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CORVAN, Evelyn L; 76; Grants Pass OR; Mail Tribune; 2009-9-25; lfkes
CORVIN, Mary Evelyn "Evie" (DAVIS); 85; Oak Hill OH>Naples FL; Naples D-N; 2006-6-21; hmg
CORY, Evelyn L ( )[KENYON]; 73; Dundee MI>Orlando FL; OS; 2000-4-16; kat
CORY, Evelyn L (KENYON); 73; Dundee MI>Orlando FL; OS; 2000-4-17; kat
CORY, Lois Evelyn (CLAY) [OLSEN]; 98; Waterloo IA; Waterloo CFC; 2010-11-5; rutucker
CORYELL, Evelyn A (WHEELER); 78; Rock Island IL; Quad-City Times (IA); 1999-9-29; cmlabath
CORYELL, Evelyn W (WAUGH); 84; Clifton Springs NY; Interlaken R; 2004-3-24; walts
CORZINE, Marjorie Evelyn (GOLDSMITH); 95; Washington DC>Prince Frederick MD; Calvert Ind; 2009-2-11; dmf
CORZINE, Marjorie Evelyn (GOLDSMITH); 95; Washington DC>Prince Frederick MD; Calvert Recorder; 2009-2-4; dmf
COSBEY, Evelyn Mae (STARR); 103; Fargo ND>Camarillo CA; Ventura C-S; 2004-9-29; lehca
COSBY, Evelyn Elizabeth; ; Greenville SC>Richmond VA; Greenville News (SC); 2002-10-5; wrabb
COSBY, Evelyn M (SMITH); ; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 1999-6-6; wstyles
COSBY, Evelyn Rose ( ); 80; Blackwell OK; The Daily Review (CA); 2001-7-12; sadie
COSBY, Evelyn Rose; 80; Blackwell OK; SLT (CA); 2001-7-19; sadie
COSEY, Evelyn; 66; Topeka KS; Topeka C-J; 2006-6-22; eileen
COSEY, Evelyn Lawrence ( ); 85; Chiefland FL>Milledgeville GA; Gilchrist J (FL); 1998-12-24; vmars
COSGROVE, Evelyn F (OLMSTED); ; Woburn MA; Boston Globe; 2000-9-14; troll
COSGROVE, Leah Evelyn (WHITE)[BRICKER]; 86; Media IL>Amarillo TX; Hawk Eye (IA); 2007-10-24; slw
COSHOW, Jean Evelyn ( ); 79; Cadiz KY>Eugene OR; Register-Guard OR; 2007-2-1; carle
COSLET, Evelyn ( ); 88; Arcola IL; News-Gazette; 2008-9-26; tennieil
COSPER, Lois Evelyn (MAXEY)[TATE]; 77; Victoria TX; Texarkana G; 1997-10-11; dorisl
COSSABOON, Evelyn Marie (TYSON); 81; Upper Providence Twp PA; The Phoenix; 2003-2-13; labargec
COSSETT, Evelyn Louise (PENNELL); 88; Shirley ME; Sun Journal; 1997-12-11; cgdbout
COSSETTE, Evelyn L ( ) (COSSETTE) [GAY]; 80; Commiskey IN>Spokane WA; Spokesman-Review; 2005-1-27; cahal
COSSEY, Evelyn Fern; 90; ; Edmonton J (AB); 2007-10-1; laurajt
COSSMAN, Evelyn E (COLBURN); 84; Jetmore KS; GCTelegram; 2009-12-12; kphil
COSSMAN, Evelyn E (COLBURN); 84; Jetmore KS; Hutchinson News; 2009-12-11; retftrdoc
COSSON, Evelyn Ilene (RHODES); 76; FL; NW Florida D-N; 2006-10-18; bugaboom
COST, Evelyn; 77; Kirkland WA; Seattle Times; 1979-4-4; jfco
COST, Julia "Evelyn"; 92; Grenada County MS>CA; Daily Press; 2015-1-3; lfkes
COSTA, Evelyn Elvira; 77; Bay Point CA; PleasantonVT; 2002-9-4; janmrw
COSTA, Evelyn Elvira (EHRLICH); 77; Shattuck OK>Walnut Creek CA; Contra Costa; 2002-9-4; gbuteau
COSTA, Evelyn F (OETERS); 87; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2011-10-19; ckalota
COSTA, Evelyn F (OETERS); 87; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2011-10-20; ckalota
COSTA, Evelyn Frances (FILIPELLI); 79; Washington DC>Annapolis MD; Annap MD Capital; 2006-5-9; gilligaloo
COSTA, Evelyn K (SOUZA); 81; Chino CA; Chino Champion; 2015-9-5; sjnk
COSTA, Jeanekay Evelyn (ROBERTS); 63; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2010-4-1; bjw
COSTA, Jeanekay Evelyn (ROBERTS); 63; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2010-4-2; bjw
COSTA, Jeanekay Evelyn (ROBERTS); 63; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2010-4-3; bjw
COSTA, Karen Evelyn (McCULLOUGH); 42; ; SF Chronicle (CA); 2003-6-24; mgrubbe
COSTA, Karen Evelyn (McCULLOUGH); 42; CA; Argus Courier; 2003-6-25; cacg
COSTA, Mary Evelyn (BORBA); 95; Turlock CA; Modesto Bee; 2004-4-20; msty
COSTA, Zelma Evelyn ( )[KELLIE]; 86; Walnut Creek CA; Contra Costa; 1998-11-30; gbuteau
COSTAIN, Evelyn (SPEARING); 75; BC; Province; 1998-6-19; verbeek
COSTANTINI, Evelyn Ann (PASQUAN)[McGOVERN]; 92; Tacoma WA; Tacoma N-T; 2006-9-27; mlou
COSTANTINO, Margaret Evelyn (PHELAN); ; Toronto ON; Toronto Sun; 2002-12-29; mer
COSTANZO, Evelyn A "Nonna" (MASSE)[GIRARD]; 78; Taunton MA>Bayonet Point FL; Tampa Trib; 2006-4-28; evallie
COSTAS, Evelyn H (HARTSON); 70; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2004-12-27; jblind
COSTE, Evelyn Elizabeth "Betty" ( ); 91; Port St Lucie FL; PJ; 2010-1-18; gnut
COSTE, Evelyn Elizabeth "Betty" ( ); 91; Port St Lucie FL; PJ; 2010-1-19; gnut
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