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Entries matching "hart"

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HART, Lucille Ann (LARRIBA); 53; Santa Maria CA; Santa Maria Times; 2006-9-7; tdf
HART, Lucille (BISS); ; Northbrook IL; Northbrook Star; 1999-12-16; trumbullc
HART, Lucille (FREED) [McPHERSON]; 93; Parkersburg WV; Calhoun C; 2004-11-25; glenn
HART, Lucille Jessie (SPICER)[AKERS]; 89; Leon IA>Medford OR; Mail Tribune; 1998-5-28; billeter
HART, Lucille M; 76; Decorah IA; Waterloo CFC; 2005-12-1; rutucker
HART, Lucille M; 81; Folson WV>Graham TX; Wichita Falls T-RN; 1998-11-25; dcseese
HART, Lucille M (OHDE); 87; ; Columbus D (OH); 2008-10-20; doday
HART, Lucille (POWELL); ; Washington DC; H-S (PA); 1999-6-10; edwarded
HART, Lucinda Ann ( ); 84; Hood River OR; The Daily News (WA); 1933-11-3; jfco
HART, Lucinda (BURNHEIMER); 64; Portage PA>Cleveland OH; Star Beacon; 2009-11-4; cutsh
HART, Lucinda Colyer ( ); 89; Ocala FL; Ocala S-B; 2007-2-22; mcgsfl
HART, Lucinda Colyer ( ); 89; Ocala FL; Ocala S-B; 2007-2-23; mcgsfl
HART, Lucretia M ( ); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2004-1-22; siwel
HART, Lucy (REYNOLDS); 91; Greenwood SC; Index J; 2005-7-23; wrabb
HART, Lucy (ROMAN); 72; Stockton CA; Sacramento Bee; 2008-11-30; kkm
HART, Lucy (ROMAN); 72; Stockton CA; Sacramento Bee; 2008-12-1; kkm
HART, Lucy Y (YOUNG); 96; Sandersville GA; Augusta Ch; 2002-11-16; bearcat
HART, Ludean (NORMAN)[HARRIS]; 85; Mayfield KY; Paducah S; 1998-10-6; mcc
HART, Luella; 72; Naples FL; Ft Myers N-P; 1998-5-28; kjcallanan
HART, Luella "Jean" (SWAFFORD)[MAYLAND]; 63; Wichita KS; Hutchinson News; 2003-1-5; retftrdoc
HART, Luella L (MERZ); 84; Helena MT; Helena IR; 2002-3-16; pcdun
HART, Luella Swafford Mayland "Jean"; 63; Hutchinson KS; Wichita Eagle; 2003-1-5; dlcict
HART, Lula (CLUTTER); 81; Weston WV; Braxton CN; 1999-10-26; glenn
HART, Lula (CLUTTER)[SWICK]; 81; Weston WV; Times WV; 1999-10-22; glenn
HART, Lula Ruth (HUNTER); 86; Nashville TN; Nashville Tenn; 1999-1-9; marvin
HART, Lula V ( ); 90; Rockingham NC>Ankeny IA; Des Moines Register; 2001-6-24; gcegeland
HART, Lulu ( ); 74; Urbana IL; News-Gazette; 2009-6-28; tennieil
HART, Lulu M (RYAN); 79; Glen Burnie MD; Maryland G; 2005-5-11; aconley
HART, Lupe B; 81; Houston TX; Houston Chronicle; 2003-11-10; burzvana
HART, Luther C Sr; ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 1999-8-4; siwel
HART, Luther Calvin Sr; 69; Baltimore MD; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 1999-8-5; gschubert
HART, Luther E; 68; Corapeake NC; Norfolk V-P (VA); 2009-4-23; jsne
HART, Lydia ( ); 94; Calgary AB; Edmonton J; 1997-1-30; laurajt
HART, Lydia; ; Williams Fork CO; Meeker H; 1892-6-11; flinx
HART, Lydia B (DOLEZAL); 84; OR>Willows CA; Marysville; 1999-7-31; ncpsac
HART, Lydia (FISCHER)[WIGHT]; 97; Bartley NE; North Platte T; 2000-7-12; ldknp
HART, Lydia Ruth (DORMAN); ; ON; R & T; 2004-12-14; nutters
HART, Lydia Ruth (DORMAN); 77; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2004-11-27; mdos
HART, Lyle; 78; Mitchell SD; Argus Leader; 1999-12-31; delitene
HART, Lyle; 78; Mitchell SD; Daily Republic; 1999-12-30; smitty
HART, Lyle; 78; Mitchell SD; Daily Republic; 1999-12-31; smitty
HART, Lyle; 89; Olympia WA; The Olympian; 2006-12-19; cahal
HART, Lyle A; 66; Davenport IA; Quad-City Times; 1996-10-19; cmlabath
HART, Lyle C; 73; Kearney NE; Kearney Hub; 2004-10-2; jrp
HART, Lyle C; 73; Kearney NE; Kearney Hub; 2004-9-29; jrp
HART, Lyle Cordell; 73; Kearney NE; Kearney Hub; 2004-10-4; jrp
HART, Lyle Cordell; 73; Kearney NE; Kearney Hub; 2004-10-5; jrp
HART, Lyle E; 81; Rochester MN; Waterloo CFC (IA); 2005-2-28; rutucker
HART, Lyle Edward; 81; Alta Vista IA>Rochester MN; Waterloo CFC (IA); 2005-3-1; rutucker
HART, Lyle J "Nick"; ; TX; Tyler C-T-T; 2008-11-23; eruii
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