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Entries matching "holland"

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BLOEMERS-RICE, Monnie; 84; Stockton CA>Holland MI; HollandS; 2006-3-1; evallie
BLOM, Dorothy A (SANTEFORT); 82; Souht Holland IL>Sheboygan WI; TheTimes (IN); 2011-12-4; bleusz
BLOOM, Terry L; 59; Holland OH>Iowa City IA; Hawk Eye; 2010-5-27; slw
BLOUNT, Sabra (HOLLAND); ; Suffolk VA; Norfolk V-P; 2007-5-15; jsne
BLUBAUGH, Gwendolyn F (HOLLAND); 70; Sioux City IA; Daily Camera (CO); 2000-9-22; cataplin
BLUE, Edna Dandridge (HOLLAND); 81; Jacksonville FL; Jacksonville T-U; 1999-1-11; retftrdoc
BLUE, Frank; 88; Holland MI; Flint Journal; 2012-11-23; navalex
BLYSTRA, Johanna H; 88; Holland MI; HollandS; 2005-9-10; evallie
BLYSTRA, Jonathan Andrew; 33; Harrisburg PA>Holland MI; HollandS; 2006-6-20; evallie
BOADWEE, Mary (HOLLAND); 70; Jackson MS; Jackson C-L; 1998-11-12; cbertls
BOAL, William E; 79; Holland MI; HollandS; 2008-3-1; evallie
BOAR, Clarence; 64; South Holland IN>Ocoee FL; Daily Register (IL); 1997-4-16; cwkirsch
BOATWRIGHT, Mozelle C (CUSHMAN); 94; New Holland SC; Augusta Ch (GA); 2003-4-2; bearcat
BOATWRIGHT, Mozelle (CUSHMAN); 94; New Holland SC; The State; 2003-4-2; betsten
BOATWRIGHT, Vera D (DERRICK); 76; New Holland SC; Augusta Ch (GA); 2006-11-28; bearcat
BOBELDYK, Walter; 85; Doon IA>Holland MI; HollandS; 2006-8-6; evallie
BOCAST, Pernecie (HOLLAND)[MERCK]; 81; Chico CA; Chico E-R; 1997-2-27; bcr
BOCCELLA, Raymond J; 69; Holland PA; Bucks Co C-T; 2000-6-14; dharg
BOCHENSKI, Soila (SILVAS); ; Holland NY; Buffalo News; 1999-11-23; opnjudy
BOCK, Deborah Jean (KLOMPARENS) [VanRAALTE]; ; Holland MI>Vienna AUT; HollandS (MI); 2004-9-23; evallie
BOCK, Joan Y ( ); 67; South Holland IL>Greenville SC; Park Forest Star (IL); 2000-9-7; ijr
BOCKS, Robert Allen; 80; Holland MI; HollandS; 2008-12-17; evallie
BOCKS, Robert Allen; 80; Holland MI; HollandS; 2008-12-18; evallie
BOCOCK, Gladys (MULLINS)[HOLLAND]; 87; Vero Beach FL; Roanoke Times (VA); 2001-10-18; clh
BODENHAMER, Larry Holland; 61; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2006-4-4; msty
BODOR, Floyd John; 88; Holland PA; The Times (NJ); 1998-3-31; caroilh
BOECK, James W Rev; 61; Chicago IL>Holland MI; HollandS; 2006-5-3; evallie
BOEDEKER, Betty C (ULLRICH); 71; South Holland IL; Park Forest Star; 2000-2-10; ijr
BOEGLI, Johanna (ISCHI); 96; CHE>New Holland PA; Lancaster I-J; 2013-5-7; reichard
BOEGLI, Paul; 92; CHE>New Holland PA; Lancaster I-J; 2006-11-2; reichard
BOEGLI, Paul; 92; Spych CHE>New Holland PA; Lancaster N-E; 2006-11-2; egoodman
BOELMAN, Anna (WOLTHUIS); 97; Holland NLD>Cedar Falls IA; Waterloo CFC; 2008-11-17; rutucker
BOER, Clarence; 64; Holland IN>Ocoee FL; Orlando Sentinel; 1997-4-15; nciufo
BOER, Dena miss; 88; Holland MI; HollandS; 2008-9-10; evallie
BOER, William H; 91; Holland MI; GR Press (MI); 1999-1-18; pbs
BOEREMA, Vicky Lynn (CONNOR); 51; Holland MI; HollandS; 2009-3-29; evallie
BOERIGTER, Harriet "Mabel" ( ); 94; Holland MI; HollandS; 2007-11-13; evallie
BOERMAN, Bertha G; 96; Holland MI; HollandS; 2006-10-14; evallie
BOERMAN, Clifford D "Cliff"; 75; Holland MI; HollandS; 2007-12-12; evallie
BOERMAN, Donald J; 74; Holland MI; GR Press; 2003-10-1; nheidger
BOERMAN, Frances H (HOLTGEERTS); 95; Holland MI; HollandS; 2005-4-17; evallie
BOERMAN, Leona M ( ); 99; Holland MN>Morro Bay CA; San Luis Obispo T; 2002-2-27; dmstr
BOERMAN, Vernon J; 75; South Holland IL; MunsterTimes (IN); 2006-12-22; etob
BOERS, Alynn (STERKEN); 55; Holland MI; HollandS; 2006-12-27; evallie
BOERSEMA, Rena; 86; New Holland SD>Bellingham WA; The Herald; 2002-7-14; jfco
BOERSEMA, Rena (DeJONG); 86; Holland SD>Bellingham WA; Bellnghm H; 2002-7-14; crpear
BOERSMA, Rena (DeJONG); 86; New Holland SD>Bellingham WA; LyndenTrib; 2002-7-17; jfco
BOERSMA, Renee Jean (LAPHAM); 49; Holland MI; HollandS; 2007-7-7; evallie
BOERSMA, Sadie (STAGER); 80; South Holland MI; Chicago T (IL); 1999-12-14; cquin
BOERTJE, David L; 57; Holland MI; HollandS; 2005-9-14; evallie
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