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Entries matching "defoe"

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DEFOE, Hazel Evelyn (WHITE); 73; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 2006-4-23; ndvivi
DEFOE, Helga Mildred (CHRISTOFFERSON); 91; Alexandra MN>Eugene OR; Register-Guard; 2012-1-11; carle
DeFOE, Irene G (HILTZ); 80; Whitinsvile MA; Worcester T-G; 2014-6-29; chicodo
DeFOE, Joan Baird ( ); 77; Independence MO; Independence E; 1998-8-20; fdsmith
DeFOE, Joan (BAIRD); 77; Independence MO; The Odessan; 1998-8-27; jriffey
DeFOE, Joan (KLINE) (LARKIN) (BAIRD); 77; Independence MO; The Odessan; 1998-8-27; jriffey
DEFOE, John Dennis; 64; New Rockford ND>Carrollton KY; Aberdeen American News (SD); 2006-7-16; lucijoy
DEFOE, John H; 83; Denver CO; RMN; 2005-10-16; mak
DEFOE, Jonas; 50; DMA>Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 1997-6-27; townsend
DEFOE, Jonas; 50; Hartford CT; Hartford Courant; 1997-7-3; sgowen
DEFOE, Karla Kay (MADSEN); 60; Junction City OR; Register-Guard; 2005-5-19; carle
DeFOE, Lester Virn; 92; Eugene OR; Register-Guard; 2012-9-14; carle
DeFOE, Lillian (KILEY); ; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2004-8-24; jblind
DeFOE, Lillian Marie; 78; Huntington WV; Huntington H-D; 2004-3-9; yonnie
DeFOE, Loma M (EUBANK)[REEVES]; ; St Louis MO; St Louis P-D; 1998-4-23; larae
DeFOE, Loretta Edith; 85; ; K C Star (MO); 2005-3-20; clhurst
DEFOE, Loretta Edith (NORFLEET); 85; Odessa MO; SedaliaDem; 2005-3-20; xwordma
DeFOE, Lorraine; 72; ; Springfield N-L (MO); 1997-1-1; hkohut
DeFOE, Margaret "Mugsie" (ANDRESKI); 91; Berkley MI; Royal Oak DT; 2013-5-16; rtc
DeFOE, Marion; 93; Hettinger ND; Bismarck Trib; 2002-6-1; ndvivi
DEFOE, Marjorie "Margie" ( ); 81; Leesburg FL; Daily Commercial; 1999-11-30; jjphethean
DeFOE, Mary B (CASEY); ; Chelsea MA; Boston Globe; 2001-1-23; troll
DeFOE, Mary E (MALLOY); 90; Palmer MA; Spfld U-N; 1998-11-21; fgibeau
DEFOE, Mary S (TOLLEFSRUD); 83; Rhame ND>Sheridan WY; Casper Star T; 1999-10-11; lkbwy
DEFOE, Matthew A; 30; Wheelersburg OH; Charlotte S-H (FL); 2009-3-26; hmg
DeFOE, Merle J; 69; Eau Claire WI; Eau Claire L-T; 2002-9-3; retftrdoc
DeFOE, Merle J; 69; New Hampton IA>Eau Claire WI; NBPostReview (MN); 2002-9-4; saznb
DeFOE, Mervin; 55; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 1997-10-1; gjm
DEFOE, Michael David; 28; Flint MI>Bradenton FL; Flint Journal (MI); 2005-10-27; navalex
DEFOE, Mildred Louise (MANN)[WEIDNER]; 86; Hammond IN>Bay City MI; Bay City Times; 2005-5-29; lrs
DEFOE, Mildred M; 79; Salem IL>Redmond WA; Eastside Journal; 2002-10-18; eaj
DeFOE, Olga Borghild (TOLLEFSRUD); 88; Watford City ND; Minot Daily; 2007-10-22; ndvivi
DEFOE, Phillip Anthoney; 46; AL; DecaturDaily; 2003-6-30; dlm
DEFOE, Ptan Ska Win; ; Red WIng MN; Republican E; 1999-6-15; dommie
DEFOE, Randell J "Wa-say-cami-g-abo"; 43; Duluth MN; DNT; 2003-7-13; saznb
DeFOE, Ray Jr; 47; New Market TN; Knoxville N-S; 2005-2-25; ndvivi
DEFOE, Raymond Clifford; 81; Woodstock ON; London F-P; 2003-11-15; nutters
DEFOE, Raymond Clifford; 81; Woodstock ON; Toronto Star; 2003-11-15; cfoisy
DEFOE, Raymond Clifford; 81; Woodstock ON; Toronto Star; 2003-11-16; cfoisy
DeFOE, Raymond Douglas Sr; 71; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 2004-3-27; ndvivi
DeFOE, Raymond Earl; 85; Ontario OR>Pinole CA; Contra Costa; 1999-4-14; gbuteau
DeFOE, Raymond Earl; 85; Ontario OR>Pinole CA; West County T; 1999-4-14; latvija
DEFOE, Richard; 44; Red Lake MN; Minneapolis S-T; 1996-2-12; cpeasha
DEFOE, Richard; 44; Red Lake MN; Minneapolis S-T; 1996-2-15; cpeasha
DeFOE, Ruby Geneva (ANDERSON); 93; Lumber City GA; Macon T; 1999-8-2; fwenz
DEFOE, Sadie Marie (DAVIS); 74; Titusville FL; Mt Citizen (KY); 2006-2-15; jtneed
DeFOE, Sadie Marie (DAVIS); 74; Titusville FL; Williamson DN (WV); 2006-2-8; glenn
DEFOE, Shirley (BROWN); 77; Detroit MI>New Port Richey FL; Tampa Trib; 2004-9-9; evallie
DeFOE, Susan M (WHITE); 49; Webster MA; Worcester T-G; 1997-2-25; cwhee
DeFOE, Theresa Ann "Tracie"; 38; Bock MN; Pine K; 1998-12-30; ry
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