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HOLLIDAY, Jack R; 91; Meade KS>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2010-5-8; huemetc
HOLLIDAY, Marion (COLLINS); 69; New Orleans LA; Times-Picayune; 2000-1-18; mlc
HOLLINGSHEAD, A E; 62; Ft Collins CO; PerryChief (IA); 1986-6-19; fwssr
HOLLINGSHEAD, Evelyn J (FRASER); 69; Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2009-7-24; huemetc
HOLLINGSHEAD, Virginia J (WEST); 85; Pomona CA>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2010-5-12; huemetc
HOLLINGSWORTH, Tommy H; 72; Lake Collins GA; Augusta Ch; 1998-2-25; bearcat
HOLLINGSWORTH, W D "Holly"; 73; Collins MS; Hattiesburg American; 2000-1-4; wep
HOLLINGSWORTH, Walter D "Holly"; 73; Charlotte NC>Collins MS; Spartanburg H-J (SC); 2000-1-5; wrabb
HOLLINSHEAD, Charles W Jr Capt; 78; Marshall TX>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 1998-5-20; karen
HOLLINSHEAD, Fay ( )[ROBERTSON]; 84; Smithville MS>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2006-12-10; huemetc
HOLLINSHEAD, Fay ( )[ROBERTSON]; 84; Smithville MS>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2006-12-9; huemetc
HOLLIS, Lueora (COLLINS); 88; Memphis TN; Com-A; 2003-6-7; mjcw
HOLLIS, Roger; 54; Indiana PA>Ft Collins CO; Tonawanda News (NY); 2008-9-15; ckalota
HOLLISTER, Sally D (COLLINS); 60; Ogdensburg NY>Port Charlotte FL; GouverneurTP (NY); 2004-2-12; rws
HOLLISTER, Sally D (COLLINS)[KELLY]; 60; Ogdensburg NY>North Port FL; Sarasota H-T; 2004-1-28; rdr
HOLLOWAY, Glenn; 96; Fort Collins CO>Lomita CA; SO BAY D-B; 2006-3-9; janmrw
HOLLOWAY, Hilda (COLLINS); 85; Swainsboro GA; Metter Advertiser; 2003-4-9; kkcardell
HOLLOWAY, Mary Alice (COLLINS); 84; Springer OK>Purdy MO; Monett T; 2008-9-22; misspam
HOLLOWAY, Mary Gay; 89; Collins MS; Hattiesburg American; 2000-1-4; wep
HOLLOWAY, Olena C (COLLINS); 86; Wrens GA; Augusta Ch; 2003-10-31; bearcat
HOLLOWAY, Richard V II; 45; Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2009-7-22; huemetc
HOLLOWAY, Richard V Jr; 45; Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2009-7-21; huemetc
HOLLOWELL, Larry Alan; 43; Goldsboro NC>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 1999-10-12; karen
HOLM, Brett D; 40; Alliance NE>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 1999-8-12; karen
HOLMAN, Collins; ; TX; Houston Chronicle; 1998-9-24; jhodgin
HOLMAN, Lorraine (WEMMEL); 80; Chicago IL>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 1999-12-20; karen
HOLMAN, Socorro A (AYALA); 72; Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 1999-7-7; karen
HOLMAN, Socorro A (AYALA); 72; Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 1999-7-9; karen
HOLMBERG, Margaret (PHILLIPS); 83; Batavia IL>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 1999-3-15; karen
HOLMBOE, Evelyn Louise "Tiny" (HELMBERGER); 76; Perham MN>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2008-5-6; huemetc
HOLMBOE, John Allen; 82; St Paul MN>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2009-6-12; huemetc
HOLMES, Catharine W (COLLINS); 61; Radford VA>Ossipee NH; The Citizen; 2004-2-26; hlpar
HOLMES, Catherine A (COLLINS); 72; Waverly NY; Evening Times (PA); 1996-10-10; jndann
HOLMES, Catherine W (COLLINS); 61; Radford VA>Ossipee NH; Manchester U-L; 2004-2-26; kzav
HOLMES, Claire B (COLLINS); ; Plainville MA; Boston Globe; 2001-1-23; troll
HOLMES, Jean R (COLLINS); 94; Bath Twp MI; Lansing S-J; 2000-3-30; baaten
HOLMES, Katherine F (COLLINS); ; Milton MA; Boston Globe; 2000-9-21; troll
HOLMES, Laurette (COLLINS); 79; Welland ON; The Tribune; 2005-4-8; nutters
HOLMES, Vera Donnie (COLLINS)[CRISWELL]; 87; Boaz AL; Huntsville Times; 1999-4-5; dgrays
HOLMOLKA, Donna Jean (JEKEL); 68; Saginaw MI>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2005-12-8; huemetc
HOLROYD, Robert M; 86; Belvidere IL>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2010-3-16; huemetc
HOLSINGER, Fern L (ALLARD); 82; Laramie WY>Fort Collins CO; Jackson C-S; 2001-1-11; fhwr
HOLSINGER, Lloyd; 85; Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2003-8-16; huemetc
HOLSINGER, Paul V; 82; Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 1998-5-16; karen
HOLT, Carrie Collins; ; Bossier City LA; Shreveport Times; 2000-5-19; pepper
HOLT, Frances Josephine ( )[COLLINS]; 91; Memphis TN>Fayetteville AR; ARGaz; 2006-2-1; arshub
HOLT, Richard Eudean; 67; Fort Collins CO>Silver Lake WA; The Daily News; 2000-7-13; mcol
HOLT, Ruby (COLLINS); ; Washington DC; Wash DC Post; 2008-10-29; efdee
HOLT, Steve; 48; Rockford IL>Fort Collins CO; Coloradoan; 2004-6-19; huemetc
HOLTER, Patricia "Tish" (COLLINS); 81; Park Falls WI; Chippewa H; 2011-10-1; retftrdoc
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