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DUNLAP, Elizabeth (PITTARD); 89; Raleigh NC; Raleigh N & O; 2005-10-13; atjaden
DUNLAP, Elizabeth Smith; 84; Kansas City MO; Kansas City Star; 1996-3-8; ruthim
DUNLAP, Elizabeth (WARREN); 83; Williamsburg VA; Richmond T-D; 1996-6-30; wstyles
DUNLAP, Elizabeth (WEBSTER); 82; Siler City NC; Courier-T; 2004-6-29; wrabb
DUNLAP, Fern Elizabeth (REED); 77; Martinsburg WV; Martinsburg J; 2007-5-24; holdridg
DUNLAP, Fern Elizabeth (REED)[PENWELL][MILLER]; 77; Martinsburg WV; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 2007-5-24; gschubert
DUNLAP, Helen Elizabeth (LICKEY); 91; Cleveland OH>Seattle WA; The Herald; 2009-1-29; jfco
DUNLAP, Isabella Elizabeth (FARLINGER); ; Victoria BC; Toronto G&M (ON); 1999-11-8; sw
DUNLAP, Jane Elizabeth (SMITH); 87; Franklin VA>Rochester MN; Rochester P-B; 2010-3-15; mjsm
DUNLAP, Laura Elizabeth ( ); 97; ; Winston-Salem J (NC); 2002-6-20; sdnldsn
DUNLAP, Laura Elizabeth ( ); 97; ; Winston-Salem J (NC); 2002-6-30; sdnldsn
DUNLAP, Mary Elizabeth; 76; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2009-2-8; ckalota
DUNLAP, Mary Elizabeth (HAHN); 90; Chicago IL>Austell GA; Tallahassee D (FL); 2009-10-4; whamo
DUNLAP, Mary Elizabeth (MECEY); 78; Park Hills MO; Farm D-J; 2002-9-19; svargo
DUNLAVEY, Elizabeth A ( ); 72; Margate NJ; ATC Press; 2000-8-9; cbentiv
DUNLAVEY, Therese Elizabeth ( )[BRIGHT]; 73; Monterey CA>Malines BEL; Monterey Herald (CA); 1997-6-21; ruthjj
DUNLAVEY, Therese Elizabeth (DeGLAS); 73; Malines Belgium>Monterey CA; Sacramento Bee; 1997-6-29; sandrah
DUNLAY, Elizabeth Ann "Bea" (ENGLERT); 88; McKeesport PA; McKeesport DN; 2000-9-12; cotan
DUNLEA, Elizabeth "Betty" (SALLOWS); ; Cork City COR IRL; Irish Examiner; 2000-4-26; dja
DUNLEAVY, Elizabeth "Betty" ( ); 87; Worcester MA>Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 2001-8-26; rossy
DUNLEAVY, Elizabeth P ( ); 91; Linwood NJ; ATC Press; 2001-11-15; cbentiv
DUNLEAVY, Elizabeth V (BASTIAN); 96; Camp Hill PA; Harrisburg P-N; 2009-3-22; mam
DUNLEVY, Elizabeth "Betty" (DAVIS); 92; ; Pittsburgh P-G (PA); 2003-3-20; cotan
DUNLEVY, Elizabeth "Betty" (DAVIS); 92; ; Pittsburgh P-G (PA); 2003-3-21; cotan
DUNLEVY, Elizabeth C ( ); ; Chevy Chase MD; Wash DC Post (DC); 2001-4-9; troll
DUNLOP, Elizabeth; 100; Rochester NY; Rochester D C; 2001-7-2; hkohut
DUNLOP, Elizabeth (BERTOUCHE); 82; At Home ON; Peterborough E; 2012-9-13; avw
DUNLOP, Elizabeth (McLEAN); 73; Buffalo NY; Tonawanda News; 1964-7-23; ckalota
DUNLOP, Florence Elizabeth (NOGALO); 77; Oakville ON; Sault Star; 2002-10-8; difor
DUNLOP, John W "Jake"; 85; Elizabeth City NJ>Gulf Breeze FL; Burlington F P (VT); 2014-8-6; chicodo
DUNLOP, Mary Elizabeth (BAIL); ; ; Toronto Star (ON); 2005-7-20; nutters
DUNLOP, Robert A; 81; Cape Elizabeth ME; Portland P H; 2006-2-24; jhw
DUNLOP, Robert A; 81; Cape Elizabeth ME; Portland P H; 2006-2-25; jhw
DUNLOP, Sally Elizabeth (WALKER); 70; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 2005-6-23; gjm
DUNLOP, Sally Elizabeth (WALKER); 70; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 2005-6-24; gjm
DUNLOP, Sally Elizabeth (WALKER); 70; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 2005-6-25; gjm
DUNLOP, Sara Elizabeth (HEYBURN); 98; Middletown PA; Delaware Co D-T; 1999-11-11; amirish
DUNLOW, Grover "Jack"; 63; Elizabeth City NC>Marion Co FL; Ocala S-B; 2015-1-12; mcgsfl
DUNMIRE, Fern Elizabeth (LIDDLE); 89; Napoleon OH; NWS; 2002-11-22; cdr
DUNMORE, Elizabeth; 63; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2012-5-9; kap
DUNMORE, Marion Elizabeth; ; ; Wash DC Post; 1996-6-6; jwilly
DUNN, Alice Elizabeth "Bette" (HORVATH); 84; Roundup MT>Pasco WA; TriCity Herald; 2004-9-14; tcgswa
DUNN, Angel Elizabeth; 0; Pineville NC; Charlotte Obs; 2003-9-17; wrabb
DUNN, Angela Elizabeth (PARSONS); 34; Saint John NB; Telegraph Journal; 2011-8-30; jdlmwc
DUNN, Antoinette Elizabeth "Toni" ( ); 94; ; The Daily Review (CA); 2001-10-9; sadie
DUNN, Barbara Elizabeth (LARSON); 90; Portland OR; Oregonian; 2006-1-21; jirt
DUNN, Bertha Elizabeth (LOWE); 98; Halifax NS; Chron-Herald; 1999-9-7; kbutler
DUNN, Bertha Elizabeth (LOWE); 98; Halifax NS; Halifax D-N; 1999-9-6; kbutler
DUNN, Beryl Elizabeth (BOND); 89; Porters Lake NS>Ajax ON; Chron-Herald (NS); 2012-11-2; kbutler
DUNN, Bethany Elizabeth; 11; Tyler TX; Tri-Co Leader; 2003-7-17; eruii
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