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This page is for searching the entire Obituary Daily Times database. The database has entries that give information about obituaries that appeared in publications around the world.

The entries appear in the following format, although not all fields may be filled in:

Last Name, First Name “Nickname” (Maiden Name) [Other Last Names]; Age; Place of Birth>Place of Death; Publication Abbreviation; Publication Date; tag name

The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

The tag name is the code for the person who submitted the entry. Only submitters know the identity of the person behind the tag name.

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LINDLEY, Janice M; 51; Romeo MI; Royal Oak DT; 2010-2-24; rtc
LINDLEY, Paul Thomas; 55; Pontiac MI; Royal Oak DT; 2017-7-12; rtc
LINDQUIST, Cora N (NEDERLANDEN); 95; Chicago IL>Ann Arbor MI; Royal Oak DT; 2004-1-9; rtc
LINDQUIST, Mary Ann (BERNHARDT); 88; Strasburg ND>Nashwauk MN; Hibbing DT; 2002-12-10; ejh
LINDQUIST, Nadine E ( ); 76; Selinsgrove PA; Centre DT; 2003-2-24; plowgal
LINDQUIST, Rick A; 47; Pleasant Ridge MI; Royal Oak DT; 2003-10-7; rtc
LINDQUIST, Stanley Norman; 80; Rochester MI; Royal Oak DT; 2006-10-22; rtc
LINDSAY, Geneva E (DAVIS); 96; Syracuse NE>Bellefonte PA; Centre DT; 2003-10-7; plowgal
LINDSAY, Gerald R; 90; Bellwood PA; Centre DT; 2006-3-8; plowgal
LINDSAY, Mildred Anna (BRENNEMAN); 95; Huntingdon PA; Centre DT; 2006-3-4; plowgal
LINDSAY, Oliver R Miller; 91; State College PA; Centre DT; 2003-1-24; plowgal
LINDSAY-BALCH, Dylan B; 29; Portales NM; Centre DT (PA); 2002-9-6; plowgal
LINDSEY, Ann (KRAMER); 94; HUN>Madison Heights MI; Royal Oak DT; 2003-3-16; rtc
LINDSEY, Billy Imes; 74; Hazel Park MI; Royal Oak DT; 2004-4-1; rtc
LINDSEY, Dennis Odell; 43; MI; Royal Oak DT; 2007-2-27; rtc
LINDSEY, Euell W; 91; Pekin IL; Pekin DT; 2007-6-14; evallie
LINDSEY, Harold Leland; 79; Pekin IL; Pekin DT; 2007-5-10; evallie
LINDSEY, John Norman; 68; East Peoria IL>Ontario CA; Pekin DT (IL); 2006-12-30; evallie
LINDSEY, Kenneth A; 50; Lock Haven PA; Centre DT; 2000-10-11; plowgal
LINDSEY, Marjorie H (HAILSTONE); 97; Pekin IL; Pekin DT; 2013-4-17; evallie
LINDSEY, Rodney A; 40; Brimfield IL; Pekin DT; 2012-9-17; evallie
LINDSEY, Ronald Edward; 43; Mount Clemens MI; Royal Oak DT; 2006-10-31; rtc
LINDSEY, Thelma Joan ( ); 79; Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2009-5-21; rtc
LINDSEY, William R; 65; Ferndale MI; Royal Oak DT; 2014-1-12; rtc
LINDSKOG, Dale; 48; Lilburn GA; Centre DT (PA); 2003-7-16; plowgal
LINDSKOG, Dale; 48; Lilburn GA; Centre DT (PA); 2003-7-17; plowgal
LINDSTROM, Harold R; 86; Detroit MI>St Louis MO; Royal Oak DT (MI); 2006-7-2; rtc
LINDULA, Elvin D; 69; Rochester MN; Hibbing DT; 1999-10-11; ry
LINDVALL, Melicent Dodier; 81; Chisholm MN>Riviera Beach FL; Hibbing DT (MN); 1999-8-26; ry
LINDZEY, Catherine (BENDER); 82; Turtle Creek PA>Wheat Ridge CO; Centre DT (PA); 2000-4-25; plowgal
LINEHAN, Thomas Patrick; 55; Flint MI; Royal Oak DT; 2011-10-16; rtc
LINEHAN, Yvonne V "Bonnie" (TABOR); 90; Utica MI; Royal Oak DT; 2012-4-8; rtc
LINER, Charles E; 69; Altoona PA; Centre DT; 2004-1-7; plowgal
LINER, Mary Grace; 97; Alexandria PA; Centre DT; 2008-11-30; plowgal
LINES, Richard F; 76; Morrisdale PA; Centre DT; 2002-10-1; plowgal
LINES, Richard F; 76; Morrisdale PA; Centre DT; 2002-10-2; plowgal
LINES, Wayne; 80; Decatur IL>Las Vegas NV; Royal Oak DT (MI); 2007-6-19; rtc
LING, Donald S; 77; Bloomfield Hills MI; Royal Oak DT; 2003-11-24; rtc
LINGENFELTER, Alvin J; 75; Forest PA; Centre DT; 2004-2-24; plowgal
LINGENFELTER, Kenneth R; 67; Philipsburg PA; Centre DT; 2007-7-25; plowgal
LINGLE, Carl A; 77; Linden Hall PA; Centre DT; 2009-3-29; plowgal
LINGLE, Clair (GATES); 89; Lock Haven PA; Centre DT; 2004-4-28; plowgal
LINGLE, Faye L (ZEIGLER); 79; Centre Hall PA; Centre DT; 2009-2-13; plowgal
LINGLE, Gladys (KLINEFELTER); 76; Aaronsburg PA; Centre DT; 2006-11-22; plowgal
LINGLE, Heidi Michelle; 16; Bellefonte PA; Centre DT; 2003-11-6; plowgal
LINGLE, Jean (JOHNSON); ; Tusseyville PA; Centre DT; 2007-8-14; plowgal
LINGLE, John H; 99; State College PA; Centre DT; 2002-2-22; plowgal
LINK, Harriet J (WITMER); 93; Baltimore MD; Centre DT (PA); 2008-5-4; plowgal
LINK, Karl E; 80; Philipsburg PA; Centre DT; 2005-9-5; plowgal
LINK, Marie Antoinette (RIEVIERE); 91; Stanley WI; Pekin DT (IL); 2009-1-27; evallie
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