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Entries matching "croom"

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CROOM, Katie Mae (DANIEL); 75; Emelle AL>Portland OR; Oregonian; 2005-10-28; jirt
CROOM, Kitty (EUBANKS); 76; Wilmington NC; Wilmington S-N; 2003-12-30; rtsy
CROOM, L A; 75; Early TX; Odessa A; 1997-4-22; cwkirsch
CROOM, Laura J; 40; East Chicago IN; Post-Trib; 2007-12-12; etob
CROOM, Lavoda; 35; Milwaukee WI; Milwaukee J-S; 1998-12-12; mschears
CROOM, LaVonne Darlene ( ); 75; Jonesboro AR; ARGaz; 2008-2-1; arshub
CROOM, Lela (LOFTIS); 85; ; The Oklahoman (OK); 1998-1-17; skennedy
CROOM, Leslie Johnson; 60; Durham NC>Bedford VA; Wilmington S-N (NC); 2005-10-6; rtsy
CROOM, Lillie (MURPHY)[RICE]; 87; New Bern NC; New Bern SJ; 2000-2-14; jackiemac
CROOM, Lisa J (HAYNES); 48; ; Columbus D (OH); 2009-2-27; doday
CROOM, Lorene (TATUM); 97; Wilmington NC; Wilmington S-N; 2006-4-10; rtsy
CROOM, Louise Anne (GALLAGHER); ; Wilmington DE>Denton TX; Denton R-C; 2001-12-2; krumspa
CROOM, Luther; ; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2007-1-2; ckalota
CROOM, M Adele (WALKER); 86; Mount Olive NC>Lackawanna NY; Buffalo News; 1997-12-4; opnjudy
CROOM, Mack E Jr; 86; Oklahoma City OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2002-10-31; ccc
CROOM, Mack E Jr; 86; Oklahoma City OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2002-11-1; ccc
CROOM, Maggie Irene; 78; ; Asheville C-T (NC); 2006-11-14; wrabb
CROOM, Manley Phillip "St Pete"; 80; Largo FL; Fayetteville O (NC); 2003-1-3; vakaila
CROOM, Margie Marie ( ); 64; Hope Mills NC; Fayetteville O-T; 1998-9-3; senc
CROOM, Mary Bernice "Bernie"; 85; Vidor TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2006-1-5; mesn
CROOM, Mary (DURHAM); ; Buffalo NY; Buffalo News; 1996-1-16; mbaron
CROOM, Mary Emma (HASSTEDT); 76; Jamestown ND>Newberg OR; Oregonian; 2001-9-15; jirt
CROOM, Mary Henry; 85; Columbus GA; Ocala S-B (FL); 1998-9-27; cwright
CROOM, Mary Louise (WALKER); 89; Dardanelle AR>Sikeston MO; Yell Co R (AR); 1997-2-26; janmrw
CROOM, Mary Louise (WALKER); 89; Sikeston MO; Southeast Missourian; 1997-2-21; cannon
CROOM, Mary N; 84; AZ; AZ Republic; 2005-2-10; dback
CROOM, Mary Nell miss; 84; Franklin AR>Mesa AZ; AZ Republic; 2005-2-11; dback
CROOM, Mary (WAYCASTER); 75; ; Charlotte Obs (NC); 2005-2-7; wrabb
CROOM, Mary (WAYCASTER); 75; Old Fort NC; McDowell News; 2005-2-7; wrabb
CROOM, Mavis; 80; Fayetteville NC; Fayetteville O; 2002-10-12; vakaila
CROOM, Mavis W (WILLIAMS); 80; Fayetteville NC; Augusta Ch (GA); 2002-10-11; bearcat
CROOM, Mebane Fearrington; ; NC>San Francisco CA; SF Chronicle; 2002-12-28; mgrubbe
CROOM, Mildred (MOODY); 89; Knightdale NC; Raleigh N & O; 2005-4-14; atjaden
CROOM, Mildred (MOODY); 89; Knightdale NC; Raleigh N & O; 2005-4-15; atjaden
CROOM, Mildred (PRIEST); ; ; Charlotte Obs (NC); 2004-4-24; wrabb
CROOM, Miles Livingston; 81; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2008-8-13; msty
CROOM, Minnie (BOSWELL); 76; Jonesboro AR; Jonesboro Sun; 2005-2-14; dmarr
CROOM, Monte Cristo Jr; 89; Elton LA>Vidor TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2006-12-18; mesn
CROOM, Neil P; 93; Detroit MI>Sarasota FL; Rochester D C (NY); 2008-2-3; wpgg
CROOM, Nelwyn "Nell" ( ); ; Henderson TX; Tyler M-T; 2005-5-12; pfu
CROOM, Neva Patricia (MURPHY)[MORRIS]; 73; Sequim WA>Reno NV; Reno G-J; 1999-1-17; spike
CROOM, Norman Otto; 48; Middletown OH; Hamilton J-N; 2005-2-18; redbird
CROOM, Norman Otto; 48; Middletown OH; MiddletownJ; 2005-2-19; ckalota
CROOM, Ophelia [WILLIAMS]; 91; Pine Bluff AR; ARGaz; 2004-4-26; arshub
CROOM, Ophelia (WILLIAMS); 91; Pine Bluff AR; Pine Bluff Com; 2004-4-26; arshub
CROOM, Ophelia (WILLIAMS); 91; Pine Bluff AR; Pine Bluff Com; 2004-4-27; arshub
CROOM, Ossie [HOLMES]; 92; Dumas AR; ARGaz; 2005-4-19; arshub
CROOM, Ossie (HOLMES); 92; Dumas AR; Pine Bluff Com; 2005-4-19; arshub
CROOM, Patrick G; 58; Little Rock AR; DemGaz; 2009-6-18; arshub
CROOM, Phebie R; ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 2000-2-6; latz
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