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LETEY, Major Jr; 90; Rifle CO; Daily Sentinel; 2001-7-24; wynona
LETHBRIDGE, Edna Flora Hannah; 92; Portage La Prairie MB; Daily Graphic; 2011-10-7; egs
LETHBRIDGE, Edna Flora Hannah (DRINKWATER); 92; Portage La Prairie MB; Daily Graphic; 2011-10-13; egs
LETHBRIDGE, Edna Flora Hannah (DRINKWATER); 92; Portage La Prairie MB; Daily Graphic; 2011-10-15; egs
LETHBRIDGE, James Alexander Wm; 27; Taber AB; Daily Graphic (MB); 1998-11-15; wmthiele
LETHBRIDGE, Jim; 27; Taber AB; Daily Graphic (MB); 1998-11-14; wmthiele
LETHBRIDGE, Royce Urban; 90; Hood River OR>Utah Co UT; Daily Herald; 2008-11-22; cjsjr
LETHBRIDGE, William "Bill"; 98; Portage La Prairie MB; Daily Graphic; 2013-10-22; egs
LETIZIA, J Lorraine (MOOSE)[COLLIER]; 87; Greensboro NC>Oklahoma City OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2007-1-10; ccc
LETIZIA, Viola E (HASSEMER); 89; Hudson NY; Daily Freeman; 2001-8-28; nydafree
LETNER, Charles Davis; 27; Philadelphia PA; Daily P-A (TN); 2001-1-25; juasmo
LETNES, Vergil L (TEIDEMAN); 77; Aberdeen WA; Daily World; 2000-3-30; ehokan
LETNOW, Paulene D (DIBBLE); 94; Cooperstown NY; The Daily Star; 1998-7-22; caemcn
LETNOW, Paulene D (DIBBLE); 94; Cooperstown NY; The Daily Star; 1998-7-23; caemcn
LETOURNEAU, Betty Jo (VAUGHAN); 68; Topeka KS; Galveston Daily (TX); 2005-3-8; dling
LeTOURNEAU, Florine Lenore; 87; Trenton MO>Longview WA; The Daily News; 2008-8-1; jfco
LETOURNEAU, Harold "Steve"; 84; Aberdeen WA; Daily World; 2007-2-14; ehokan
LETOURNEAU, Harold ""Steve""; 84; Remer MN>Aberdeen WA; Daily World; 2007-2-18; ehokan
LETOURNEAU, Margaret Augusta (MUNN); 101; Dalhousie NB; Daily Gleaner; 2007-10-20; rmdi
LETOURNEAU, Paul Emile; 73; Timmins ON; Timmins Daily Press; 2001-8-20; guyl
LETOURNEAU, Urbain "Ben"; 60; St Paul AB>Penticton BC; Daily Courier; 2000-7-15; lfhb
LETROISE, Lillian A (WILLIAMS); 61; Texas City TX; Galveston Daily; 2008-2-7; dling
LETSCHE, Helene P (HERRMANN); 70; Ulm DEU>Grand Haven MI; Huron Daily; 2000-7-31; mmtm
LETSINGER, Elsie; 90; Kelso WA; The Daily News; 1999-5-5; jfco
LETSINGER, Gladys Marie; 74; AL; Times-Daily; 2003-8-24; dlm
LETSINGER, John; 76; Knoxville TN>Kelso WA; The Daily News; 1924-7-19; jfco
LETSINGER, Louanna (BOOTH); 56; VA>Longview WA; The Daily News; 1927-9-17; jfco
LETSINGER, Matilda C (DUNCAN); 61; Floyed Co VA>Kelso WA; The Daily News; 1928-6-11; jfco
LETSINGER, Ozzie W Jr; ; AL; Times-Daily; 2003-6-28; dlm
LETSINGER, Ozzie W Jr; 77; AL; Times-Daily; 2003-6-27; dlm
LETSON, Billy Wayne; 74; AL; Times-Daily; 2005-8-5; dlm
LETSON, Chadwick Gruly; 17; Muscle Shoals AL; Times-Daily; 1998-12-9; alangley
LETSON, Connie (BURDEN); 95; Florence AL; Times-Daily; 1999-3-5; alangley
LETSON, Dessie (TERRY); 92; Hillsboro AL; Times-Daily; 2000-5-6; alangley
LETSON, Eddie Lewis; 42; Paden MS; Times-Daily (AL); 2000-8-1; alangley
LETSON, George Eugene; 78; Parachute CO; Daily Sentinel; 2009-3-25; moml
LETSON, Jasper Etheredge; 81; Sheffield AL; Times-Daily; 2000-3-25; alangley
LETSON, Joel Dee; 57; Moulton AL; Times-Daily; 2000-12-4; alangley
LETSON, Olivia Marie; ; Guelph ON; Guelph Daily Mercury; 2004-1-8; mer
LETSON, Ollie Ludeen; 68; Collinwood TN; Times-Daily (AL); 2000-7-5; alangley
LETSON, Ruth Josephine; 68; AL; Times-Daily; 2006-4-1; dlm
LETSON, Stanley Wayne; 50; AL; Times-Daily; 2004-3-20; dlm
LETSON, Talmadge (CURTIS); 93; AL; Times-Daily; 2005-6-27; dlm
LETSON, Talmadge Curtis; 93; AL; Times-Daily; 2005-6-28; dlm
LETSOS, Velma "Jean" (STJEPCEVICH); 70; Houston TX; Galveston Daily; 2004-7-20; dling
LETSOS, Velma Jean (STJEPCEVICH); 70; Houston TX; Galveston Daily; 2004-7-21; dling
LETT, Cleo (EMMONS); 101; Fairfield TX>Mountain Park OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2005-8-18; ccc
LETT, Emma Lou (FOX); ; AL; Times-Daily; 2003-9-11; dlm
LETT, Foster Milas; 82; Knoxville TN; Daily P-A; 2002-1-21; juasmo
LETT, George Jr; 53; Yukon OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2007-7-25; ccc
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