); 74; Burnaby BC; Vanc Sun; 2008-1-25; mumtaz
FOX, Shirley (LIEDL); ; Naples FL>St Paul MN; St Paul P-P; 1997-4-26; bobbigw
FOX, Shirley M (FAIR); 77; Mishawaka IN>Newark OH; Newark Advocate; 2017-11-9; kingster
FOX, Shirley (MacISAAC); ; ON; Sarnia Observer; 2007-2-3; nutters
FOX, Shirley P (NUNN); 78; Greeley CO; GreeleyTribune; 2011-8-30; gfan
FOX, Shirley R; ; Johnson City TN; JohnsonCityPress; 2006-10-27; jmbs
FOX, Shirley R (ROGERS); 79; Franklin PA; Erie T-N; 2001-8-11; ctdsmom
FOX, Shirley (ROBINSON); 73; East Peoria IL>Columbia TN; DemocratUnion; 2010-1-29; olesalt
FOX, Shirley Ruth (GOINES); 71; Johnson City TN; JohnsonCityPress; 2006-10-28; jmbs
FOX, Shirley "Shirl" (RENNINGER); 59; Grand Junction CO; Daily Sentinel; 2008-8-20; moml
FOX, Shirley "Shirl" (RENNINGER); 59; Grand Junction CO; Wisconsin S-J (WI); 2008-8-31; kmed
FOX, Shirley (SYDEL); 82; Brooklyn NY>West Palm Beach FL; HomeNewsTrib (NJ); 2006-6-8; mdp
FOX, Shirley (TINGLE); 78; Jacksonville FL; PJ; 2010-7-27; gnut
FOX, Shirley Victoria (BISCOE); 67; Savannah GA; County Times (MD); 2008-11-13; dmf
FOX, Shirley Victoria (BRISCOE); 67; Savannah GA; LP Enterprise (MD); 2008-11-7; dmf
FOX, Shirley W; 87; St Louis MO>Charlotte NC; Charlotte Obs; 2003-5-25; wrabb
FOX-RYMAN, Shirley Ann (FOX) [RYMAN]; 78; Penn Yan NY>Tyler TX; Chron-Exp (NY); 2009-2-18; wpgg
FOXWELL, Shirley (VICKERS); 72; Cambridge MD; Star Dem; 2000-1-4; demjr
FOXWORTH, Shirley; 54; Charlotte NC; Charlotte Obs; 2003-5-14; wrabb
FOXWORTH, Shirley Jean; 54; ; Charlotte Obs (NC); 2003-5-16; wrabb
FOXWORTH, Shirley Jean (FOXWORTH)[BROWN]; 54; Charlotte NC; Charlotte Obs; 2003-5-17; wrabb
FOXWORTH, Shirley (ROBERTS); 65; Johnsonville SC; The State; 2003-6-13; betsten
FOXWORTHY, Shirley ( ); ; Kansas City MO; K C Star; 2007-3-19; clhurst
FOXX, Shirley (SAUNDERS); ; Clinton MD; Fredericksburg LS (VA); 2009-2-6; glenn
FOXX, Shirley (SAUNDERS); ; Clinton MD; Wash DC Post (DC); 2009-2-5; efdee
FOXX, Shirley Saunders; 66; Clinton MD; Fredericksburg LS (VA); 2009-2-2; glenn
FOY, Shirley A (VEAZEY); 74; Houston TX>Milwaukie OR; Oregonian; 2005-1-4; jirt
FOY, Shirley L; 74; MA; Salem E-N; 2003-4-9; matms
FRAENKEL, Shirley (BARAZE); 83; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2006-6-30; jblind
FRAGA, Shirley Mae ( ); 73; Aberdeen SD>Modesto CA; Modesto Bee; 2008-6-6; msty
FRAGA, Shirley (WEIGANT)[MILLS]; 78; Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 2003-3-12; rossy
FRAGA, Shirley (WEIGANT)[MILLS]; 78; Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas Sun; 2003-3-12; neb
FRAGALE, Shirley Ann (ADDESA); ; New Bern NC; New Bern SJ; 2005-8-17; jackiemac
FRAHM, Shirley A; 64; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2009-1-8; kap
FRAIDENBURG, Shirley J (ANDERSON); 70; Waterloo IA>Renton WA; KingCoJournal; 2004-7-3; eaj
FRAINE, Shirley Adele; 86; Kailua HI; Honolulu A; 2002-4-13; seires
FRAINE, Shirley Adele; 86; Kailua HI; Honolulu A; 2002-4-17; seires
FRALEY, Shirley D (HARTNETT); 78; Mansfield OH>Naples FL; Naples D-N; 2007-4-12; hmg
FRALIN, Shirley; 60; Selma AL>MI; Detroit News; 2000-4-6; mmtm
FRALIN, Shirley (ANDERSON)[SHERMAN][CRAWFORD]; 60; Fayetteville NC; Fayetteville O-T; 2000-4-7; senc
FRALIN, Shirley M (RIDGLEY); 79; Lincoln NE; BeatriceDS; 2015-5-22; lesm
FRAME, Margaret "Shirley" (MAGUIRE); 74; Avenel NJ; Newark S-L; 1997-11-30; fgibeau
FRAME, Shirley J; 71; Lakewood CO; RMN; 2007-1-14; mak
FRAMPTON, Shirley Anne; 72; Lower Burrell PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2004-9-26; cotan
FRANCE, Acquanetta (SHIRLEY); 62; East Chicago IN; MunsterTimes; 2008-7-10; etob
FRANCE, Shirley Ann (GOINS); 58; Mount Airy NC; Winston-Salem J; 2001-5-15; djcov
FRANCE, Shirley Marguerite; 71; Ft Myers FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2007-6-8; hmg
FRANCHE, Shirley Mae ( ); 70; London ON; St Thomas T-J; 2010-9-16; kbutler
FRANCHI, Shirley Ann miss; 72; Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2007-12-30; rita
FRANCHI, Shirley Ann miss; 72; Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2007-12-31; rita
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