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McKENTY, Samuel Charles; 55; Lawton OK; Lawton C; 1999-7-10; glenn
McKINLEY, Charles Henry "Skip"; 77; Morgantown WV; Inter-Mountain; 2005-6-25; glenn
McKINNEY, Charles; 55; Milwauke WI; Natchez D (MS); 1999-7-4; glenn
McLAURIN, Charles Douglas; 62; Fayetteville NC; Fayetteville O; 2004-10-19; glenn
McLEARRAN, Charles; 65; Tipton IN; Kokomo Tribune; 1999-10-26; glenn
McMINNIS, Charles Edwin Sr; 71; Owensboro KY; Owensboro I; 2002-5-5; glenn
McMULLEN, John Charles; ; West End NC; Fayetteville O; 2004-10-9; glenn
McMULLEN, John Charles; 73; Pinehurst NC; Fayetteville O; 2004-11-8; glenn
McMUNN, Charles; 90; Jackson TN; Jackson S; 2001-10-14; glenn
McNAIR, Catherine (CHARLES); 44; Charlotte NC; Fayetteville O; 2004-10-14; glenn
McNEAL, Charles Sr; 58; Alexandria LA; Alexandria TT; 2001-8-15; glenn
McNEIL, Charles Monroe; 77; Destin FL; Kingsport T N (TN); 2000-12-28; glenn
McNEW, Charles Walter; ; Bristol TN; Bristol H C (VA); 1999-11-12; glenn
McNEW, Charles Walter Sr; 78; Bristol TN; Bristol H C (VA); 1999-11-13; glenn
McNEW, Charles Walter Sr; 78; Bristol TN; Bristol H C (VA); 1999-11-14; glenn
McVEA, Charles E; 92; Mountain Home AR; Baxter Bulletin; 2005-5-13; glenn
MEADOWS, Charles Emory; 67; Glen Lyn VA; Virginian L; 1999-7-7; glenn
MEADOWS, Charles Emory "C E"; 67; Glen Lyn VA; Bluefield DT (WV); 1999-7-5; glenn
MEADOWS, Charles N; 91; Colonial Place WV; Inter-Mountain; 2007-7-7; glenn
MEADOWS, Charles W; 82; Richwood WV; Braxton CN; 1999-5-25; glenn
MEANS, Charles; 81; Blacksburg VA; LincolnJ (WV); 2007-4-19; glenn
MEDLEY, Charles Edward I; 45; Cleveland OH; Montgomery Herald (WV); 2004-3-31; glenn
MEEKER, Charles E; 77; Yankton SD; Yankton DP; 2008-8-30; glenn
MEHALIC, Charles Joseph; 85; Morgantown WV; Dominion P; 1999-5-13; glenn
MELDER, Ted Lee; 63; Lake Charles LA; Alexandria TT; 2001-9-2; glenn
MELSON, Charles E "Pete"; 57; LaPorte IN; Jackson S (TN); 2003-6-29; glenn
MELTON, Charles Ray; 64; Owensboro KY; Owensboro I (TN); 2001-8-6; glenn
MELVIN, Charles Henry; 75; Fayetteville NC; Fayetteville O; 2004-5-25; glenn
MERRINER, Charles Lester "Sarge" Sr; 82; Winchester VA; Hampshire R (WV); 1999-8-18; glenn
MERRINER, Charles Lestr "Sarge" Sr; 82; Winchester VA; Hampshire R (WV); 1999-8-11; glenn
MERRITT, Charles E Sr; 86; Steubenville OH; WeirtonDT (WV); 2007-6-24; glenn
MESSENGER, Charles C; 76; Clarksburg WV; Clarksburg ET; 1999-11-5; glenn
METZGAR, Charles R; 82; Clarksburg WV; Clarksburg ET; 2008-12-2; glenn
METZGER, Elmer Charles; 49; Moneta VA; Lynchburg NA; 2003-5-3; glenn
MEYER, Charles Wallace; 77; Hillsville VA; Galax G; 2004-2-25; glenn
MEYER, Glenn Charles; 89; AZ; AZ Republic; 2002-10-1; dback
MICHAELS, Charles J; 61; York PA; York SD; 2001-11-4; glenn
MIDDLETON, Charles Edward; 81; Elizabethtown KY; Elizabethtown NE; 1999-8-23; glenn
MIDKIFF, Charles Cecil; 93; Parkersburg WV; Parkersburg NS; 2009-1-18; glenn
MIELKE, Glenn Charles; 75; Willmar MN; West Central Trib; 2014-6-4; jrp
MILES, Matthew Charles; 35; Xenia OH; Xenia DG; 1999-7-7; glenn
MILKINT, Louis Charles Sr; 77; Thomas WV; Dominion P; 1999-11-17; glenn
MILLAN, Charles June; 71; Brooklyn NY; Fayetteville O (NC); 2005-5-25; glenn
MILLARD, Cecil Vernon "Cedar"; 85; St Charles MN; Rochester P-B; 2001-6-14; glenn
MILLARD, Charles Sims; 72; Idaho Falls ID; Id Falls Post-Register; 1999-11-24; glenn
MILLER, Charles "Chuck" Edward; 56; Atlanta IN; Kokomo Tribune; 2005-1-9; glenn
MILLER, Charles Emery; 83; Barbour Co WV; Inter-Mountain D-N; 2005-9-26; glenn
MILLER, Charles Glenn; 38; Puyallup WA; Tacoma N-T; 1999-10-4; mlou
MILLER, Charles Glenn; 76; Elizabethton TN; JohnsonCityPress; 2006-4-7; jmbs
MILLER, Charles H; 50; York PA; York DR; 2001-4-5; glenn
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