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Last Name, First Name “Nickname” (Maiden Name) [Other Last Names]; Age; Place of Birth>Place of Death; Publication Abbreviation; Publication Date; tag name

The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

The tag name is the code for the person who submitted the entry. Only submitters know the identity of the person behind the tag name.

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RITTER, John; 85; Anna IL>Bowling Green KY; Anna G-D (IL); 2006-5-11; rwunder
RITTER, Julian Wayne; 51; Gulfport MS; Green Banner P (IN); 2003-10-29; jhar
RITTER, Julian Wayne; 51; Pee Wee Valley KY>Gulfport MS; Green Banner P (IN); 2003-11-12; jhar
RITTER, Lee (GREEN); 82; Greensburg IN; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2011-6-12; ckalota
RITTER, Lewis Glen; 91; Green Pond SC; The State; 2002-6-6; betsten
RITTER, Otto Carl; 89; Gainesville FL; Bowling Green S-T (OH); 2001-4-9; redbird
RITZ, Fay (LAINHART); 71; Hamilton OH>Seymour IN; Green Banner P; 2002-1-2; jhar
RITZ, Linda (PETZ)[WALDER-PETZ]; 57; Menominee MI>Red Wing MN; Green Bay P-G (WI); 2002-7-13; atcz
RITZ, Linda [WALDER-PETZ]; 57; Red Wing MN; Green Bay P-G (WI); 2002-7-11; atcz
RITZ, Patricia A (JONES); 65; Level Green PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2002-11-7; cotan
RITZ, Steven Thomas; 53; Indianapolis IN; Green Banner P; 2006-4-12; spc
RIVARD, Leslie Nettie (GREEN); 94; Grand Blanc MI; Flint Journal; 2012-2-26; navalex
RIVARD, Nancy L; 71; Green Bay WI; News Chronicle; 2004-6-14; jmoo
RIVENBARK, Caroline (TURNER); 89; Bowling Green VA>Wilmington NC; Wilmington S-N; 2017-7-20; ramsey
RIVENBARK, Willie G "Billy" (GREEN); ; Aiken SC; Augusta Ch (GA); 2003-11-18; bearcat
RIVENBARK, Willie Green "Billy"; 87; Petersburg VA>Aiken SC; The State; 2003-11-18; betsten
RIVERS, Albertha (GREEN); 86; Big Estate SC; Savannah MN (GA); 2004-3-19; theg
RIVERS, Albertha (GREEN); 86; Big Estate SC; The State; 2004-3-19; betsten
RIVERS, Dennis N; 51; San Antonio TX>Beaver Dam WI; Green Bay P-G; 2002-6-7; atcz
RIVES, Ida L; 80; Weston OH; Bowling Green S-T; 1998-5-6; redbird
RIVES, Ida L (McLEOD); 80; Weston OH; Bowling Green S-T; 1998-5-7; redbird
RIZOR, Jacob A; 21; Findlay OH; Bowling Green S-T; 2004-5-14; redbird
RIZO-TAPIA, Victor Jr; 14; Fresno CA>Green Bay WI; Green Bay P-G; 2002-3-14; atcz
RIZZARDI, Louis G; 83; Caspian MI>Green Bay WI; IronCoR (MI); 2001-11-7; daleanne
RIZZARDI, Louis G; 83; Green Bay MI; Iron Mountain DN; 2001-11-1; atcz
RIZZI, Michelle; 26; Lansing MI; Bowling Green S-T (OH); 2002-10-3; redbird
RIZZONE, Nell Elizabeth (FORD) [CLEMENTS]; 76; Etna Green IN>Anaheim CA; OCR; 2013-5-2; lesm
RMACK, Martha Ruth (WOOD); 85; Circleville OH>Bowling Green KY; Columbus D (OH); 2010-8-26; doday
ROACH, Bruce Dale; 75; Perrysburg OH; Bowling Green S-T; 2004-4-16; redbird
ROACH, Clyde; 76; Benzonia MI; Bowling Green S-T (OH); 2002-4-29; redbird
ROACH, Edith (GREEN); 94; West Monroe LA; News Star; 2009-3-15; lfph
ROACH, Frank W; 75; Boston MA>Green Valley AZ; GrnValNewS; 2001-2-2; yncss
ROACH, Kathleen ( ); 81; Columbus IN; Green Banner P; 2003-12-17; jhar
ROACH, Martin E; 82; Green Bay VA; Farmville H; 2002-2-20; jfd
ROACH, Martin E; 82; Green Bay VA; Richmond T-D; 2002-2-16; wstyles
ROACH, Stanley Crawford Sr; 70; Canton OH>Green Valley AZ; Brem S (WA); 2001-1-3; ezy
ROACH, Stanley Crawford Sr; 70; Canton OH>Green Valley AZ; GrnValNewS; 2000-12-22; yncss
ROACH, Valentine; 89; Green Hall KY>Spring Hill FL; Tampa Trib; 1998-8-23; cpig
ROARK, Geraldine (WILLIS); 74; Owensboro KY; Green Banner P (IN); 2002-9-11; jhar
ROARK, Thomas Preston; 39; St Louis MO>Bowling Green KY; Daily American R (MO); 2004-3-29; dards
ROARX, Charles "Bobby"; 67; Sellersburg IN; Green Banner P; 2003-4-2; jhar
ROBB, Dorothy (REUBELL); 82; Green Forest AR; HarrisonDailyT; 2004-3-25; tlknwmn
ROBBIE, Fannie (BENEDICT) [EVANS]; 56; Montreal QC>Green Bay WI; IronCoR (MI); 1927-8-5; daleanne
ROBBINS, C Everritt; 87; Lexington IN>Bushnell FL; Green Banner P (IN); 2001-1-31; jhar
ROBBINS, Donald R; 71; Bowling Green OH; Bowling Green S-T; 2001-3-21; redbird
ROBBINS, Fred; 83; Columbus IN; Green Banner P; 2005-1-26; spc
ROBBINS, Green Berry; 84; Webb City MO>Nowata OK; CoffeyvilleJournal (KS); 1974-8-28; kscoflib
ROBBINS, Howard C; 79; Green Valley AZ; GrnValNewS; 1995-9-13; yncss
ROBBINS, Howard C; 79; Green Valley AZ; R-Greenfield; 1995-10-3 ; rsautter
ROBBINS, Lee Oren [FULLER] [GREEN]; 72; Mason City IA; Mason City G-G; 2001-5-24; jldc
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