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FRISCH, LaVina Jean; 80; Sumner IA>Foster City CA; Waterloo CFC (IA); 2009-2-25; rutucker
FROEHLE, Linda (FOSTER); 41; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2006-11-23; ckalota
FROHLICH, Elaine (FOSTER); ; ; Worcester T-G (MA); 2013-4-11; chicodo
FROST, Edna P (FOSTER); 75; Concord NH; Concord M; 2000-3-15; cgdbout
FROST, Edna Pearl (FOSTER); 75; Concord NH; Manchester U-L; 2000-3-15; cgdbout
FROST, Lillie Naomi Scarberry "Frosty" (FOSTER); 88; Denison TX; ShermanHD; 2008-4-6; delpat
FRY, Florence Nancy Louise (BRINSON)[FOSTER][SCOLLARD]; ; ON; Peterborough E; 2007-8-1; avw
FRY, Foster James; 63; Millersburg OH; Wooster D-R; 2005-7-10; bostrock
FRY, Foster James; 63; Millersburg OH; Wooster D-R; 2005-7-15; bostrock
FRYE, Shirley Mae (FOSTER); 81; Perry Hall MD; Frederick P; 2011-9-30; gschubert
FRYE, Virginia (FOSTER); 78; Wheeler TX; Amarillo G-N; 2002-1-3; clh
FUCHS, Mary Jane; 93; Foster City CA; San Mateo T; 2015-8-9; jch
FUGERE, Norman R Jr; 57; Foster RI; Prov Journal; 2004-9-24; wgroberge
FUGITT, Molly (FOSTER); ; Eugene OR; Register-Guard; 1997-10-23; carle
FUGITT, Moly (FOSTER); 56; Eugene OR; Register-Guard; 1997-11-14; carle
FULLER, Brenda Joyce (FOSTER); 60; Victorville CA; Daily Press; 2011-8-3; lfkes
FULLER, Eula (FOSTER); 99; Hico LA; Shreveport Times; 2000-10-21; pepper
FULLER, Foster D; 79; Wilmington NC>Jefferson City MO; Wilmington S-N (NC); 2008-7-1; rtsy
FULLER, Foster Lee; 92; Mobile AL; Mobile PR; 2000-8-29; cag
FULLER, Keith Foster "Fos"; 79; Halifax NS; Chron-Herald; 2001-12-27; kbutler
FULLER, Keith Foster "Fos"; 79; Halifax NS; Hants Journal; 2002-1-9; pwile
FULLER, Kenneth Lee; 74; Foster RI; Prov Journal; 1998-9-6; wgroberge
FULLER, Lucille T (FOSTER); 97; Rochester NY; Rochester D C; 2007-2-6; wpgg
FULLER, Naomi (FOSTER); ; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2000-10-1; wrabb
FULLILOVE, Jacob Foster Jr; 74; Panama City FL; Wash DC Post; 1995-10-29; andrusko
FUNK, Evelyn J "Jean" (FOSTER); 76; Chesterfield IN; Anderson H-B; 1999-8-17; amr
FUNK, Foster James; 95; ; Deseret News (UT); 2005-2-5; icopy
FUNK, Viola Mae (FOSTER); 88; ; Columbus D (OH); 2007-5-9; doday
FUSE, Mamie Lee (FOSTER); 101; Americus GA; Macon T; 2008-2-21; hzfc
FUST, Katherine (FOSTER); 89; Shelby Co KY>Tallahassee FL; Tallahassee D; 2008-6-5; whamo
GABOR, Maher; 82; Foster City CA; San Mateo T; 2014-2-16; jch
GADDY, Michael Foster; 49; North Wilkesboro NC; Winston-Salem J; 2007-5-19; msty
GADSBY, Mark Andrew; 40; Foster City CA; Oakland Tribune; 2009-11-7; dlk
GADSBY, Mark Andrew; 40; Foster City CA; San Mateo T; 2009-11-7; jch
GADSBY, Mark Andrew; 40; Foster City CA; San Mateo T; 2009-11-8; jch
GAETZ, Foster Stewart; 85; Musquodoboit Harbour NS; Chron-Herald; 2003-9-22; kbutler
GAETZ, Foster Stewart; 85; Musquodoboit Harbour NS; Chron-Herald; 2003-9-23; kbutler
GAFFIN, Wayne Foster; 29; Dayton OH; Peoplesdefender; 1950-6-8; ckalota
GAGE, Charlotte Louise (FOSTER); 86; Madrid IA; Des Moines Register; 2012-4-17; lfkes
GAGE, Genevieve (FOSTER); 95; Urbana IL; CentraliaMS; 2009-8-7; tdh
GAGE, Ivry Judy "Sweetie" (FOSTER); ; Spartanburg SC; Spartanburg H-J; 2006-6-30; bgs
GAGE, Lottie Foster ( ); ; Shreveport LA; Shreveport Times; 1999-4-20; pepper
GAGNON, Inez Hurley; 81; Foster City MN>Green Bay WI; Corvallis G-T (OR); 2004-4-23; cmc
GAILLARD, Lucy (FOSTER)[F]; 81; Charleston SC; The State; 2001-10-7; betsten
GAINES, Foster Eric; ; Easley SC; Greenville News; 2002-10-16; wrabb
GAITHER, Francis (FOSTER); 64; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 1998-1-23; wstyles
GALATI, Maryalice (FOSTER) [MULLER]; 93; Cliff ID>CA; Sacramento Bee; 2010-6-6; kkm
GALE, Gail Elaine (FOSTER)[SALAS]; 65; Medford OR; Mail Tribune; 2003-11-15; billeter
GALE, Joyce Ann (FOSTER); 73; Burlington VT; Burlington F P; 2013-1-21; chicodo
GALLAGHER, Edward G "Mickey"; 78; Foster RI; Prov Journal; 2014-12-19; wgroberge
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