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NESTER, M Eleanor "Betty" (ALVIS); 74; Spencer WV; Roane CR; 2007-5-10; glenn
NEVANS, Betty Ann (LEWIS); 61; Dayton FL; Overton CN (TN); 1999-10-13; glenn
NEWBY, Betty J; 74; Kokomo IN; Kokomo Tribune; 1999-3-29; glenn
NEWLAN, Betty L (KRESSLER); 74; Findlay OH; Findlay Courier; 1999-9-7; glenn
NEWTON, Betty (SPARKS); 71; King George Co VA; Fredericksburg LS; 2007-6-4; glenn
NICOLETTI, Betty Margaret (MARVICH); 83; Fairmont WV; Times WV; 1999-3-8; glenn
NIEMAN, Betty J; 83; Bruceton Mills WV; Dominion P; 2007-4-30; glenn
NIEMAN, Betty J (SOWERS); 83; Bruceton Mills VA; Dominion P (WV); 2007-5-1; glenn
NOLAN, Betty Jane; 80; Claremont CA; Inland Valley D-B; 2002-5-2; glenn
NORCO, Betty A; 69; Corona CA; Inland Valley D-B; 1999-10-11; glenn
NORMAN, Betty J; ; Norton OH; Calhoun C (WV); 2002-2-14; glenn
NORTHCUTT, Betty Grace; 64; AL; Anniston Star; 1999-11-8; glenn
NUTTER, Betty J; 66; Clarksburg WV; Clarksburg ET (WV); 2008-12-16; glenn
NUTTER, Betty J; 66; Clarksburg WV; Fayette T; 2008-12-18; glenn
NUTTER, Betty J; 66; Clarksburg WV; Register-Herald; 2008-12-14; glenn
NUTTER, Betty J; 66; Clarksburg WV; Register-Herald; 2008-12-15; glenn
O'BRIEN, Betty Lee (GLASS); 86; Xenia OH; Xenia DG; 2007-6-15; glenn
O'DELL, Betty Jane (PAYNE); 81; Elmhurst IL; Fayette T (WV); 2007-6-14; glenn
ODOM, Elizabeth "Betty" (TAYLOR); 80; Irvington VA; Rappahannock R; 2001-10-18; glenn
OGDEN, Betty Lou (KEITH); 73; VA; Lynchburg NA; 2004-2-15; glenn
OGG, Betty Merton (WILLETS); 83; Orange VA; Charlottesville DP; 2001-10-11; glenn
O'HARA, Elisabeth "Betty"; 88; Selah WA; Yakima H-R; 2005-4-10; glenn
OKORTE, Betty; 80; Phoenix AZ; Estes Park TG (CO); 2005-3-25; glenn
OLIVERIO, Betty Lou (WOLFE); 71; Butler PA; Dominion P (WV); 1999-8-20; glenn
OMPS, Betty Lou; 48; Winchester VA; Hampshire R (WV); 1999-8-25; glenn
OMPS, Betty Lou; 48; Winchester VA; Hampshire R (WV); 1999-9-5; glenn
OMPS, Betty Lou (PAYNE); 48; Winchester VA; Morgan M (WV); 1999-8-25; glenn
O'NEAL, Betty (SHARP); 77; TN; Lafollette P; 2008-10-23; glenn
O'NEAL, Betty (SHARP); 77; TN; Lafollette P; 2008-10-9; glenn
ONEILL, Betty Jean; 70; Pomona CA; Inland Valley D-B; 2001-8-6; glenn
ONEILL, Betty Jean; 70; Pomona CA; Inland Valley D-B; 2001-8-7; glenn
OOTEN, Betty (HUNTER); 67; Charleston WV; Williamson DN; 2004-10-5; glenn
O'REILLY, Elizabeth Isabella "Betty" (GLENN); ; Saint John NB; Telegraph Journal; 2002-4-24; jdlmwc
OSBORNE, Betty Jean (PRICE); 72; Kettering OH; Lee County VA Post (VA); 2002-5-8; glenn
OUE, Toshie "Betty"; 80; Kona HI; Hawaii T-H; 2001-11-2; glenn
PAHCHEKA, Betty Lou; 69; Dallax TX; Lawton C (OK); 2000-10-30; glenn
PAINTER, Betty (CHUMBLEY); 81; Spencer WV; Parkersburg NS; 2007-5-31; glenn
PAINTER, Betty (CHUMBLEY); 81; WV; Calhoun C; 2007-6-7; glenn
PAINTER, Betty (CHUMBLEY); 81; WV; Roane CR; 2007-6-7; glenn
PARISER, Betty G; 77; Pittsburgh PA; Dominion P (WV); 1998-12-8; glenn
PARKER, Betty Lou; ; Dillon SC; The State; 1999-7-7; glenn
PARKS, Betty; 76; St Clair AL; Anniston Star; 1999-8-14; glenn
PARKS, Betty Mae (ROWLAND)[PYKE]; 92; Kokomo IN; Kokomo Tribune; 2001-3-22; glenn
PATCHEN, Betty; 91; Lynchburg VA; Lynchburg NA; 2007-7-20; glenn
PATE, Betty June; 62; Gadsden AL; Anniston Star; 2005-6-22; glenn
PATTERSON, Betty E (SEESE); 71; Morgantown WV; Dominion P; 2007-4-26; glenn
PATTERSON, Betty Joyce (ALLEN); 70; Jackson TN; Jackson S; 2001-10-2; glenn
PATTON, Betty F (TURNER); 71; Lovell WY; Lee County VA Post (VA); 2005-6-22; glenn
PAYNE, Betty (MALOYED); ; Saltville VA; Smyth CNM; 2006-2-15; glenn
PEARL, Betty D; 70; Fredericksburg VA; Fredericksburg LS; 2001-8-29; glenn
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