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CARBERRY, Thomas James; 84; New York City NY>Denver CO; Denver P; 2000-12-25; krns
CARBERY, Agnes; ; Parker CO; Meeker H; 1938-8-4; flinx
CARBETTA, Mario; 17; Plattsburgh NY>Security CO; GZ; 2001-2-24; linnea
CARBINE, Donald F; 37; Camden NJ; Burlington Co Times; 1997-1-17; angel
CARBINE, Florence Campbell (NIELSEN); 95; Merrick Co NE>Kennewick WA; TriCity Herald; 2010-6-22; tcgswa
CARBIS, Guy Francis; 89; Central City CO>Gaithersburg MD; Gaithersburg G; 2005-4-6; emar
CARBONARA, Joseph A; ; PA; Delaware Co D-T; 2000-1-5; amirish
CARBONARA, Joseph A; 81; Avelino ITA>Middletown PA; Delaware Co D-T; 2000-1-6; amirish
CARBONARO, Grace Marie; 48; Queens Co NY>Purlear NC; Watauga D; 2002-5-13; wrabb
CARBONARO, John R; 73; Nether Providence PA; Delaware Co D-T; 2000-10-28; hockeymom
CARBONE, Angelena M; ; WheatRidge CO; RMN; 2003-6-12; mak
CARBONE, Angelena M; ; WheatRidge CO; RMN; 2003-6-13; mak
CARBONE, Bob; 47; Flaming Gorge UT; Daily Sentinel (CO); 1998-11-3; wynona
CARBONE, Bob; 47; Flaming Gorge UT; Palisade Tribune (CO); 1998-11-5; wynona
CARBONE, Domenic A; 87; ITA>Arvada CO; RMN; 1999-7-13; mak
CARBONE, Gertrude May ( ); 87; Denver CO>Roseville CA; Chino Champion; 2006-8-5; sjnk
CARBONE, James "Bud"; 67; PA; Bucks Co C-T; 2007-2-2; mcs
CARBONE, James "Bud"; 67; PA; Bucks Co C-T; 2007-2-4; mcs
CARBONE, Jemma E; 79; Ouray CO>Los Angeles CA; SO BAY D-B; 1999-4-16; janmrw
CARBONE, Margaret M; 77; Littleton CO; RMN; 2003-3-22; mak
CARBONE, Margaret M; 77; Littleton CO; RMN; 2003-3-23; mak
CARBONE, Mary; ; Northglenn CO; RMN; 2003-3-5; mak
CARBONE, Rocco A; ; Denver CO; RMN; 1998-8-14; mjt
CARBONE, Rose M (SALVAGNO); 79; Wallingford PA; Delaware Co D-T; 1999-11-15; amirish
CARBONE, Sarah J; 80; CO; RMN; 2003-9-29; mak
CARBONE, Sarah J; 80; Denver CO; RMN; 2003-9-30; mak
CARBONE_III, Paul John; 18; Browns Mills NJ; Burlington Co Times; 1997-10-2; angel
CARBOW, Karen Ann; 48; Panola Co TX; Shreveport Times (LA); 2007-4-21; pepper
CARBOY, Elizabeth A (COLFER); ; PA; Bucks Co C-T; 2007-2-9; mcs
CARCANAGUE, John C "Jack"; 55; NJ; Burlington Co Times; 1998-5-15; angel
CARCEL, Charity A (FLOOD); 24; Pueblo CO; The Chieftain; 1998-1-21; gfan
CARCELERO, Eugenia; 93; San Joaquin Co CA; Modesto Bee; 1999-11-19; neb
CARCIA, Debra Christina (JAZUEZ); 39; Los Angeles CA>Colorado Springs CO; GZ; 2001-5-9; linnea
CARCULA, Lillian; 80; Lorain Co OH; Cleveland Plain Dealer; 2000-8-31; dge
CARD, Alice (WADE)[MITCHELL]; 67; Allen Co KY>Salem IN; Green Banner P; 2005-7-20; spc
CARD, Anita (WADE)[MITCHELL]; 67; Allen Co KY>Salem IN; Green Banner P; 2005-7-27; spc
CARD, C Seymour Jr; 85; South Paris ME>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2003-10-10; huemetc
CARD, C Seymour Jr Dr; 75; South Paris ME>Wellington CO; Centre DT (PA); 2003-10-10; plowgal
CARD, Carolyn N (NICKERSON); 74; Waterville ME>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2004-1-9; huemetc
CARD, Clarence C; 86; Mongomery Co AL>Winter Haven FL; Ledger; 2000-9-9; sabshe
CARD, David C; 86; Denver CO; RMN; 2001-12-10; mak
CARD, David S Sr; 59; Sayre PA>Dunnellon FL; Citrus Co C; 1998-12-25; ddixie
CARD, Doris M; 92; Warren Co PA>Avon Park FL; Tampa Trib; 2006-4-19; evallie
CARD, Dorothy A (TARBOX); 86; Hendricks Co IN>Warwick RI; Prov Journal; 2007-11-3; wgroberge
CARD, Doye Lynn; 73; Oxford WI>Tocopola MS; Marquette Co T (WI); 2008-10-9; tommck
CARD, Edward C; 86; Lafayette CO; RMN; 2003-8-18; mak
CARD, Edward C; 86; Lafayette CO; RMN; 2003-8-19; mak
CARD, Eileen Anna (UNNEVER); 71; Stamford CT>Morrison CO; RMN; 1999-6-9; mak
CARD, Gertrude (HEWITT); 85; Geneva NY>Crystal River FL; Citrus Co C (P); 2002-12-28; dfirsdon
CARD, James; 84; Syracuse NY; RMN (CO); 2000-1-19; mak
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