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Entries matching "cotton"

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PERRY, Marva Jo [COTTON] [FOUNTAIN]; 43; St Paul MN; Des Moines Register (IA); 2003-10-10; lfkes
PERRYMAN, Richard Lee "Cotton"; 70; Conway MO>Caldwell ID; Idaho S; 1998-4-22; lndill
PETERS, Eva Mae (STATEN); 86; Quitman TX>Cotton Valley LA; Shreveport Times; 2012-12-16; pepper
PETERSON, Katherine "Katie" (COTTON); 80; Yankton SD; Argus Leader; 1999-6-28; delitene
PETTY, Allen M "Cotton"; 80; Saginaw MI; Saginaw News; 1998-5-18; nheidger
PETTY, Allen Madox "Cotton"; 79; Loring KS>Saginaw MI; Saginaw News; 1998-5-19; nheidger
PETTY, Floyd "Cotton"; 86; Anna IL; Anna G-D; 2013-12-19; rwunder
PHELPS, Burnis Nathan Cotton; 81; Bromide OK>Houston TX; Galveston Daily; 2007-1-19; dling
PHELPS, Sarah Margaret (COTTON); 95; Georgetown KY; Woodford S; 2006-4-20; ssp
PHILLIPS, Glen D "Cotton"; 64; Ada OK>Topeka KS; JeffersonCN; 2007-11-22; toptom
PHILLIPS, Glen D "Cotton"; 64; Topeka KS; Topeka C-J; 2007-11-19; eileen
PHIPPS, Luster "Cotton"; 84; Hamden OH; Chillicothe G; 2001-3-16; wattenic
PILCHER, Lester "Gene"; 51; Cotton Park LA>Anchorage AK; Anchorage D-N; 1996-1-19; hormsby
PILSON, Lennis Coy Jr "Cotton"; 64; Fieldale VA; Roanoke Times; 2001-10-3; clh
PINCHBECK, Vanchee Gay (HATLEY)[COTTON]; 72; Puyallup WA; Tacoma N-T; 2008-8-14; mlou
PINGLETON, Georgann Lee (COTTON); 56; Seattle WA>Yucca Valley CA; Brem S (WA); 2003-1-2; ezy
PINKERTON, Leonard "Cotton" Alton; ; Tucson AZ; AZStar; 1996-10-21; wstyles
PINNELL-ROBERTSON, Cleta Delphia (COTTON); 91; Piedmont MO; Current L; 2015-7-16; cjkirk
PIPPIN, Jean Ida (COTTON); 81; Thomaston MA>Skagit Valley WA; Skagit V-H; 2013-1-15; jfco
PIPPIN, Jean Ida (COTTON); 81; Thompson MA>Mount Vernon WA; Skagit V-H; 2013-1-15; jfco
PIPPINS, Edna Lois (COTTON); 84; Mesquite TX; Dallas M-N; 1998-4-22; adebose
PLEMONS, Charles D "Cotton"; 67; Loudon TN; Knoxville N-S; 2008-11-2; ndvivi
PLONSKY, Charlotte (WHITE); 85; Cotton MN>Erie PA; Erie T-N; 2007-10-6; ctdsmom
PLONSKY, Charlotte (WHITE); 86; Cotton MN>Corpus Christi TX; Erie T-N (PA); 2007-10-3; ctdsmom
POLINSKI, Yvonne June (REED)[COTTON]; 63; Tawas City MI; Livingston Co D; 2003-2-9; fourabook
POOLE, Harry Ash "Cotton" Sr; 73; Union Bridge MD; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 2002-5-6; gschubert
POPE, Peggy Joanne (STEVENSON); 56; Cotton Valley LA>Little Rock AR; ARGaz; 2006-3-14; arshub
POPE, William Thomas Sr "Cotton"; 73; Tupelo MS>Bellingham WA; Bellnghm H; 2000-9-12; crpear
PORTER, James Marshall "Cotton"; 92; AL; Times-Daily; 2005-7-8; dlm
PORTER, James Marshall "Cotton"; 92; Lexington AL; DemocratUnion (TN); 2005-7-12; olesalt
PORTER, James Marshall "Cotton"; 92; Lexington AL; Lawrence C-A (TN); 2005-7-13; olesalt
PORTER, Pauline M (VANDEWALKER); 90; LaPorte IN>Cotton Lake MN; Becker County R; 2000-10-11; dlcjt
POTTER, Katherine "Betty" (COTTON); 76; Plymouth NH>Virginia Beach VA; Norfolk V-P; 2003-10-2; jsne
POWELL, Clifton D "Cotton"; 47; Lumberton TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2004-4-29; mesn
POWELL, Eloyce Elizabeth (WILLIAMS); 89; Cotton Plant AR; McCrory L; 2009-1-7; bstoker
POWELL, Evelyn (COTTON); 102; Tyldesley ENG>Wrentham MA; Prov Journal (RI); 1999-8-1; jtjr
POWELL, James Wesley "Cotton"; 92; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2007-3-16; msty
POWELL, LeRoy Cotton; 81; Denison TX; ShermanHD; 2001-12-30; delpat
POWELL, LeRoy Cotton; 81; Denison TX; ShermanHD; 2001-12-31; delpat
POWELL, Ronald Matthew "Cotton"; 52; Asheville NC; Morganton H; 2000-2-21; wrabb
POWELL, Ronald Matthew "Cotton"; 52; Asheville NC; Shelby Star; 2000-2-21; wrabb
POZO, Ethel Mae (COTTON); ; Jacksonville FL; Jacksonville T-U; 1999-1-10; retftrdoc
PRATT, Beryl (COTTON)[PLATZ]; 90; Fairview PA; Erie T-N; 2002-6-27; ctdsmom
PRATT, Beryl (COTTON)[PLATZ]; 90; Fairview PA; Erie T-N; 2002-6-28; ctdsmom
PRICE, Charles W "Cotton"; 90; Odessa TX; Odessa A; 2008-9-26; cwkirsch
PRICE, Charles W "Cotton"; 90; TX; BCS Eagle; 2008-9-26; drc
PRICE, Charles W "Cotton"; 90; TX; BCS Eagle; 2008-9-27; drc
PRICE, Ernestine "Cotton"; 66; TX; Trinity Standard; 2002-9-26; rcs
PRICE, James "Cotton"; ; Houston TX; Houston Chronicle; 2004-5-14; burzvana
PRINCE, Bill; 64; Cotton Plant AR>Lindale TX; Tyler M-T; 2003-8-9; pfu
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