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MacINDOE, Mary Gee (PROCTER)[TUCKER]; 86; Duluth MN>State College PA; Centre DT; 2005-11-19; plowgal
MacINNES, Margaret F "Peggy" ( ); 100; Aird Tong SCT>Grand Rapids MI; Royal Oak DT; 2002-2-14; rtc
MacINTYRE, David E; 83; Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2006-4-9; rtc
MacINTYRE, Stacy F (FORSHT); 31; Clinton Co PA; Centre DT; 2002-1-1; plowgal
MacINTYRE, William P; 1; Clinton PA; Centre DT; 2002-1-1; plowgal
MACK, Helen Marie (JABLONSKI); 87; Lackawanna NY>Roscommon MI; Royal Oak DT; 2003-12-7; rtc
MACK, Marjorie (DJORUP); 82; State College PA; Centre DT; 2009-5-27; plowgal
MACK, Rosa Ann; 47; Bluefield WV; Bluefield DT; 1999-1-22; glenn
MacKAY, Dorothy S ( ); 88; Trenton MI; Royal Oak DT; 2005-10-6; rtc
MacKAY, Gregory Evan; 19; Stuart FL>Grassflat PA; Centre DT; 2001-11-18; plowgal
MacKAY, James R; 66; Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2002-9-27; rtc
MacKENZIE, Betty Jane (JONES); 86; Clinton Twp MI; Royal Oak DT; 2008-7-11; rtc
MacKENZIE, David Robert; 61; Hamilton MA>Alexandria VA; Centre DT (PA); 2002-10-28; plowgal
MacKENZIE, Marilyn Anne (JOHNS); 83; Highland Park MI>Columbus IN; Royal Oak DT (MI); 2009-9-10; rtc
MacKENZIE, Mary Jane (FACHNIE); 83; Waterford MI; Royal Oak DT; 2008-5-6; rtc
MacKENZIE, Shirley E (LUXON); 88; Hamilton ON>Rochester Hills MI; Royal Oak DT; 2004-9-26; rtc
MacKENZIE, Walter G "Mac"; 81; Pleasant Ridge MI; Royal Oak DT; 2004-5-18; rtc
MACKES, Connie L (DIPPERY); 64; Centre Hall PA; Centre DT; 2003-1-6; plowgal
MACKEY, Alice Marie; 84; Bellefonte PA; Centre DT; 2007-3-18; plowgal
MACKEY, Delores B (JENSRUD); 77; Saint Paul MN; Hibbing DT; 2003-2-26; ejh
MACKEY, nne (CONDUFF); 77; Lynchburg VA; Bluefield DT (WV); 2003-7-1; glenn
MACKIE, Julia I ( ); 89; Marine City MI; Royal Oak DT; 2003-6-6; rtc
MACKIE, Michael Thomas; 16; Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2005-5-31; rtc
MACKIE, Norman E; 45; MI; Royal Oak DT; 2010-6-24; rtc
MacKIE, William Conrad; 79; MI>Tucson AZ; Royal Oak DT (MI); 2008-1-20; rtc
MacKILLOP, Michael D; 23; Beverly MA; Gloucester DT; 2002-5-21; glenn
MACKIN, Carol Ann; 43; Julian PA; Centre DT; 2003-5-7; plowgal
MACKINDER, Norman D; 89; Evansville IN; Royal Oak DT (MI); 2003-4-16; rtc
MACKINDER, Richard Howard; 82; MI; Royal Oak DT; 2010-12-5; rtc
MacKINDER, Ruth ( ); 93; Scranton PA>Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2001-8-30; rtc
MacKINNON, George Edwin; 80; Hornell NY>Rochester Hills MI; Royal Oak DT; 2007-1-30; rtc
MACKLEM, Robert J; 73; Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2004-3-8; rtc
MACKLEY, Richard John; 44; Hibbing MN; Hibbing DT; 1999-4-6; ry
MACKRIDES, Elijah Constens; 34; State College PA; Centre DT; 2003-1-20; plowgal
MacLEOD, Gerald Eugene; 75; Meredith MI; Royal Oak DT; 2007-7-13; rtc
MacLEOD, Hazel D ( ); 89; Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2000-11-27; rtc
MacMICHAEL, Robert Edmund; 73; Gloucester MA; Gloucester DT; 2001-10-14; glenn
MacMILLAN, Dorothy A (GIFFARD); 88; Windsor ON>Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2012-6-20; rtc
MacMILLAN, Katherine "Kay" ( ); 90; Toledo OH>Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2006-6-2; rtc
MacMILLAN, Lorraine Lois (LONGTINE); 83; Brookston MN>Muskegon MI; Royal Oak DT; 2005-3-2; rtc
MacMILLAN, Ruth Virginia (HANLEY); 84; Kirksey KY>Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2004-4-29; rtc
MacMILLAN, Violet W; 85; Wingate PA; Centre DT; 2002-12-12; plowgal
MacMILLAN, Violet W; 85; Wingate PA; Centre DT; 2003-6-26; plowgal
MacNAB, Alan A; 65; Bear River NS>State College PA; Centre DT; 2006-12-2; plowgal
MacNAB, Alan A; 65; Pennsylvania Furnace PA; Centre DT; 2006-12-15; plowgal
MacNAUGHTAN, Sheila; 79; Detroit MI; Royal Oak DT; 2006-5-7; rtc
MacNEAL, Margaret Elizabeth (WESTENDORF); 99; Baltimore MD>Livonia PA; Centre DT; 2005-3-18; plowgal
MacNEIL, Jay Harlan; 25; Coleraine MN; Hibbing DT; 2001-2-7; ry
MacNEIL, LaVerne D (DON); 76; Pekin IL; Pekin DT; 2011-10-13; evallie
MacNISH, Margaret (GLEASON); 80; Lincoln IL>Clawson MI; Royal Oak DT; 2008-6-19; rtc
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