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COLLINS, Marjorie Elizabeth (PAYNE); 91; Ladner BC; London F-P (ON); 2002-2-1; gizardmo
COLLINS, Marlene Elizabeth (MacNAUGHTAN); ; Victoria BC; Victoria T-C; 2003-6-23; zac
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth ( ); 101; Worcester MA>Gainesville FL; Gainesville Sun; 2006-5-5; pmc
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth; ; Toronto ON; Lindsay D P; 2002-11-26; nonie
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth; 92; Cambridge MA>Hudson FL; Tampa Trib; 1998-5-15; cpig
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth (COLLINS); ; Toronto ON; Toronto G&M; 2002-11-29; sw
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth [COTTERMAN]; 86; Dayton OH; Dayton D-N; 2002-8-11; mghearing
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth (ENGHOFF); 88; Superior NE; Superior Express; 2011-3-24; jrp
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth (HAWKINS); 83; Brumley MO>Bloomington MN; Minneapolis S-T; 2007-8-20; jblind
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth (HOFFARD); 82; Tacoma WA; Tacoma N-T; 2002-11-26; mlou
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth (LIHOU); 68; Palm Springs FL; PBP; 2002-1-8; billspa
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth (MOONEY); 89; Platt City MO; Monett T; 2001-3-14; misspam
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth (PARKS); 88; Superior NE; Des Moines Register (IA); 2011-3-20; lfkes
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth (RICH); 75; New Orleans LA>Hendersonville TN; Times-Picayune (LA); 1999-5-27; mlc
COLLINS, Mary Elizabeth (ROGAN); 85; MI; Flint Journal; 2009-4-12; navalex
COLLINS, Mary Z; 92; Elizabeth NJ; Newark S-L; 1998-3-8; fgibeau
COLLINS, Mattie Elizabeth; 75; Pueblo CO>Stockton CA; Stockton Record; 2004-1-6; mar
COLLINS, Maude Elizabeth ( ); ; Golden BC; Toronto Star (ON); 2000-6-26; jmarley
COLLINS, Maude Elizabeth; ; Golden BC; Simcoe Reformer (ON); 2000-6-26; mihaley
COLLINS, Myrtle Elizabeth (McCLAIN); 93; Central SC; Greenville News; 2003-6-20; wrabb
COLLINS, Nancy Elizabeth; 61; Davenport IA>Oakland CA; Knoxville N-S (TN); 2006-7-16; ndvivi
COLLINS, Nancy Elizabeth; 74; Paris ON; Toronto Star; 1998-12-10; ghall
COLLINS, Nancy Elizabeth; 74; Paris ON; Toronto Star; 1998-12-9; ghall
COLLINS, Nancy Elizabeth (LEITH); ; ; Toronto Star (ON); 2004-3-15; cfoisy
COLLINS, Naomi Elizabeth "E B" (BARRIE)[STOLIKER]; 75; Saginaw MI; Alpena News; 2007-4-4; kaem
COLLINS, Nellie Elizabeth ( ); 69; OH; Dayton D-N; 2005-9-27; jdtjoan
COLLINS, Nora Elizabeth (CLINGEMPELL); 85; Bedford Co VA>Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 1998-5-21; wstyles
COLLINS, Olive Elizabeth (JAMESON); 83; West Dennis MA; Baltimore Sun (MD); 2000-10-27; siwel
COLLINS, P Elizabeth (HOTCHKISS); 53; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2003-9-19; kap
COLLINS, Patrice Elizabeth (FAGAN); 89; Natchez MS>Lake Charles LA; Yazoo H (MS); 2009-10-14; bettyschn
COLLINS, Pauline Elizabeth ( ); 73; Egg Harbor Twp NJ; ATC Press; 2006-7-22; cbentiv
COLLINS, Pauline Elizabeth ( ); 73; Egg Harbor Twp NJ; ATC Press; 2006-7-24; cbentiv
COLLINS, Pauline Elizabeth; 83; Roanoke VA>Port Charlotte FL; Sarasota H-T; 2003-11-9; rdr
COLLINS, Pearl Elizabeth (HILL); 88; Sault Ste Marie ON; Sault Star; 2002-1-4; difor
COLLINS, Pearl Elizabeth (HILL); 88; Sault Ste Marie ON; Sault Star; 2002-1-5; difor
COLLINS, Peggy Elizabeth; 55; Rhodhiss NC; Charlotte Obs; 2006-7-28; mfsmith
COLLINS, Peggy Elizabeth (PENNELL); 55; Hickory NC; Hickory R; 2006-7-28; wrabb
COLLINS, Queen Elizabeth; 55; Gordon AL>Marrero LA; Times-Picayune; 1999-1-8; mlc
COLLINS, Rachel Elizabeth (SMITH); 82; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2003-1-26; sdnldsn
COLLINS, Ruby Elizabeth; 90; Omaha NE>Issaquah WA; KingCoJournal; 2003-3-26; eaj
COLLINS, Ruth Elizabeth (BAKER); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2001-11-10; siwel
COLLINS, Sara Elizabeth "Sally" (MURROW)[HITCHCOK]; 83; Eugene OR; Register-Guard; 2005-2-10; carle
COLLINS, Sara Elizabeth "Sally" (TWINING); 66; Oakland CA>Ketchum ID; Union Dem (CA); 2010-12-9; msty
COLLINS, Sarah Elizabeth Ann ( ); 79; Pablo MT; Missoulian; 2005-1-30; jke
COLLINS, Sarah Elizabeth Ann "Elizabeth" (THOMPSON); 79; Philly TX>Frenchtown MT; Missoulian; 2005-2-27; jke
COLLINS, Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" (HUDSON); 65; ; Calvert Ind (MD); 2002-5-1; dmf
COLLINS, Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" (HUDSON); 65; Huntingtown MD>Grand Coulee WA; The Star; 2002-4-3; cgwy
COLLINS, Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" (HUDSON)[LEWIS]; 65; ; Spokesman-Review (WA); 2002-4-1; wer
COLLINS, Sarah Elizabeth (HUDSON)[LEWIS]; ; ; Spokesman-Review (WA); 2002-3-31; wer
COLLINS, Sarah Elizabeth (SMITH); 80; Dillon SC; The State; 2002-8-10; betsten
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