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OXENRIDER, James G [FALCK][SNYDER]; 89; Klingerstown PA; Daily Item; 2001-12-20; patgrell
OXENRIDER, James G [FALCK][SNYDER]; 89; Klingerstown PA; Daily Item; 2001-12-22; patgrell
OXENRIDER, John E; 84; Millersburg PA; Daily Item; 2001-6-22; patgrell
OXENTENKO, L C "Larry"; 68; Kief ND>Wake Stevens WA; Minot Daily (ND); 2001-11-2; ndvivi
OXENTINE, Richard; 69; Winston-Salem NC; Daily Tribune; 2001-12-27; wrabb
OXFORD, Beulah Jo "Lynne" (LINDSEY); 84; Edmond OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2012-1-22; cwkirsch
OXFORD, Elsie (GRISHAM); 55; Harrisburg IL; Daily Register; 1998-10-12; cwkirsch
OXFORD, Elsie (GRISHAM); 55; Harrisburg IL; Daily Register; 1998-10-9; cwkirsch
OXFORD, Ernestine "Maisie" (MAHER); 76; East Angus QC>Chattanooga TN; Daily P-A; 2002-3-29; juasmo
OXFORD, Evelyn ( ); 79; Poughkeepsie NY; Daily Freeman; 2003-12-5; nydafree
OXFORD, Frances Hazel; 3; Longview WA; The Daily News; 1927-2-15; jfco
OXFORD, Henry Clayton Jr; 54; Waterloo AL; Times-Daily; 1999-9-11; alangley
OXFORD, Herbert G Jr; 73; Cave-in-Rock IL; Daily Register; 1998-11-19; cwkirsch
OXFORD, Herchel G; 75; Guthrie OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2000-3-17; ccc
OXFORD, Ida M (CROSBY)[ROWLETT]; 91; Midwest City OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2001-7-17; ccc
OXFORD, Jack Devon; 50; Rapid City SD>Woodland WA; The Daily News; 2014-11-7; jfco
OXFORD, Jane R (VOTTA); 86; Providence RI>Enid OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2008-12-5; ccc
OXFORD, John Galen; 75; Cave-in-Rock IL; Daily Register; 2002-6-8; cwkirsch
OXFORD, John R; 63; Romeoville IL; Daily Register; 2002-11-30; cwkirsch
OXFORD, Kathleen Mary (COPPER); 82; Swinton MO>Longview WA; The Daily News; 2008-4-23; jfco
OXFORD, Marlene Rae (MORRISON); 70; Kelso WA; The Daily News; 2007-2-1; jfco
OXFORD, Milo Spencer; 71; Longview WA; The Daily News; 2008-8-13; jfco
OXFORD, Richard Lee; 52; Longview WA>Portland OR; The Daily News (WA); 2011-5-5; jfco
OXFORD, Willam R "Dick"; ; Longview WA; The Daily News; 2014-2-27; jfco
OXLEY, David James; 81; Butte MT>Barstow CA; Daily Press; 2011-6-23; lfkes
OXLEY, Gordon Ebbert; 89; Quinter KS>Hawthorne NV; Daily Press (CA); 2008-9-10; lfkes
OXLEY, Helen M (EWING); 77; Muncie IN>Leesburg FL; Daily Commercial; 1998-8-11; jjphethean
OXLEY, Leona E ( ); 104; Troy NY; Daily Gazette; 2001-6-11; kkg
OXLEY, Opal Mae (NUNN); 97; Simms TX>Del City OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2008-4-10; ccc
OXLEY, Vincent; 80; Bernie MO; Daily American R; 2002-8-18; dards
OXLEY, Vincent Edward; 80; Bernie MO; Daily American R; 2002-8-20; dards
OXNAM, F Brad; 94; Ogdon UT>Sun City AZ; The Daily News (WA); 2006-3-17; jfco
OXNER, Mildred (BLANKENSHIP); 83; Corning MO; Daily American R; 2002-7-26; dards
OXSEN, Miriam Jean (STAUDINGER); 81; Los Angeles CA>Norman OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2008-9-2; ccc
OXTRA, Kenneth Theodore; 76; Bismarck ND; Minot Daily; 2005-7-20; ndvivi
OXTRA, Merwood; 71; Fargo ND; Minot Daily; 2000-7-16; ndvivi
OYAMA, Charlotte (ISHIMOTO); 60; Jerome AR>Apple Valley CA; Daily Press; 2004-2-1; lfkes
OYARZABAL, Jenaro "Isaiah"; 24; Hesperia CA; Daily Press; 2004-10-24; lfkes
OYEN, Charles H; 80; Salem SD; Daily Republic; 2012-7-15; anderj
OYEN, Cragi W; 42; Williston ND>AZ; Minot Daily (ND); 2005-9-10; ndvivi
OYEN, Doris Ruth ( ); 96; Kansas City MO>Longview WA; The Daily News; 2002-11-12; jfco
OYEN, Melvin F; 87; Lady Lake FL; Daily Commercial; 2000-5-20; jjphethean
OYEN, Walter "Herb"; 82; Williston ND; Minot Daily; 2015-1-14; ndvivi
OYLER, Helen Lucille ( ); 90; Oklahoma City OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2010-1-1; ccc
OYLER, Leroy Ernest; 88; Grand Junction CO; Daily Sentinel; 2002-2-23; wynona
OYLER, Opal Joy (ROBLYER); 83; El Reno OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2003-11-19; ccc
OYLER, Paul Robert; 75; East St Louis MO>Marissa IL; Daily Register; 2003-1-7; cwkirsch
OYLOE, Anna Christine (HENRIDKSEN); 93; Williston ND; Minot Daily; 2010-1-27; ndvivi
OYLOE, Luke Allen; 16; Williston ND; Minot Daily; 2009-4-10; ndvivi
OYLOE, Orville I; 97; Williston ND; Minot Daily; 2010-3-18; ndvivi
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